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Beautifully decorate the wooden staircase balusters can be specialBeautifully decorate the wooden staircase railing balusters can be special, as the mighty Atlas, carrying on their shoulders a firm support for the handrail. No wonder, a few centuries ago, grand staircase decorated with carved balusters wood expensive breeds, in the form of animals and people with fancy ornaments.

balusters parameters for wood stairs: the size, structure and types

Baluster - basic element stair railings.

It performs several functions:

  • Fixing handrails stairs;
  • It ensures safety of movement;
  • Decorative function.

Balusters perform as both an aesthetic function, and provide safety while moving the ladderBalusters perform as both an aesthetic function, and provide safety while moving the ladder

Conventionally, balusters can be divided into 3 main parts:

  1. The lower part, which secures a railing and the floor, is called a base;
  2. The middle part, which is usually made of carved or applied to it decorative elements called body balusters;
  3. The upper part, responsible for the support to the railing, called a supporting part - as a rule, it is made the same as the base so that the general form of baluster was symmetrical.

All balusters, regardless of the material from which they are made, differ in the type of finish. The simplest kind of - it's flat balusters. Overall, this is a simple timber, to which are attached the railing. Such balusters have decorative component or milling.

Carved balusters are complex artistic decor, which is cut out by hand. These railings are used for decorating a separate ladders or parts of the assembly. Balusters, shape or design which are made by milling or turning machine, called - milling and chiseled.

This technique allows you to create doubt very beautiful items, cost-effective than manual threading.

The number of balusters and their size depends on the configuration of the stairs. balusters length should match the height of the railing. They are usually set a height of 80-100 cm. The number of elements in the handrail is calculated from the length of the ladder.

To safely use the ladder, the distance between the balusters should not exceed 30 cm, and to compositions perspective view looked organically, the distance between the railing must be equal. It is necessary to take into account the angle at which a staircase from this in the future is not difficult to calculate, how to prune balusters supporting part, which will be attached to the railing future.

Straight staircase with wooden balusters of different material

When the house is planned to build the stairs with his hands, then most likely it is just a straight stairway. This design is not complicated in execution, and the task even a novice can handle.

But here is the production of balusters, the process is much more complex and posilen is not for everyone. Important technical and aesthetic aspects of performance, has a lot of options and solutions. To their own hands to create a true masterpiece, it is necessary to study the designs feature balusters, the materials from which they are made, and directly the manufacturing process.

Better use of wood balusters, as they are characterized by ecological and health safetyBetter use of wood balusters, as they are characterized by ecological and health safety

Balusters for stairs are different. They use a variety of materials: glass, metal, marble and even concrete, but why should choose wood?

In favor of a tree has many indisputable facts:

  • Environmentally friendly material;
  • Ease of manufacture (just straight baluster wood can make yourself always, and made of glass or metal is problematic);
  • The compliant (Chart sufficiently soft material, which can easily cause the thread or drawing);
  • Appearance (wood is great for any interior).

Of course, it is worth remembering that a tree needs special care, so that it has not lost its beauty and is not subjected to the destruction of parasites.

Permanent cleaning, antiseptic and antifungal agents - all mandatory measures.

For the manufacture of balusters with his own hands, it is better to choose deciduous tree species. For this well-suited oak, ash, beech, larch and birch. The margin of safety of these breeds where above the rest. For example, pine or spruce are not high strength, but such material is easier to work. From this tree, you can make carved ornaments, or use it in tandem with the metal.

The combination of wood with metal occurs quite frequently. Metal fasteners for execution of the functions of protection from damage and humidity. Such a tandem structure is often used in outdoor structures. metal is also used for decorative balusters.

If no one material is used for the manufacture of balusters, such a decision should consider in advance, and make the drawing.

Advice on how to install the balusters on a wooden ladder without the hassle

To make fastening balusters, you should familiarize yourself with the installation processes. Typically one of three classical methods.

Install the balusters can be independently, the main thing - to prepare materials and tools for installationInstall the balusters can be independently, the main thing - to prepare materials and tools for installation


  1. Fixing studs on the bowstring. In the middle of the lower end of the post hole is drilled. Baluster is cut at an angle which depends on how the string is attached to a column and made aperture in the inserted hairpin. Pin fixed with white glue. The end of the stud post should out of approximately 5-7 cm. Further, in the string drilled hole, it is fixed with a pin baluster. The first should deliver extreme balusters and then the rest. The upper fasteners balusters is also carried out only on the design attached podperilnik or directly to the rails.
  2. Mounting on the dowel. Boring machine - a wooden dowel. Fastening balusters made as well as on the heels. The only difference is the size of the hole you want to drill. For dowel it a little more.
  3. Self-tapping screws. This is perhaps the quickest and easiest way of fixing. Fixing is done directly to the steps, and is suitable for stairs to kosuorah. Screw screwed into the step. The tip of the screw sticking out halfway. According to pre-set the mark at the lower cut balusters cheat on her screw.

Methods: how to fix balusters on a wooden staircase with no experience

When fastening balusters carried out on their own, there are many questions, such as how to fix them? Skilled craftsmen say that this jewel occupation.

In order to secure the balusters, you should buy a special segment nutIn order to secure the balusters, you should buy a special segment nut

Two traditional approaches to how to fix balusters and posts:

  1. nut fastening. This method of fixing is needed segment nut.
  2. Capercaillie. In the column, at the bottom, sawed groove pretty big. It is screwed and grouse (article for fastening, with the edges 4-6, 6-15 mm).

Wooden poles can be installed and secure in the same way.

Installation instructions balusters on a wooden ladder with your hands

All labor-intensive process should be divided into stages.

Before you start your installation, you need to plan the entire process worksBefore you start your installation, you need to plan the entire process works

Carried out step by step:

  1. Installing extreme balusters. Any method of fastening: on the studs, screws and dowels.
  2. We must now apply the layout of future support. Here come to the aid levels or thick thread, such as twine. Remember that all further work depends upon the accuracy of the scribe line.
  3. Chalk, marker pen indicated the average of the balusters.
  4. Preparation upper support sections - sawing off at the same angle as the angle of the entire ladder arrangement.

The process of installing the wooden fences ladder does not tolerate haste. It is necessary to carefully perform measurements, carefully and painstakingly doing the layout. Otherwise, the work will have to redo. After all, no one likes a ladder sticking out in different directions balusters and curved handrail.

Decorative balusters for stairs: wooden masterpieces

In addition to its primary function (safe movement of the ladder), balusters, it is also one of the main elements of the decor. Beautiful carved balusters, of course, add a simple wooden stairs gloss and luxury. In the modern production of decorative elements of the master power tools and tools help, but still, no machine can not be compared with the ancient art of hand-carved wood. Patience, artistic talent and diligence required of a true master, to get a real masterpiece.

Relief carving on the staircase balusters will add sophistication and eleganceRelief carving on the staircase balusters will add sophistication and elegance

There are basic types of threads:

  1. Openwork carving or sequentially. In this manner realize designs or patterns without a background. Use in the manufacture of the individual ornamental elements and the creation of independent articles. This method is suitable for the manufacture of flat balusters with a lace pattern on wood. The method openwork carving the most simple and the power of the novice. For its production does not need expensive equipment: a knife and chisel, handsaw and jigsaw.
  2. Deaf thread. In this technique, when the thread is completely missing slit. This type of thread has a different implementation techniques. For example, the contour pattern of the thread consists of grooves and troughs, which are cut along the contour of the pattern. When skobchatoy thread drawing formed grooves and brackets. Members first thing trained geometric thread, which consists of a pattern of recesses of different geometric shapes. And, perhaps, the most magnificent view of the thread - black-lacquer. Produced on a tree with a dark background, which is covered with lacquer or stain.
  3. Embossed or sculpted form of the thread. This thread is considered to be the most difficult to implement, it requires serious skills from the master.

This thread creates true masterpieces: a variety of wooden shapes, ornate oak trees, wood animals and humans. Most often this type of thread used to decorate the first (the front) ladder posts.

How to install balusters on a wooden staircase (video)

staircase railing can be diverse - wooden balusters made of oak, which are made with their own hands, openwork, forged a master glass columns or paintings - is always worth remembering that the main function is the security of movement.

Examples balusters wooden stair (photo)

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