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Secure the drywall is possible by means of special anchorsSecure the drywall may be using special dyubeleyObshivka plasterboard walls and ceilings - a piece of history from which no hurry to give up today. For information on how to properly install drywall, there is a separate material. But on the fixture, to be exact - on fasteners Butterfly to work with GCR is to say more.

Dowels butterfly plasterboard: what it is

This device is a simple screw, easy to use, inexpensive, durable - so happy to use it as home repair, it is advised to use it in the holder and professionals. The product itself - is part of the fastening device, which is fixed on the bearing surface.

Advantages of butterflies is that they are practical and inexpensiveAdvantages of butterflies is that they are practical and inexpensive

The second part of the fastening member - it's threaded fasteners, which looks like a screw or a screw. Earlier, before the middle of the last century, they used wooden Chopyk, but thanks to the invention Artura Fishera in 1958, the system is simplified by the presence of the plastic anchors.

That is in itself more than a simple design: a spacer or the movable part, and neraspornaya or static. During screwing the threaded fastener spacing portion is expanded, thereby obtained a durable connection. A through anchor holes limbus does not sink into the gypsum board, and does not rotate therein.

Classification of fasteners for drywall butterfly

Harpoon principle can be regarded as the principal in the apparatus for mounting the GCR. This principle provides a strong, secure fit. In fact just two groups of such fasteners.

The most popular are metal anchors ButterflyThe most popular are metal anchors Butterfly

The fastenings dowels Butterfly:

  • Communicating. They are used for mounting on the ceiling. This option is good for massive chandeliers, sports equipment and other devices that involve a greater load on the fastener.
  • Unclench. This type of fastener is used for suspending not very heavy objects (up to 15 kg).

But by design the dowel can be: a nail, cork, Molly, screw, spacer, bolt, Mungo, anchor, screw, plug-butterfly.

For the manufacture of the material plugs may be metal or plastic.

A metal dowel alloy assumes different variants:. Brass, stainless steel, etc. A plastic plug is made of nylon, polyethylene, etc. By way of mounting dowels divided into screw-and precast.

What are the advantages of fasteners for drywall butterfly

In dowels butterfly is really a lot of advantages. Firstly, sold complete with its self-tapping desired length and diameter of the desired type. This versatile design that allows threaded fasteners replaced by a more suitable one. This can be a ring or a hook.

Using universal dowels, you can fix your own gypsum board on the wallUsing universal dowels, you can fix your own gypsum board on the wall

Secondly, such a fixture is securely mounted in the drywall sheets - this helps ribbed surface, this is a guarantee of the quality of the installation. Head to the far applied carving, which is necessary for a good grip, but what a special internal tabs provide the necessary rigidity.

universal fixings that this type of anchors used for particleboard and plywood, and not only for plasterboard.

Another interesting fact is that the plastic dowel dvenadtsatimillimetrovy withstand multiple screwing, which is very practical. This attracts customers. The price is consistent with the quality of the product, no matter it is a plastic or metal.

Regulations fixing dowels butterfly

Mounting dowel-butterfly done in just a couple of minutes. And yet, here the rules are necessary. It should take them into account.

Before proceeding to mount drywall anchors should be prepared in advance, and other tools for the jobBefore proceeding to mount drywall anchors should be prepared in advance, and other tools for the job

How to fix the plug:

  • First marked place will fasteners;
  • Drill drilled hole - is that plastic plug entered into it;
  • This hole should be approximately 4mm wider than the dowel - dowel slightly expanded when it enters into the screw;
  • On the screw is put on fasteners, where, and should hang the desired object;
  • Up to the stop screw is twisted in the plug: in this moment the dowel is composed of GCR, and it can be felt during tightening;
  • With small external forces pull the attachment member so verified tightness.

Sometimes fixing tie and screw that is attached to the fasteners, are longer than the space between the wall and the slab of drywall. In this situation the drill drilled hole in the wall that allows you to easily shove anchor-mount, tighten screw.

Where used crabs Drywall

Crabs (can select any size of) the metal frame provide strength. And without a metal frame paneling is rare quality. Crab is the most reliable connector. And as it is inexpensive, it is also a bargain.

Crabs drywall experts recommend to use when installing a suspended ceilingCrabs drywall experts recommend to use when installing a suspended ceiling

Features installation of crab:

  • Even on a very large area of ​​overlap crab enables rack mounting;
  • Due to the one-level crab it turns very stiff frame construction, the load it is not afraid of both static and dynamic;
  • If you make a false ceiling, that without such a fixture, like a crab just can not do.

Use simple crab - crab take mustache down, put it on the profile and lock (with little effort). After that, from the four corners you need to bend the antennae, attach it to the main profile. Crab installed - you are ready for installation of jumpers.

Types of anchors for drywall: Butterfly (video)

The choice of fasteners - not last thing at repair. Always purchase fasteners in proven locations and from trusted manufacturers. And to calculate the required number of fasteners can be in an online calculator, these services are easy to find on the Internet.

Good repair!

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