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Bath - a special place of rest and a set of forcesBath - a special place of rest and set silBanya has become one of our characters, has won the hearts of almost every citizen of the former Soviet Union. This is a special room where you can communicate well and have a rest and improve their health. Naturally, this "special" place, and requires special care. Materials for building baths must meet certain requirements as Steam - creates a rather "extreme environment": inside a high temperature, and the outside - frost. The set of materials for ordinary houses, simply can not cope with the load and the "contrast" high and low temperatures.

What are the requirements to materials of the ceiling in the steam room of Russian bath

First of all, it is necessary to understand the requirements of the ceiling. What are the properties and characteristics it should have?

The ceiling in the bath should be durable and retain heat wellThe ceiling in the bath should be durable and retain heat well

Let's see:

  • The very first requirement - this ceiling should well keep heat in the steam room itself. This is logical, if not in the room will be warm, the steam will go beyond the sauna, what is the meaning of this bath?
  • The next mandatory parameter - strength. Of course, this applies not only baths, steam rooms, or other similar premises, but did not mention this point it would be wrong. The ceiling should perfectly protect the building and the room from external influences - it is his destiny.
  • A heater in the bath should not get wet.
  • The ceiling should serve you for a long time. At this point you need to pay special attention. It should take into account the fact that the qualitative ceiling - quite expensive, which not everyone can "afford". If even a person with average income will accumulate at the ceiling for its steam, then over the next few years it is unlikely to be able to afford to purchase materials for the ceiling and install it once again. That is why a ceiling set for the ages.

To be sure that your ceiling is qualitative, not buy ceilings from trusted manufacturers. In addition, there is a possibility to buy a fake, so it is best to contact the manufacturer directly and order the necessary materials.

Vapor barrier ceiling in the bath

Thanks to the device ceiling insulation may get wet, leading to what will come out too much heat out of the steam room. In order to avoid this, and it stands to make a vapor barrier.

Paroizoliruyuschy layer is applied over the boards the ceiling bathParoizoliruyuschy layer is applied over the boards the ceiling bath

Apply paroizoliruyuschy layer must be directly on the ceiling board. A lot of people do not want to spend much, buying expensive vapor barrier for its ceiling. For them there is the old "antiquated" way to protect the insulation from the vapor - the usual plastic film. During the execution of works need to use the cheapest plastic sheeting, which can be found at any market for a small price. In this low-cost method has a drawback - such steam is ephemeral. But such a negative film is leveled by the low cost of this material.

Attach a vapor barrier layer must be using stapler.

If you're wealthy person, you can purchase a higher quality version - different membrane materials. The most popular option - Izospan.

The most optimal height of the ceiling in the steam room

Ceiling height in the sauna should be calculated individually, starting from a few parameters.

The ceiling height in the sauna depends on the individual growth and scope of his handThe ceiling height in the sauna depends on the individual growth and scope of his hand

Two of the most important parameters:

  • The approximate height of the individual who will be there.
  • Swipe your hands.

The last point is very important because in the sauna you must often raise their hands ohazhivaya lying man with a broom. If we calculate the scale of arms - a difficult task, it is possible to increase the average add about 70 centimeters - this will be a landmark. For example, if men growth of 180 cm, the ceiling height should be 2.5 meters. Of course, you can make the ceiling above, but this makes no sense, because even people above 2 meters will be great to feel like a bath.

Thermal insulation of the ceiling in the steam room with his hands

In the bath, it is important to keep warm. To steam and heat did not leave the premises, it is necessary to insulate the ceiling in your bath. The main way of warming the ceiling - it finishes different insulating materials.

Ceiling insulation use different insulation materialsCeiling insulation use different insulation materials

There are two common materials themselves for ceiling insulation:

  • Mineral or rock wool.
  • Expanded clay.

Mineral wool

The most common variant with mineral wool. It is located in an accessible for every person price range and has excellent insulating properties. The main disadvantage is that if such insulation gets wet, it gets messed up.

Mineral wool is available to everyone and has good insulating propertiesMineral wool is available to everyone and has good insulating properties

expanded clay aggregate

One of the main advantages of expanded clay - longevity. Indeed, the material is ready to serve you for a long time, but it is not without a minus last option - mineral wool. Using these materials, it is necessary to ensure the normal steam and waterproofing to the insulation in any case do not get wet.

Expanded clay in its properties is a durable materialExpanded clay in its properties is a durable material

Apply keramzit need a thick layer, whose average value is equal to 30 cm.

General tips for the room and its ceiling care

Bath built, you are using it successfully, but there is a fair question: how to take care of it? The first thing to remember - this is a thorough ventilation of the bath after each use. With this banal care bath method, it is possible to prevent a lot of problems associated with rotting wooden surfaces. Ceiling and other surfaces made of wood, so you need to regularly ventilate your steam room.

The bath should be aired after each useThe bath should be aired after each use

Benches must be washed frequently with a damp cloth, as in the bath there is a possibility of infection by various infectious diseases.

The ceiling in the steam room in the sauna (video)

And the most important advice - you need to love their bath and care for her as for a loved one. If you'll be good to her attitude and not "run", then you it you will enjoy for a very long time!

The ceiling in the steam room in the bath (Photo)

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