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File Holder location of the bed in the bedroom is very importantFile Holder location of the bed in the bedroom has a large znachenieSpalnya - a place where people relax and rest, so that all its equipment should create an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and a pleasant languor. A place to sleep should be as comfortable and convenient. Often people can not understand why their sleep is restless, and the whole thing can be in the wrong formulation of the bed in the room. Therefore it is necessary to know the basic rules of the arrangement bed to sleep and a good rest.

How to put the bed in the bedroom

Whatever the size or has a bedroom, a bed in it must be correct - the headboard to the wall. An exception may be only a bed, being on the podium or a canopy.

Not recommended to place bed headboard to the window. The windows in the bedroom should be fitted with curtains light for daylight hours or more thick curtains for the night, so it becomes a closed bedroom place for prying eyes. If the room is narrow, the location of the bed headboard and footboard to the window to the door only option, therefore, should balance the harmonious energy through a pair gizmos on the window or through the setting between the bed and the door of some furniture.

If the room there is an abundance of mirrors, it is necessary to put the bed so that the people sleeping in them are not reflected.

Correct to place the bed headboard to the wallCorrect to place the bed headboard to the wall

People who practice feng shu advise positioning the bed so that the angles of other furniture were not directed at her - so-called "piercing arrows" that are capable of causing harm to humans.

Near the bed in the bedroom of the spouses is not necessary to have the tanks, flower vases, fountains or pictures (photos) with images of water, because water is a symbol of change and can lead to undesirable treachery.

Location bed in the bedroom - the basic rules

It is worth dwelling in more detail on some of the beds in the bedroom layout rules.

7 recommendations:

  • A distance between a bed and another in the bedroom furniture should be not less than 60 cm, and this is true for access to the bed.;
  • The functionality of a berth must meet the individual needs of owners, such as fans read need to equip a place to sleep good lighting, and a child or elderly people need easy access to the bathroom;
  • For a small bedroom is suitable bed-loft, which is equipped with additional space under it;
  • Designers are advised to make a bed the center of the room, it is better to choose a bed with beautiful decorative elements - an elegant back, for example, or interesting to decorate the wall, near which will stand bed - wall-support, design niche, partitions;
  • The wall opposite the bed is not necessary to overload the heavy pieces of furniture, or lost visual balance in the room;
  • To further improve the sound insulation in the room, you can put under the bed carpet with a long nap;
  • If the owners are addicted to spiritual practices can place the bed on the sides of the world, if you want to develop intuition bed should put the headboard to the north, if mental abilities - in the north-east, for restful sleep - on the east, placing the bed headboard to the southwest, you can improve heart case.

It is recommended to allocate beds central place in the roomIt is recommended to allocate beds central place in the room

Post bed in the bedroom can be according to the rules of feng shui (this is a practice based on ancient Chinese religious teaching) or Vastu (an ancient Hindu system of academic buildings offering).

As it is impossible to put the bed in the bedroom

Observance of certain rules described fills bedroom serenity and individuality.

Here is a list of the provisions of the bed in the bedroom, which is not necessary to choose:

  1. Footboard to the door - to place the bed so then let into the bedroom bad energy, so say many spiritual practices, how to avoid the above.
  2. The wall by the door - just not the best option for a restful sleep, because every time the door is opened, the brain will include high alert mode - this is the basis of human survival instinct.
  3. The wall by the door, when the door leaf closes the review - to see who went into the bedroom will not only awake, but get out of bed, and this is not conducive to proper rest.
  4. Headboard to the window - just not a desirable option bed arrangement, the window does not give a sense of security.
  5. Close to the window, even if the headboard is against the wall - it can cause a cold, if the windows are poorly insulated and have a fistula.
  6. Under a cabinet or a large curtain chandelier - it will create unnecessary worry and anxiety, and feeling constantly looming in the truest sense of threat.
  7. In contrast mirrors or TV - the mirrors described above, but the TV can bring negative energy, and its radiation is able to cause harm to humans.

It is undesirable to install a bed headboard to the windowIt is undesirable to install a bed headboard to the window

The farther away from the bed doors, windows and other objects where safety is the greater sense of control of their surroundings.

How to put the bed in the small bedroom: interiors photo

Small bedroom design is always a difficult task, there should be not only a bed, but additional home furnishings that make this room special.

As the bed should be placed in a small bedroom:

  1. First, the room is smaller than the lighter color must be a solution. Small room in need of visual expansion, and light shades just able to solve this problem, as to the design of rooms and beds respectively fit white, milk, gray and beige shades. You can make several active spots of color, for example, in the head of the bed or in her attire.
  2. Secondly, you should choose a bed with built-in storage system, so little space is not cluttered with unnecessary pieces of furniture.
  3. Third, the location of the bed if the room is designed for two people, you can install two beds on either side of the window, so the head is facing the wall. But in this case, the door should remain on the sides of the beds. In the case of double or single should establish its headboard to the wall, and window and door should be at your sides. But then the window should be equipped with thick curtains or blinds quality.

For registration of a small bedroom, it is desirable to use light shadesFor registration of a small bedroom, it is desirable to use light shades

In the small room there is a huge choice, so setting here sleeper important to add details that will meet all the requirements for the recommended location.

These parts could be curtains, screens, furniture, accessories, everything that balances the balance in the interior bedrooms and energies.

How to put a cot in the bedroom for a newborn

To install a crib for a newborn in an adult bedroom, it is important to remember that this is a temporary phenomenon, will take a little time and your baby will need a full-fledged bed. Therefore, the bed should not be the central element of the interior bedrooms.

Cot better positioned in the corner of the roomCot better positioned in the corner of the room

Here are some tips:

  • Zoning - separate area for baby wall or cupboard for baby supplies;
  • Side - the female part of the bed fit optimally setting a crib for a newborn with this hand, my mother will be more convenient to feed and care for the baby at night;
  • Form - fit the rectangular shape of the crib, so long it is possible to set the direction of the wall, and the short will not interfere in the space.

Crib must be installed so that there is a lot of space, it was the most protected, and it had an unobstructed approach.

Therefore, the most popular variants of the location of steel a cot in the corner of the bedroom, in front of the head of the adult bed, close to the female side or a separate children's corner placement in an adult bedroom.

What should be the bed in the bedroom (video)

Statement of bed in the bedroom and bans or that its location will depend on the size of the room, the smaller it is, the more difficult to fulfill the above recommendations, but that there are design techniques, which are slightly lower.

 A bed in a bedroom interior (photo)

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