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wooden stairs elements not only decorate it, but also bear practical usewooden stairs elements not only decorate it, but also bear practical polzuPropitki, caps, balls, oil, and much more - all this is included in the list of the ladder parts, which, although they are not required for the operation, but help increase security, improve the appearance and enhance the the natural properties of the stairs. Without fire impregnation, for example, your stairs may be subject to a fire. A skirting boards and balloons help decorate the appearance of the product, giving it a finished look.

For ladders of wood: Popular impregnation

After the wood bought necessary to make one more step to start the assembly and operation. It is necessary to soak the ladder with special solutions that will help keep its appearance for many years.

What are necessary for impregnation of wooden stairs:

  1. Retardants. This fire solutions that protect against a possible fire ladder. Flame retardants increase the fire resistance properties of trees, thus you can not worry about the expense of fire.
  2. Antiseptics. The second type of impregnation protects the ladder from fungi and bacteria that cause rotting wood process. Antiseptics also protect your ladder against termites and other pests live.
  3. Universal solutions. Some companies on the production of materials for producing wood and versatile solutions, which will help save your ladder against pests, and modify its appearance - will give the effect of toning. Each solution is unique and the detailed properties, see the description on the label.

For the wooden stairs, you can use several types of impregnationFor the wooden stairs, you can use several types of impregnation

Impregnate the ladder must be in the stage of preparation before installation: so you will be able to thoroughly soak the places that will be difficult to reach after installation.

Painting materials for wood stairs: how to determine

Paint and varnish ladder is usually treated at the final stage, after the installation of the structure.

Railing paint better to their construction, as handrails and balusters after installation may become unavailable in some places.

Tips for Choosing a paint material:

  1. Enamel suitable solutions in the processing of risers and railing, while the tread on the march better deal with the other solution. Otherwise they too smooth can cause traumatic situations. In addition, the treated enamel tread quickly deteriorate in their appearance - the enamel is not the most durable material.
  2. If the wooden staircase installed in the house, then choose an alcohol-based varnish, without constituting nitrocellulose. This varnish is dry several times longer, but the house is not cloying smell. You can choose both matte and glossy version, depending on the characteristics of the opening of the ladder and your design ideas.
  3. If you set the ladder on the outside, then it is better to handle more resistant solutions based on nitrocellulose. Unpleasant smell quickly erode the fresh air, but the ladder will be much stronger, which is so necessary for outdoor structures.
  4. When choosing paint, it is better to give preference to brands that specialize in the painting of ladders. The composition of these inks will include components that provide additional properties of stairs: abrasion resistance, for example.

Painting materials for ladders made of wood have been used in the final stagePainting materials for ladders made of wood have been used in the final stage

If you want to disguise any element of the stairs or on the contrary, underline it, then the best choice will be mixed with tinting pigments.

Accessories for ladders made of wood: the selection rules

Everyone who makes himself or orders a ladder made of wood, wants the final design turned out beautiful and durable. For best results, you need to know some rules, observing that, you get a durable and beautiful staircase.

The most important rule - the quality of the wood. Do not neglect it, take your class materials. It is advisable to knots, cracks and other defective components absent from the tree.

Accessories for ladders made of wood should be made of quality woodAccessories for ladders made of wood should be made of quality wood

Rules for the choice of components for the stairs:

  1. If you order stuff over the Internet or otherwise, but not directly from the supplier, make sure that after the transport material has not deteriorated
  2. Humidity selected wood should not exceed 12%. Otherwise, the product does not serve a few months.
  3. It is better if all the parts are made of solid wood, not prefabricated.

All components for wooden stairs made of pine: the main advantages

In pine has a number of advantages over other types of wood, thanks to which it has been ranked on the list of most popular breeds for stairs.

Benefits of components from pine:

  1. Of all the species, pine - the most easy-to-processing;
  2. At a cost of Pine outperforms many other popular breeds: oak, ash and beech.
  3. Pine wood is quite mild, so you can work with it and helper tools.
  4. Of the three above-described advantages and fourth follows: a wide range of lumber from pine. Parts and components of pine can be purchased at many firms.

In pine has a number of advantages over other types of woodIn pine has a number of advantages over other types of wood

Soft wood - this is a plus in the processing step. However, this also means that high wear resistance pine type fittings is different.

How to put wooden plugs for stairs own

Plugs - these are elements of the staircase decorations that help to mask any unwanted parts. With plugs, for example, you can close the openings required for attachment on the process step. Plugs are mounted on a ladder and marching pad using adhesive.

With the help of wooden plugs you can close the holes necessary for mountingWith the help of wooden plugs you can close the holes necessary for mounting

If you order a staircase from the master, then discuss in advance the need for plugs.

The most commonly used wood species for plugs - this oak and pine.

Why wooden balls for stairs and their sizes

The balls are mounted on the wooden banister, decorating her appearance.

Wooden balls for stairs decorate her appearanceWooden balls for stairs decorate her appearance

Wood species, of which the balls are made:

  1. Pine;
  2. Larch;
  3. Oak;
  4. Beech.

Standard sizes wooden balls 80, 100 and 150 millimeters in diameter. But when individual orders wizard make you balls of all sizes.

Chipping plinth for the stairs: wood will be better

The plinth is used for decoration of the end of the stairs. In addition, there is a plinth and a practical purpose - it protects the stairs adjacent to the wall of dirt.

Plan presence of the plinth at the stage of designing the stairs, then the plinth perfectly fit into the overall design of the stairs.

Chipping plinth for the stairs is used for decoration of the end of the stairsChipping plinth for the stairs is used for decoration of the end of the stairs

To design the best program of 3D-modeling, then you get the most realistic portrayal of the future steps.

How to choose oil for wooden ladders: a few tips

Oil for wood - a natural covering stairs, which helps preserve the beneficial properties of the wood and increases the durability of the product.

In addition, oil has many advantages over other coatings for natural staircase. For example, before waxing.

Oil perfectly protects the wooden staircase of excess moistureOil perfectly protects the wooden staircase of excess moisture

Advantages oil to wax in the coating stairs:

  1. Preferred protecting wood from excessive moisture;
  2. Protects against bugs and termites;
  3. It strengthens the natural properties of wood.

How to choose the elements of wooden stairs (video)

If you want to get the effect of the high cost of the product, that is, that it shone and it looked gorgeous, the ladder should be covered with oil and wax.

A variety of elements for wooden ladders (picture detail)

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