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Coffee table for living room - an essential detail of the interiorCoffee table for living room - an essential part intereraSegodnyashny rhythm of life is reflected in the interiors of our apartments and houses. Often, trying not to clutter the space with unnecessary items, choose transforming furniture. This furniture is very easy to use, compact, allows you to change the interior to suit your needs, it can be easily moved and transported. Fashion for transforming furniture are not spared such an important piece of furniture like a coffee table for the living room.

Coffee table for the living room: the main types that are appropriate in the hall

Depending on the functions performed are kinds of coffee tables.

This piece of furniture can be:

  • Dining-coffee;
  • Modular table;
  • Buffet-dresser;
  • Table with storage space;
  • Side table;
  • Table-top stand, used as a work area;
  • Table-pouf.

Furniture manufacturers offer a huge range of shapes, patterns, materials of manufacture.

Coffee tables for living room can be of several typesCoffee tables for living room can be of several types

Common colors:

  • White;
  • Brown;
  • Gray;
  • Combinations thereof.

Tables can be expensive to buy in the shops of furniture manufacturers. A table can be made independently in the presence of a tool and fantasy. Or upgrade your old table, if we replace the tabletop, legs or shelf.

Pros self-alteration:

  • Originality;
  • Ease of implementation;
  • Cheapness;
  • Possibility to change the interior or add a bright accent.

Choosing a coffee table in the living room

Choosing a model table, you need to determine the types of tables and functions it will perform.

Let us consider each type separately:

  • Dining, coffee, ie, table that allows you to turn a small coffee table in a full dining table;
  • A modular table consisting of several sections that can be connected in a variety of designs can be used as shelves, supports or used as separate tables;
  • Table-curbstone, great for storing all sorts of little things, books, magazines;
  • Table with storage space, perfect for small living rooms;
  • Side table, it may be part of the armrest of the sofa, but it can be used as a free-standing structure;
  • Table-top stand, used as a work space for your laptop, perfectly fit into the living room, where it is impossible to single out a particular job.

Table-pouf - stop solution can be used separately.

Coffee table in the living room should bear some functional loadCoffee table in the living room should bear some functional load

The next point to which you should pay attention when choosing a coffee table are the dimensions of the room.

Our apartments are generally not very large in size, so you should replace the classic coffee table on a transformer, which is easily converted into a full dining table. If the coffee table will be used as storage space, it will be indispensable helpers tables, cabinets, coffee tables with sliding sections, drawers.

An important point in the selection of table-transformer is safety. Retractable and folding of the table should be sturdy and reliable as possible, without sharp corners, especially in a house where there are children.

Original coffee table in the living room décor photos in different styles

It is to choose a coffee table, based on the style of the room. It is very important that all the objects of interior in harmony with each other.

Here are some tips:

  1. For a classic interior fit massive oval or round coffee table made of wood and stone. Furniture designers offer a variety of models of classic tables, which successfully combines classical wood and modern materials
  2. For the modern "technological" interior are perfect modular model, when one table is placed a few tables smaller and side table to the arm of the sofa or chair.
  3. Provence style or eco assumes beautiful wicker tables, coffee tables, cabinets, light tables made of wire, cable and so on.
  4. With a modern interior, ideal for desk-dresser, ottoman, table, pedestal table for a laptop.

Original coffee table in the living room will be able to emphasize the interiorOriginal coffee table in the living room will be able to emphasize the interior

Recently, a very popular furniture from pallets - wooden pallets, coffee tables did not stay away from this fashionable trend.

Pallet - is itself ready coffee table, which you can paint in any color or leave as is. But combining multiple trays, you can create a very original thing.

Fancy the idea of ​​a magazine Transforming tables

Demonstrating imagination, you can make a great coffee table with his hands.

Table-transformer for the living room, you can do even with their handsTable-transformer for the living room, you can do even with their hands

The best ideas:

  1. Coffee table made of wood or stump. Wood - fertile material for creative people. A log or a stump can be installed in-kind directly on the flooring or add legs, wheels; or combine several logs into one coffee table.
  2. Usual basket can serve as the basis table-stands, which can hold newspapers, magazines and other small items.
  3. Automobile tires have long enjoyed popularity among designers, covering the opening with plywood and covered with a cover or an unusual braid, create a very original and inexpensive coffee tables. It should consider opening the lid, then the table can be used for storage or as a table-pouf.
  4. Vintage suitcases or trunks - the perfect solution to create an original coffee table by screwing the legs or casters are available retro coffee table with storage space.
  5. Glass and old books or magazines - already prepared an unusual table, which will decorate the hall in a modern style.
  6. Glass itself is a coffee table ready, it remains only to tie it to any basis. It may be interesting legs, wheels, logs or old magazines. Designers also offer glass coffee tables most abstract forms, with chamfered corners, curls, etc.. The Serena Unusual tables fiberglass white color, are durable and reliable. Table top glass combined with any base-support, so that the glass is perhaps the most demanded material for coffee tables.
  7. Tables with multiple spinning tops - ultramodern design solution in the interior living room.
  8. Another great idea - potted plants that grow directly from the countertops - complements any interior, will be the highlight of the living room.

The combination of contrasting colors - also a favorite design method to create an interesting table.

Convenient coffee table for the living room-transformer (video)

Coffee table today - a separate element of the living room decor. He can perform a "practical" function - to be used as office or dining table, and can be used as a decorative element, defining the tone for the entire living room. A table can be used as a stand for a vase, flowers, figurines or ashtray, and maybe a table will serve as a mini-bar or storage of sewing accessories. The choice is always yours!

Details: coffee tables for living room (photo examples)


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