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Artificial stone is a popular material for finishing surfaces in the corridorArtificial stone is a popular material for finishing surfaces in corridors is now artificial stone is often used as a finishing material for the hall. In stores you can find different kinds of artificial stone, which makes it possible to embody all possible thoughts of the designer. Any species of this stone can be simulated artificial.

Types of artificial stone in the interior hallway

Artificial stone has its own classification. Let us consider in more detail his views.

Choose artificial stone hallway is necessary in view of the interior spaceChoose artificial stone hallway is necessary in view of the interior space

Versions of the following material:

  1. Based on the cement. Such a framework is considered to be traditional. Scope of this stone is wide, from internal to external work. Adding additional materials and colors, allow manufacturers to expand the range for design. Possible to find a suitable options for decoration of walls kitchen and hallway. Design walls artificial stone, cement-base more resistant to mechanical damage. Wall decor such material will please you for many years, and do not require additional investments. The moisture resistance material allows its use in areas of various types. Such property as fire resistance, makes it possible to expand the use of fireplaces, stoves, kitchen decor. The drawback of the artificial stone is considered its heavy weight. Given the weight of the material is necessary to select the correct adhesive base. It can be made at home.
  2. On the basis of plaster. Plus plaster artificial stone is its light weight, which significantly distinguishes it from the preceding species. The preferred mounting of the stone becomes. Use in the interior will create a favorable atmosphere in the room, as the material is environmentally friendly. Heat- and sound-insulating quality of the material, making it very useful for interior decoration premises. Create a plaster artificial stone in the home - a feasible task.
  3. On the basis of acrylic. Scope of acrylic artificial stone is very diverse. Options for use in the decoration of this type of stone striking. In addition to the interior space, acrylic stone is used in the manufacture of countertops, window sills, sinks for the kitchen. Unlike other types of artificial stone, acrylic stone is absolutely waterproof.
  4. Ceramic-based. Gains strength only after calcination at high temperature.
  5. Liquid. The advantage is that it is possible to form the decor details in the individual form. Less durable artificial stone.

Interior design using artificial stone in the hallway

Entrance hall, as a rule, not a large room on the area, and not infrequently design gets careless, as the functionality of the room is not fully appreciated. But in the hallway you meet guests first impression about the apartment are also formed in the hallway. hall space should be quite practical and finish durability and reliability.

Decorative stone will design hallway interesting and originalDecorative stone will design hallway interesting and original

Based on this artificial stone - an ideal material for finishing the hallway and even the corridor.

Wallpaper does not last for a few years in the room is constantly exposed to dust, dirt and moisture. Decoration artificial stone may be limited to a focus, due to the fact that the material may seem expensive. Artificial stone strengthens certain design locations.

Artificial stone in the hallway and wallpaper

Artificial stone in the use of very light material. What makes it popular for use in the home alone. But, as in any case, when dealing with an artificial stone should read the instructions for use and take into account all the recommendations.

The first step is to determine the type of wallpaper used for:

  1. Conventional paper wall is not practical. They can be multi-layered, but the increased strength, they do not differ. Adhesive used for finishing stone merely soak the paper surface, making it difficult to work.
  2. Vinyl non-woven wallpaper, and more durable, but they are heavy, and with artificial stone durable coating may not work.
  3. Liquid wallpaper is actually liquid in name only. The consistency of wallpaper longer makes them with plaster.

Conclusion: The wall decoration in combination with artificial stone wallpaper - not an easy task.

Before you start decorating the stone hallway, you should first determine the type of wallpaperBefore you start decorating the stone hallway, you should first determine the type of wallpaper

Let's start with wallpapering on the wall. Of course, the wallpaper can be glued to the entire surface of the walls, but the land on which the design is meant stone, you must not leave unaffected. And remember that before any work surface to be decorated is necessary to process and prepare properly. The quality of adhesion of the material to the surface depends not only on adhesive, properly combine the material, but also on good faith, prepared to work walls. Many did not want to spend extra money, time and energy to consciously ignore the data stage. But this is totally wrong.

When the wall is papered with wallpaper, you can proceed to the installation of the artificial stone. Such operations do not seem complicated, but the question arises, what to do if already pokleit wallpaper on the entire surface of the wall for a long time, and decor stone came to mind just now? Of the above recommendations may follow that such an option is not possible, and you do not choice but to ruthlessly remove the wallpaper.

But is it worth to you to arm the usual slate pencils and a very sharp blade, and the problem will be solved very quickly. Just outline the necessary sites, cut along the contour of the blade and paste stone lap, taking into account all the recommendations of the artificial stone. Finish coat with varnish will extend the life of your decor. You can stick the artificial stone first. The stones, which will be located on the border of wallpaper, do not leave glued. Sizing their finishing touches, remembering about the work overlapping.

Roughly on the same principles established working with liquid wallpaper, the only difference is that there are no rolls. The coating is applied to the walls apart from each other, gently working the joints, so that they are not superimposed on each other.

The entrance hall, decorated with artificial stone

Artificial stone inlay can consist of materials of different structures. Different versions of the stones by color, the texture, apply in the interior. Particularly attractive combination with wood. It looks great stone and metal tandem.

Make a small hallway more attractive and modern, you can with the help of artificial stone wall decorationMake a small hallway more attractive and modern, you can with the help of artificial stone wall decoration

Artificial aging of the material, looks very attractive and relevant.

Masonry can be combined with plaster. A win-win - the decor photos together with the stone. Create an atmosphere of antiquity easy, just use in the decoration of limestone. If there is a need zoning your hallway and corridor, you can use different clutches. Highlight the desired area texturally different combinations. Very stylish looks masonry in white color over the entire surface of the walls.

The use of artificial stone in the entrance hall (video)

Outdoor brick - it is always a simple, fresh and elegant. The walls are decorated with paintings collectors are suitable, simply place them on the wall. And let them advantageously combined with the whole interior. Combine the stone and glass, stone and mirror. Do not forget about the light that plays on artificial and natural light.

Examples of the artificial stone wall decoration in a hallway (photo of the interiors)


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