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Sheathe plasterboard gas pipe as possible, fulfilling all the rules of operationSheathe plasterboard gas pipe can be performing all the rules of natural gas ekspluatatsiiIspolzovanie at home is very convenient and much less expensive than electricity. But the only downside is the apparent communication. Gas pipes are always on the mind and do not have a very nice view. Experts advise gas pipe paint in the color of the walls or hidden in a special compartment of kitchen units. Today in the repair drywall became popular, and the question arises whether it is possible to hide the gas pipes with this versatile material.

Consultation, whether to sew up the gas pipe plasterboard

Since drywall is a very versatile and practical material experts found a way to use it to close the gas pipe to the beautiful and aesthetic appearance. Sewing up the pipe plasterboard, you can completely hide all gas communications. For this special design is constructed, which is the net of a slight decrease in the kitchen space.

But with kitchen canisters problem sto- len place as there is. Despite this drawback, this method is suitable for those who want to perfect mask tube.

Choosing plasterboard for sewing the gas pipe should be of the highest qualityChoosing plasterboard for sewing the gas pipe should be of the highest quality

Using drywall has many advantages:

  • Affordable price of the material;
  • No need for special equipment;
  • Drywall is easy to use.

Choose plasterboard should be in accordance with the type of work and its direct use. Also very important is the size of the sheet and its thickness. For this reason, before the purchase should carefully consider all the properties of the proposed material. If there is any doubt in choosing, best to seek the help of a specialist or consultant. After describing in detail their scope of work, they can easily pick up the drywall required parameters.

How to sew the tube plasterboard

Before proceeding directly to the work necessary to prepare all that you may need.


  • Sheets of water-resistant and high-quality drywall;
  • Profiles of metal for mounting on the wall;
  • Screws;
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • Scissors, cut through the metal.

Installation of drywall constructions is quite simple and does not involve labor-intensive operations. All the necessary work should be carried out strictly according to plan.

In the process of sewing the pipes plasterboard prepare metal profiles, which are divided into the desired lengths, and then mounted on the wallIn the process of sewing the pipes plasterboard prepare metal profiles, which are divided into the desired lengths, and then mounted on the wall

Stitches should be phased:

  1. First of all it is necessary to make the correct calculations. Calculations are carried out in view of what should be free space inside the box, which provides access for gas communications. The outer part of the design should fit snugly against the wall.
  2. The next step in being prepared metal profiles. 
  3. Next, cut into the desired size and to prepare drywall sheets. For this handy pre-prepared tin snips. After a portion of the gypsum board attached to the metal profile by means of screws.
  4. The final stage is the external finishing work.

The main feature of this material is that it can carry out any finishing work on the surface. This makes it possible to stylishly and beautifully decorate drywall constructions, without compromising design idea.

Advice on how to make a box of drywall for pipes

Also gas pipes sew plasterboard can be any water communications. Frame for a box may be made of wood blocks, which are originally to be processed by special antiseptic solution, they will secure timber from breaking.

Further carried out all the above steps. If prevent noise coming from the water pipe, it is possible between them and the wall duct to lay sound-insulating material.

For work with water pipes will need drywall that can withstand moisture and dampnessFor work with water pipes will need drywall that can withstand moisture and dampness

We offer to pay special attention to the final stage. He is finishing work, which also carried out according to certain rules.


  • First of all, it is not necessary to allocate a different color box;
  • It is necessary to carefully paint over all the seams and joints;
  • Treat the surface box with a special solution for better adherence to finishing material.

Choose a finishing material for boxes should be taking into account the overall picture of the interior, otherwise the design will be very evident. If it's a kitchen or bathroom, it is best to decorate the box with tiles. If this is a bedroom or living room, to be used materials that decorate the walls. Incidentally, the heating duct is constructed a bit differently.

The nuances of how to close the heating pipes in drywall room

In any residential or non-residential premises are carried out tubes that give warmth to the autumn-winter period. Certainly their appearance is poor.

There are several ways to hide the heat of communication:

  • And sew up the radiator heating pipes in the wall;
  • Hide tube by means of a box;
  • Create a false wall.

The most popular and fastest method is considered to be the establishment of a box. This method is good if the room has the repair was made. The work described above similarly takes place with the same nuance.

Batteries and heating pipes must give off heat and if their sew plasterboard, heat flow will remain directly in the box.

Built-in grill plasterboard box allows you to circulate warm air throughout the room spaceBuilt-in grill plasterboard box allows you to circulate warm air throughout the room space

To solve this problem will help the holes in the front of the box. Make these holes can be using an electric drill. On it should establish a special nozzle and calculate the required number of holes. The number and diameter may be any. the market also offers its customers a special cap that can be mounted in the box to perform several functions.


  • Impart aesthetic finished appearance design;
  • Built grille allows the air to circulate properly.

After establishing the box, it must be decorated by any desired method. This method of masking the heating system is the most simple and requires no special skills and dexterity. To do so, to comply strictly with step by step instructions and recommendations of experts.

See if you can close the gas pipe plasterboard (video)

It should not forget that the box is a simple design consisting of a frame and plasterboard sheets. Use duct can be in the kitchen, in any living room, in a room with high humidity. Linings of plasterboard has a very aesthetic appearance, and also performs the function of sound insulation. When designing a box, should take into account the strength of the material and its intended purpose. Install the box with their hands can be very simple, without the use of special skills and abilities. Summarizing it can be noted that the box is made of plasterboard - it is a good way to hide any pipes.

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