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To work with the plasterboard panel is better to choose high-quality and practical toolsTo work with the plasterboard panel is better to choose high-quality and practical design instrumentyGipsokartonnye increasingly appear in our homes, offices, schools, shops ... it can be a simple partition, or decorative element of any type. During assembly of any interior element of cutting material is required GCR (even when the device simple partitions and ceilings). What is the cut drywall and what it requires additional tools, as there are ways? These and other questions will get answered in this article.

The cutting drywall or some tool for this purpose there

A professional installer is always there, than the cut sheet or cut part of it. Even if the main purpose of the tool is broken in the process. But apart from sharp objects, it is necessary and auxiliary tools.

Before you start working with gypsum boards, all the necessary tools and materials should be prepared in advanceBefore you start working with gypsum boards, all the necessary tools and materials should be prepared in advance

What you need to cut drywall:

  1. Building a knife. It is very similar to writing knife (both externally and by the mechanism of the device), however, are more durable. If long-term use is the only part that fails - this blade, which is easy to replace. This tool, regardless of the company and the manufacturer, is very versatile, so the blades of a certain brand will not have to choose. GCR sheet can be cut and stationery knife, if it is required only once.
  2. Drywall Saw. This is a subject with a narrow blade and serrated edges up to 18 cm, looks like a kitchen knife, a saw, because its blade is soldered into the handle. The canvas is made of high-strength steel, so the knife can be done effortlessly and straight and curly cuts. It is light, compact and very easy to use. This knife is universal, because in addition to the GCR it is easy to cope with small wooden blanks. The shape of the knife teeth Drywall can be different, depending on the firm. But that does not significantly affect the actual material cutting process. At home, the FCL can be cut and simple hacksaw, but it is quite difficult, and this should be done with extreme caution.
  3. Jigsaw. This tool is mostly used for cutting wood, MDF, particleboard, fiberboard, OSB, etc., But if you set the blades for metal (which has smaller teeth), it will succeed. A blade with fine toothing does not tear the cardboard layer sheet and chips is smaller. Jigsaw can do both straight and curly cuts.
  4. Plane. This tool is not being used to cut the sheet or cut a certain element of a structure being built, and already at the final stage. A plane chamfering or deburring simple processed slices places a sheet of plasterboard. It is necessary for the further processing of the joints.
  5. Tape measure, pencil, ruler. In order to properly and smoothly cut the sheet, an accurate measurement and marking. Especially when it comes to products for curly decor. For smooth line can be used otbivochnogo thread instead of a ruler and pencil, but with shaped markings have to work hard. If you want to cut a perfect circle, pencil tied to a rope, the other end of which is fixed in the middle of the sheet and the device is used on the basis of a compass. In the same manner done counting semicircular curves, where the rope length is dependent on the radius of the circle.

The milling cutter or an electric drill with a special nozzle is used for making holes in the drywall. For example, for outlets, switches and so on. We consider this type of tool in detail.

As the cutter is used for drywall

For making holes in any geometric form and grooves, and also processing the edges of the drywall used or disk shaped milling cutter. A disc milling cutter capable prodelyvat only grooves, but the second embodiment is better due to its flexibility: in addition to the slots, it can cut holes in any geometric form, as well as process the edge of the sheet.

To quickly make a hole in the drywall, you can use a special routerTo quickly make a hole in the drywall, you can use a special router

Milling is a process of any material by cutting. Often cutter replaces conventional electric drill with the corresponding nozzles of different diameters (depending on the purpose for which you need a hole).

Mills have some variety. For breaching curved and rounded surfaces, use a U-shaped tool, and for sharp corners - V-shaped cutters.

Plasterboard wall: how to cut properly

Any kind of gypsum board has a specific structure. Typically, this is the gypsum core or filler pasted on all sides by a sturdy cardboard. Depending on the variety of material, cardboard and filler may have a different structure, but on cutting methods is not affected. For a smooth cut is enough to walk on the sheet with a knife to make a change of heart and GCR.

Make a clean cut

Before you cut a sheet of drywall, you need to make an accurate layout, draw a line. Next, attach along the line drawn by any flat object (a ruler, rule or profile) and hold a knife to the line several times. This should be done without jerking, confident that it was not formed chips and nicks in the material.

Precise markings on the sheet will properly and smoothly cut drywallPrecise markings on the sheet will properly and smoothly cut drywall

To cut not get a curve, the line should be kept exactly in the same position.

Cutting drywall can both spread out on the floor and leaned against the wall. The main condition - to cut was perfectly flat, otherwise not be able to pull down the sheet correctly. How correctly to make a change of heart? To do this, turn the paper and fold it in half along the cut line, and then slide a knife to get a bend on the cardboard.

shape cutting

If the elements of the future designs involve flowing lines and curves, cutting the material is carried jigsaw or hacksaw (which is considerably more complicated). In order to cut the element with rounded shapes, the sheet must be expanded on the table. Edge of the sheet should hang above the floor. Once done the exact markings on the line drawn by held jigsaws, this should be done by yourself and not to himself, to the tool will not cause injury.

How to cut drywall: make holes

What are the holes in the drywall? Walls with niches for communication hatches or the installation of junction boxes and Enclosures, all this involves breaching all sorts of holes GFC plates.

Make smooth holes can also be using a drillMake smooth holes can also be using a drill

How to cut drywall:

  1. The openings of rectangular or square shape. First you need to determine the exact location on the sheet, which provides cutting. With the help of an electric drill holes drilled 4 drill large diameter, on a path carved figures. Next, an opening is cut directly through the aperture jigsaw.
  2. A round hole. The most common way - the use of special crowns for electric drill. The marking sheet is fairly simple: you need only note the center of the future hole, making the appropriate measurements. The crown is attached with the required diameter into an electric chuck, drill bit located on a label selected average velocity and smoothly slotted hole.

It is important not to press the drill dramatically to the crown is not stuck in the material.

A handy tool: how to cut drywall in the home

For smooth cutting of the material can even use scissors or a simple blade, office or kitchen knife, applying them according to the principle of the knife Drywall. Shape cutting can produce ordinary hacksaw. Its principle application is similar to using a jigsaw, but there are differences. Start to cut an entire sheet can be a hacksaw, but in the depth of the sheet enters the handle, so it will have to withdraw and continue to cut only the blade.

Cut the drywall can be independently, most importantly - do it right and very carefullyCut the drywall can be independently, most importantly - do it right and very carefully

Round hole can also penetrate an ordinary knife, you need:

  • To mark location slot with the front and back plate sides;
  • Outline form openings circling the loop on both sides of the sheet;
  • Knife cut cardboard layer on both sides;
  • Lightly tap the gypsum mallet.

To cut a hole in a sheet of drywall installed, a place selected contour shapes and outlines and hacksaw used plasterboard.

Tool Overview: the cut drywall (video)

It may not always turn out to cut the sheet of drywall is perfect the first time. If you are not confident in their abilities, practice on waste material, so as not to spoil the whole sheet.

Successful renovation!

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