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Correctly chosen model of the stairs to the second floor - it's your bezopastnostCorrectly chosen model of the stairs to the second floor - it's your bezopastnost two-storey homes will always be relevant, because they have good footage of living area than the one-story, though tighter occupy an area on the plot. Construction is always a lot of questions how to equip the ladder of a building material to build it, how to design a safe and many others. Answers to these and other questions will be presented in this article.

Stairs to 2nd floor: Types

Climbs stairs in a country house - is not only an important functional component, but also a central element in the interior. Good climb must be not only high-quality and reliable, but also aesthetically pleasing, blends harmoniously with the style direction of housing. Stairs can be divided into several types. Thus type-distinguished odnomarshevye, half-pace and trehmarshevye design.

Several types of stairs to the second floorSeveral types of stairs to the second floor

Stairs differ in form, can be patterned, located in the garage, garden JECFA different class, have a canopy, as well as:

  • Coil;
  • rectangular;
  • Straight;
  • Lifting rails;
  • Turning at 180 degrees;
  • Foldable;
  • Hinged.

What will be the shape and design of the ladder depends on what style of home interior is made, the height of the ceiling surface, and how many meters of space. Marsh - is 1 flight of stairs, on the number of flights and are divided into classes ladders. For suburban floor structure 2 are the most common one or sustainer 2 rises. Helical or spiral structure has a special charm, she looks gorgeous in buildings which are designed in the style of exquisite Empire, expensive rococo, contemporary modern. A spiral staircase railing with openwork associated with the tale, magic. However, in reality this choice is not comfortable. Spiral designs were created for small spaces, where it was impossible to build a wide staircase. In residential building, it can be dangerous for children and elderly family members.

Classic mid-flight ladders (straight, rectangular, rotating) are used frequently. They can be executed in different ways, they are safe and suitable to any style of interior.

stair construction and rails

Modern stairs and rails - special fixtures, can be identified as a separate category. Bolz - is mounting, installed along the vertical surface. The steps of the stairs hold on bolts, which are fastened to the wall.

Stairs and rails for the modern interiorStairs and rails for the modern interior

It is a rational choice for modern housing. Advantages of stairs and rails that designs air, light, open almost weightless, it allows light to penetrate into all corners of the room.

Best of all this staircase suitable for modern interiors, which are arranged inside doors, in designs that are made in the style directions.


  • Minimalism.
  • Loft.
  • Constructivism.

This is a real boon for small houses, because the width of the steps can be minimized. If steps along the wall of the narrow, it is necessary to hold the railing, if suspended stair railings wide enough device is not necessary.

What materials can be made by a staircase in the house on the second floor

There are several basic materials that are used most often when creating intrahouse stairs.


  • Tree.
  • Metal.
  • Concrete.
  • Glass.

Variant of metal laddersVariant of metal ladders

Ladders may be combined, made from a combination of these or other materials. Suburban building in the style of the country, a traditional hut or Provence best decorate the staircase of solid wood that can be lacquered or decorated with hand carvings and patterns. It is interesting to look polished and concise tree is not expensive breeds. Production of stairs may be configured with ash, walnut, teak, maple and beech.

Pine construction are not issued, as the pine is soft and not resistant to external influences.

Metal stairs in an apartment or house can last for more than 50 years. It is best to use stainless steel, it is resistant to rust. Chrome or painted steel will last for much less - about 5 years. Aluminum model or design of brass is better not to choose, they are soft and may eventually become dark. Metal Model perfectly fit into the interior style direction in high-tech. If you are building from the concrete, we obtain a durable design.

First is rough ladder, after finishing her runs. Stairs with stone steps fit perfectly into the design of natural style and the style classic. They can decorate pavers or artificial turf. The glass must be careful. Prefabricated glass stairs are not safe. If children are present, then it is better not to post.

Making the stairs to the second floor lobby of photo options 

The cottage, in the apartment with a staircase important to consider the design of the interior. Options and ideas of organizing space with stairs varied. There are elegant, spacious halls, which have access to the second floor. If there is a hall with stairs, then just need to create an exclusive interior design project.

Staircase construction in the hall plays a special significance. Due to the design, the room looked up, more spacious and more original.

In the small lobby it is advisable to install the staircase leading to the second floorIn the small lobby it is advisable to install the staircase leading to the second floor

If the lobby is small, the spiral type of ladder will suit best. This arrangement saves meters and at the entrance to the 2nd floor you can make a pretty hatch. If the hall is large, it is appropriate to build a massive staircase made of natural wood, stone, and maybe it will be brick. If the room has a respectable dimensions, staircase structure is made of expensive natural building materials, has a presentable appearance, you need an appropriate finish.

In the place where the door can be positioned:

  • Designer sofa;
  • A few chairs;
  • Table.

Arrangement takes a lot of time and effort, it is delicate and difficult job, so to treat the process should be carefully. This place is like a business card of the house and the design must be impeccable, hall should be finished, aesthetic appearance.

Design stairs in an apartment on the second floor: examples

Understandably, the hall should be well illuminated, shall be mounted lighting quality, which can be created from elements 2-3 primary light source and downlights. Hallway illumination advantageous solution, the device is a light spot on the steps of the lifting structure. Optimum lights create a unique atmosphere. Undoubtedly, owning the mansion - a dream of many. But it is not rare, it is necessary to make out the hallway, where the place is small.

ladder option that allows light to penetrate into all corners of the roomladder option that allows light to penetrate into all corners of the room

If the hall is narrow, the wall can be decorated:

  • Photos in the original framework;
  • Interesting panels;
  • Exclusive poster.

If the general design, can be put on the stair tier vases with fresh flowers or accessories that can be bought at Ikea. It will add elegance and create a warm, family atmosphere. If the parameters are small, the structure can be glass. The mount can be rails, this economical option. The best solution for small-sized housing with stairs will setup mirrors decorate the interior, as well as visually expand the space. A mirror arranged opposite the light source, further illuminate the space.

A few words about the interior staircase 2 2

Each room in the house is important, it does not matter in the hall staircase or near a window in the bay window, and can in the hallway. It is important to maintain harmony. This means that the room should be made in a single stylistic direction to the rest of the space. No need to refer to the stairs to the 2nd floor with a fear, on the contrary, this element increases the space in the future.

In addition, a ladder structure can be used as a cabinet for clothes in stairwells. It is a rational decision will help to save valuable space in a small house or apartment.

Comfortable staircase with drawersComfortable staircase with drawers

The aperture can be used as:

  • An additional area for work or creative activities;
  • For storage of inventory, conservation, and so on. D.
  • For storage of books and other things.

Thus, improvement of aesthetic space with stairs 3x12 or other parameters, requires a responsible approach. In this respect a critical role takes on a ladder, which can become an ornament of the house. It is important to approach the process and as a result of 1200% turn out fine and home-comfort room.

Modern stairs to the second floor in the bath: which design to choose

 Ergonomic and visually attractive option - staircase structure of wood with a metal support. If a lot of places, and perhaps there is a third level (ground floor), it can be a march, if a little - or a rotary screw.

Direct modification marches take a lot of space, but with proper device, the remainder under the stairs are well applied as a storeroom for cooperage and other equipment.

When squared building will need a lot of space. Sketches can be done independently, and the stairs to collect their own hands.

Turning staircase to the second floor bathTurning staircase to the second floor bath

The design in the bath can be:

  • Closed;
  • temporary;
  • Universal.

Making ladder you must consider many factors, to know how many degrees it is necessary for the proper, safe lifting, take a clean and durable building material. If there is any doubt in their abilities, it is better to turn to professional builders. The cost of services is not low, but the result will last for decades, will delight both households, as well as house guests.

Wooden stairs to the second floor with his hands: the photo and the best examples

Modern construction of a country house or cottage assumes the presence of 2 or more floors, so to lift each of the floors can not do without a ladder. Build a ladder of a metal or concrete alone is very difficult, as required for welding or heavy work.

But the model of the tree on the 2nd floor with your hands - a real challenge and accessible even to the novice master-builder and, in some cases it is possible to dispense with a hacksaw and a hammer. The most easy creation - march ladder, ie ladder with straight span. The scheme may be different.

With a minimal set of tools, a wooden staircase will perform even a novice masterWith a minimal set of tools, a wooden staircase will perform even a novice master

March design gets a kosour. This carrier board. And it contains the steps and risers. Calculations are made in accordance with the size of the room. The most convenient inclination angle of 37 degrees. If the angle is less than 23 g., A ramp can be installed. The width is determined not difficult.

Marsh may have a width:

  • 0.9-1 m;
  • 1.25-1.5 m;
  • 1.2-1.4 m.

If the ladder is arranged in the garden house, the width can be reduced to 0.8 m Height -. Is the distance from floor to floor 2 floor. The optimum step width of about 300 cm. The width should be multiplied by the number of stages and get the projection size. A Pythagorean Theorem to help determine the overall length of the ladder.

With the help of simple calculations, you can obtain the correct dimensions of the elements of wooden stairs and then proceed to the choice of materials, tools, and directly to the process of creating the structure itself. Construction is not difficult, if you have the skills, you can handle, but if they are no better than to hire a team of craftsmen.

The construction of the stairs to the second floor (video)

Today, there are a lot of contractors, companies that quickly and efficiently perform the work of any complexity. By the way, you can build a nice ladder and sets without spending effort and money.

Design stairs in the house on the second floor (the photo in the interior)

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