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Wickerwork of macrame technique creates in the bedroom or children's room warm and cozy atmosphereWickerwork of macrame technique creates in the bedroom or children's room atmosphere of warmth and uyutaMakrame, photos and netting schemes panels, which can be easily found in magazines on needlework, involves the creation of beautiful nodular installation of thick knit. It is believed that pioneers such art technique is ancient Egyptians that this method pharaohs decorated mansions. But historians have found similar decorations, and the Greeks, Assyrians, Peru, China. That is, it is impossible to say for sure who was the first to use a macrame to create an artistic plexus and interior decoration, facade. Now, however, even out of it create the panel.

History panel macrame

Weave panels in the style of macrame is a subspecies of the textile arts. It is suitable for both novice masters and experienced hand-made representatives. It is believed that such crafts first began to do in the early '60s in England, but this is not entirely correct statement.

What makes the composition

The basic materials to create panels, macrame are:

  • Hemp rope;
  • Linen rope;
  • Paper rope;
  • Cotton;
  • flat webbing
  • Sisal.

Most frequently plaiting technique macrame, thin ropes are used, natural fibersMost frequently plaiting technique macrame, thin ropes are used, natural fibers

Of course, not use, and other tissues, locks, but keep in mind that in the technique of the main thing - is to create a loop. That is, such a material is selected, which will be convenient to operate the master, given its knitting skills.

Macrame for Beginners: weaving schemes panels

Immediately it is worth mentioning that as such schemes and algorithm creating a macrame panels - does not exist. The main thing in the work - is the primary sketch. To create a simple scheme is suitable for both cutting and contour pattern. You can even use posted on the Web photos already created panels and be guided by them.

If you plan to create a three-dimensional macramé, it is recommended that all use foam base. If necessary, the lampshades can be added to the final product, simple metal rings, which would retain the basic shape of macrame. A units are made in any convenient manner.

That is, you can use any knitting technologies, including:

  • After the hook;
  • Patchwork (ibid compound loops performed diagonally);
  • Bahman node.

As there are many macramé weaving techniques, which gives unlimited scope for the manifestation of creativityAs there are many macramé weaving techniques, which gives unlimited scope for the manifestation of creativity

These are the basic techniques that are most commonly used, but it is allowed to include any other in macrame.

The functionality in the interior: macramé wall panels with pockets

Macramé wall panels with pockets - is a kind of prototype of the old military flags. It is understood, defined by a similar form of scrap 5-gon. This is the simplest option, but allowed exceptions. Such panels can be hung on the wall, and the pocket, for example, for storage of spices and jars of spices in the kitchen, or any other details that must be always at hand.

To create such a macrame need:

  • Clamps (to create the original shape);
  • Rope;
  • The simplest scheme;
  • Spokes (professionals manage without them, but it's not an option for beginners).

In the upper part of the panels is done by mounting a normal nail. A kind of "handle" from 1-3 twists of the rope.

Decor and macramé: panels for wall clocks and pictures

Macramé panels can be done specifically for the clock. That is, create a knitted product which is mounted under the clock. Pockets create not necessarily, as the frame.

Nodular weaving technique used to create a variety of interior decoration items: tablecloths, bedspreads, lampshadesNodular weaving technique used to create a variety of interior decoration items: tablecloths, bedspreads, lampshades

 In this case, it is desirable to macramé round (although you can also start from the form of hours). By the way, it is believed that the best for this case is the use of knots "Josephine" with a thick strand.

Since the panels will be placed on the clock, it will have the style swags, ie, a beautiful drop-down lampshade.

 To supplement such panels can be using:

  • garters;
  • Longitudinal weaving;
  • Woven folds (through which, like a spider's web laid rope).

Panno "owl", macrame: master-class step by step

The owl represents wisdom and serenity. Accordingly, creating a macrame, you should choose a simple, quiet tone. Perfect choice - beige and brown. Owl weave itself should be in the middle. Head, wings, legs - all this is done separately and after diagonal connects the nodes (if weaving is done with the center).

Step by step is as follows:

  • basics of knitting (torso future owls);
  • Create other elements;
  • Adding eyes, ears (just libertine rope);
  • Compound.

Panno Panno "owl" in the technique of macrame - is not just a decoration, but an integral part of the interior

Of course, many can show a master class and create a panel with a single element, but this is not for beginners - will be too hard and spoil the product may be incorrect tightening even a single node, because of what will turn arrow.

Sketch panel macramé: microns to create

Yes, the most difficult thing in making macrame - a sketch. But as a basis we can take not only some kind of picture or image, but also an abstraction, ornament, mosaic and a patchwork - quilt connection. You can focus on a particular theme. For example, New Year's macramé - is the same snowman and snowflakes summer - some flowers or forget-me. And in the fall as a thumbnail can and does use the herbarium leaf.

When planning the items you need to consider:

  • You can use jewelry, beads and even coins (get something like the mandala);
  • Mating can be done not out of the ropes, and of lace belts. These, incidentally, are sold in the stores of textile materials;
  • The finished product of a thin textile better starch.

macrame (video) training course

As for the sketches, the problem with them does not arise, if the application to learn how to use applications like Photoshop, Corel Draw, GIMP. Macramé - is a fascinating work, which creates a masterpiece, but it requires attention and perseverance. With the help of imagination and visual aids can make a unique design with their own hands.

Good ideas and incarnations!

Products made of macrame (photo)


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