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Properly selected design and decorative elements will make the interior of the room beautiful and interestingProperly selected design and decorative elements will make the interior of the room nice and interesnymPravilno selected doors perfectly complement the interior of any room, making it a cozy and comfortable seating. In order to get a beautifully organized environment, the door should not stand out from the rest of the interior, and in harmony with the room and its décor. Choose the right door is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, it is a responsible and important step. On one side of the door should be beautiful, to please not only the owners, but also to delight guests, on the other hand, the manufacture of the material should be natural, and the door itself is solid and soundproof.

in the living room doors: the choice of factors

Interior doors can be opened in different ways, each customer selects the door depending on the room structure and their preferences. They can be double, glass, folding, sliding, not uncommon in the range of doors is vertically divided. Each type is determined depending on the arrangement of the door opening and its size. For example, if the opening width is less than one meter, in this case the suitable univalve view, it is as if the selected opening located in the corner. If the aperture size is more than a meter is ideal for double doors. In large rooms, you can install sliding doors, if such a setup allows the wall.

When choosing interior doors for a living, you must take into account the features and design of the living roomWhen choosing interior doors for a living, you must take into account the features and design of the living room

Doors to the living room can be made of different materials. The most durable and long service life of the doors are made of wood. By purchasing this type, we must remember that they are heavy in weight and suitable for large rooms. If the installation of such doors is not possible, it is best to choose a product from chipboard or glass.

Choose the doors you need based on the following factors:

  1. Determine with which purpose requires the door - it depends on the manufacture of the material;
  2. Dimensions of the living room and the size of the door opening, according to these parameters, you can choose the kind of future the door;
  3. The required appearance;
  4. Desired material service life depends on his choice;
  5. The ratio of cost and quality of purchases, not always for a small cost you can purchase high-quality products.

White door in the living room interior

Besides the choice of material is important doors of its color. It is up to the doors of colors depends on the overall image of the living room, the impression is that it will create. For example the use of classical doors possible for any interior, but if there was a desire to use colored or white doors, have to create the necessary interior of the room, dark tones would be inappropriate.

Perfectly in the interior of the modern guest rooms will look universal door whitePerfectly in the interior of the modern guest rooms will look universal door white

The white color is universal, it will fit almost any situation. That white colors will look perfect in the living room. White doors will marvel at everything.

White bearing nobility, purity, refinement, thanks to the door of the same color, all living will seem light and airy. It is best if they will complement the bright battles and wallpaper in bright colors. Also important point is the selection of correct accessories such as door handles, latches. They can be executed in gold tones, often handles shaped in accordance shade floor. It's easy to organize if the flooring is equally around the perimeter of the apartment, and makes it difficult, if it is different.

The main disadvantage of the door with the white color is that they quickly become dirty and they need regular cleaning. Therefore, choosing the material of manufacture, it is best to give preference to smooth surfaces. It is also important to note that if the door is located in front of the living room window, the door leaf is able to burn from the sun's rays. In this case, you need to take care of the presence of heavy curtains, which do not allow light to penetrate into the room.

The door in front of the living room windows: design ideas

It does not matter what the size of the living room in the house. Plan out everything in a large room is as difficult as in a small, especially doorways. Giving what is specific advice on interior design would be wrong, however, if this situation is worried there are several exit options. Regarding the dimensions of the room, they play a role. For example if the room is large with a high probability it can be argued that there is a communicating door and a living room with two doors have multiple windows and openings. Therefore, each situation must be considered separately.

Making a living room, on a mandatory basis should be considered as the location of window and door openingsMaking a living room, on a mandatory basis should be considered as the location of window and door openings

The most problematic situation is considered to be the use of the wall where the window and heating system.

In private homes, this problem is solved by replacing the radiator to warm the floor or a special film. Window, under which the heating system is not so easy to hide, it delivers additional inconvenience. In this case, it is best to hide all of the acquired curtains, furniture installed or used decorative grilles. Also in these situations are an excellent solution specific embedded designs. If the room is square, then the window can be set back of the sofa to the window. Initially, this idea may seem strange, but if done right the rest of the interior living room can only "win".

Which door design in the living room is better to choose

As mentioned above the living room are ideal for door white, as they have certain properties.

White doors not only to decorate the living room, but also make it more airy and originalWhite doors not only to decorate the living room, but also make it more airy and original

Advantages of the white doors are indicated by three points:

  • Combination with any interior design and, as such color is neutral;
  • Living acquires the effect of lightness and ease. Installation of such doors visually increases room, this detail is important for small rooms;
  • Practicality. In this coloring is almost not noticeable contamination, in addition, it always has a festive appearance.

Choosing such a door, the owner will always be happy with the result. Nice option is the glass door, it is not only original, but stylish and modern. Photo options will provide consultants store. They can have a variety of design, such as stained glass or mosaic can be ribbed or smooth. Given the huge range of design, pick up a glass door and everyone can.

Before you buy a door, you need to start with the design of the doorway. Its appearance depends on the size and design of the common living room.

If you delve, we can highlight the following points:

  1. Window size will be selected for size next door. It should be noted that the manufacturers of doors generally use standard sizes, if an opening to get more, the door will have to be ordered.
  2. Entrance to the living room - this is what the eye drops in the first place. It is very important to choose the correct size. So, for example, to the doorway of 80 cm to 70 cm is required and set the door transoms necessary to subsequently install was not unnecessary holes.

Tip: What if the living room door opposite the window (video)

One day before each master the question arises of how to properly and most importantly, what it is to choose a door to the living room. What to do if the door arrangement is in an unfavorable spot. Since the living room is the main place to gather family and friends. I would like everything to be perfect. With the right approach, the door will become virtually the main attribute of any room, it remains only to find out what kind of design to choose the best.

Examples of the living room doors (photo interiors)


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