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Patchwork is often an essential attribute of interior in country stylePatchwork is often an essential attribute of the interior in a rustic stilePechvork is one of the types of arts and crafts. This technique originated centuries ago in England. Patchwork long time only used by poor people who have been unable to purchase fabric. Today Patchwork is a newfangled trend. Products made using this technique, look stylish, and perfectly complement the home, the ambience of a country or minimalism.

Technique patchwork yoyo: characteristics and applications schema

Technique yo-yo is used for the manufacture of flaps flowers. This technique involves an unusual upholstery pieces. Circular patches of fabric made using this method, I can have a different texture.

Technology yo-yo is very easy to manufacture. In order to make the item in this technique you need to cut from a length of fabric circles, run stitches along the edges of slices, and gently pull the thread. As a result, you should have a "volumetric pancake."

For seamed articles in the art yo-yo is better to use natural soft and thin fabricFor seamed articles in the art yo-yo is better to use natural soft and thin fabric

For the manufacture of blanks in this technique is best used:

  1. Linen.
  2. Cotton.
  3. Silk.
  4. Organza.

Simplified Patchwork: features and quick sewing machines

Patchwork technique "corner" is the most popular. Counterfeiting by means of the technique is simple. If you are looking accelerated tailoring techniques, the area - this is what you need.

If you decide to make the workpiece by means of this technique, look for cotton fakes. This material holds its shape well and is durable. Instead, you can use cotton rags of linen or calico.

Patchwork corner of the most popular among fans of patchworkPatchwork corner of the most popular among fans of patchwork

There are several ways of folding the blank into corners:

  • folded fabric square into 2 equal parts into the wrong side. Then the workpiece is ironed and tuck corners.
  • The technique of "Area 4 of addition." The essence of this technology is the following: the workpiece is cut in the shape of a semicircle. Then her draw a center line, and tuck her tissue. Such rapid sewing technique is suitable if you are working with chintz.
  • Of the flap cut squares of desired dimensions. Each of them is composed diagonally wrong side inward. A triangle need to bend in half again and walk over them iron.

Patchwork chenille and stained glass

chenille technique is one of the most common. It involves stitching lines on the rag center to the edge, regardless of the configuration of the workpiece.

Also provides equipment chenille fabric wetted with water. This operation will provide fringe. Rub the flap should be as long as a fringe will not be uniform across product areas.

After the "washing" detail dried on a flat surface. With the help of technology, you can get a chenille fabric, which will have a fluffy texture. This patchwork scheme advantageously used to make cloth, pot or other cooking utensils.

Stained glass technique has come to us from Austria. There are several options for the manufacture of counterfeits by using this technique. If you choose to use stained glass window, choose fabric with understated pattern.

sewing stained glass technique to create a product with numerous bright patternssewing stained glass technique to create a product with numerous bright patterns

The algorithm producing the preform using this technique is the following:

  1. First, draw a sketch, and number every detail of the composition of the future.
  2. Next, the segment take tissue and transfer it by means of drawing tracings.
  3. Then, to determine the color of the future product.
  4. Duplicate fabric using the nonwoven fabric adhesive preform and iron.
  5. Take inlay and sew it to the shortest part of land.
  6. Progladte detail.
  7. Place the lining right size, it sintepon and the workpiece. Cleave the whole construction of the pins.
  8. Turn over the piece by the piping.
  9. Make a quilt produced products.

Patchwork: Equipment lyapochiha and watercolor

Technique patchwork lyapochiha known to almost everyone. With the help of this technology has long made mats for the hall. Today lyapochiha primarily used for bags.

The simplest lyapochiha technology provides for manufacturing thin strips which need to sew the rows of the workpiece. Wherein each shred is necessary to bend so that the resulting thing looked mottled.

If you firmly believe in their abilities, you can combine lyapochiha technique and weaving. This method is suitable for the creation of volumetric details and give the product a special charm.

Watercolor technique is the most difficult. The creation of parts with the help of this scheme could take years. However, products made watercolors, look amazing and extraordinary.

The most complicated patchwork technique - watercolor - only available for experienced skilled workers with good artistic tasteThe most complicated patchwork technique - watercolor - only available for experienced skilled workers with good artistic taste

When choosing fabric for this type of patchwork should take into account a number of nuances:

  • The figures in the field of pattern should be large, but at the same time bright.
  • Sketch to build such a way as to keep the transition shades from lighter to darker.
  • It is desirable to give preference to floral prints.

Patchwork technique well and pizza

Driving well is the oldest. The technology is in the manufacture of geometric figures of a square, which consists of strips (logs) of different lengths.

If you want to create an unusual detail, take a cotton cloth of different colors. In the center of the square stick material lighter tones. Also, a diagonal split will look beautiful.

Pizza Equipment is suitable if you need to dispose of small scraps that are left after sewing. For the manufacture of preforms using this technique you can use the trim cut of clothes.

Patchwork by this method provides details of the production of the three layers. The first to be monotonous.

Patchwork technique pizza even allows the use of small pieces of tissuePatchwork technique pizza even allows the use of small pieces of tissue

manufacturing parts in the art pizza algorithm is as follows:

  1. First it is necessary to lay the foundation on a horizontal surface, and place it on the first layer of patches.
  2. When you fill the whole basis of scraps, cover the blank layer organza, and Clip Available pin.
  3. Progladte workpiece.
  4. Apply a couple of layers in a similar manner.
  5. Prostegnite entire workpiece on the sewing machine.

Types Patchwork patchwork (video)

Patchwork - fascinating technique of decorative art. There are many schemes for this type crafts. Each of them is unique in its own way and has a number of features. In order to sew items you do not need a program of a circle or workshops. Enough patience and the necessary materials.

Patchwork (photo)


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