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Wallpapers under brick for many years remain the most popular, stylish and in demand on the marketWallpapers under brick for many years remain the most popular, stylish and in demand on rynkeKomnata that completely papered under masonry, rough looks too saturated. In order to achieve a harmonic design and the general form of the free interior of the room, under a brick wallpaper is better to combine with other types of wallpaper, combining materials together.

Wallpaper under a brick in the interior: the idea

Wallpapers with imitation masonry is perfectly fit into any style of interior design, and the price is cheaper than the use of natural materials and brick masonry. A rich palette of colors and shades of wallpaper with imitation brickwork, allows well-chosen wallpaper for your particular room.

When choosing a wallpaper under the brickwork, the following characteristics of the premises must be considered:

  • Area;
  • Function rooms;
  • Type of lighting in the room.

In the interior, with a small area, even under bright wallpaper brick will look rude if they paste over the room, so the room with a small area better allocate fragments of walls with wallpaper by brick: a niche in the wall, shelves, arch, soffits, bearing wall. Premises with a large area can be easily paste brick wallpaper completely, and can be fragments, but be sure to use the decorative elements.

Wallpapers under brick have its versatility, so they can blend with any style in the interiorWallpapers under brick have its versatility, so they can blend with any style in the interior

Wallpapers under brick is not suitable in every room, but if the right approach to the design of the room, you can make a good design.

Best of all, under a brick wallpaper looked in the kitchen and in the living room near the fireplace, as the design of load-bearing walls in the private room. In public institutions, brick wallpaper used for decoration of halls in restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, okleivaya room as fragments and completely. The lighting in the interior of the wallpaper under the brickwork plays an important role. For areas with a predominance of artificial lighting is better to choose light colors wallpaper.

Wallpaper for masonry universal, they go well with any style of interior. Country style, Gothic, Provence, loft, harmoniously complement the wallpaper on the walls with imitation brickwork.

Wallpaper for masonry in colors

To create the perfect interior of the room using wallpaper with imitation brickwork, to survive in the interior color scheme. Which wallpaper will suit the tone under certain lighting conditions and interior?

Wallpapers under brick have many variations:

  • matt;
  • glossy;
  • rough;
  • blonde;
  • Brown;
  • Wallpaper red brick.

When choosing a wallpaper under the brick you need to know that the matt, rough and dark wallpaper conceal the light and indoor area. Glossy and bright wallpaper under the brick on the contrary, visually extend the space and provide additional lighting effect.

The color scheme of the wallpaper under the bricks as close as possible to the natural natural colors: gray black, red, brown.

In stores there are many different colors of wallpaper under the brickworkIn stores there are many different colors of wallpaper under the brickwork

Bright colors of wallpaper under the brick you will not find, except that create them yourself. The most important factor in the design of the room wallpapered with brickwork, is the color of the wallpaper. Common colors of the light spectrum are the white wallpaper. White wallpaper with imitation brickwork versatile, it can be used for pasting any room. A gray wallpaper 3701 with white shade, too, versatile and well-visualized with the rest of the color scheme. Especially look beautiful white wallpaper under a brick with bright contrasting elements of the interior: paintings, murals, potted plants, decoration and design elements. With bright, bold decorative elements, white wallpaper for bricks are the ideal look in the children's room and in the bathroom. From the dark tones of the wallpaper under the brick, the most common and popular are the wallpaper in red and brown, they are often indistinguishable from natural brick wall trying not touch.

Wallpapers under brick for painting

Wallpaper for masonry you can choose for painting, thus can be for a few years longer to extend their service life, and the most part is that they can at any time be repainted in the color you want.

Paper, vinyl and non-woven wallpaper under a brick can be painted, the paint used for this purpose:

  • On acrylic;
  • latex;
  • Water-based paints.

Wallpapers under brick for painting advantageous that at any time can be dyed to the color that you likeWallpapers under brick for painting advantageous that at any time can be dyed to the color that you like

Depending on the material of wallpaper, painting techniques and materials are for this.

All types of wallpaper to be color only after complete drying after gluing, otherwise the paint will not undertake and wallpaper will be spoiled.

Paper wallpaper painted after complete drying, if painted wallpaper sticked few years ago, they need to be primed. After the primer, you can begin to color, using a water-based paint that is most suitable for coloring paper wallpaper. Painted paper wallpaper roller, starting from the corners to the ink colorant laid down on the wall well. If the wall is not got the desired color after the first painting, you can repaint it again. Vinyl wallpaper not be able to give the required color after the first staining, they have to be painted several times, depending on the color. For painting vinyl wallpaper used paint Latex. Non-woven wallpaper under the brickwork are painted using latex paints.

As pokleit wallpaper in the form of brickwork under painting

Wallpaper that sticked ordinary wallpaper paste, can not withstand the dyeing procedure.

Paintable wallpaper you need to glue special glue that:

  • Good driving and wall fabric wallpaper;
  • Warns gap from the wall surface;
  • It provides a tight coupling of wallpaper to the wall.

For gluing the ceiling wallpaper for painting, in wallpaper paste, you can add PVA glue for stronger coupling of wallpaper to the wall paintings.

Under painting is best to choose vinyl wallpaperUnder painting is best to choose vinyl wallpaper

It is best to use vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing, since they are intended for coloring paint and render more than 10 paint stains.

Wallpaper under the white brick in the interior

Imitation brick on the white wallpaper is very advantageous looks, these wallpapers can be glued anywhere at home and in any public institution, the studio, in the halls. But the wallpaper for the brickwork white, require compliance with some additional details in the interior, so that the room is not merged into a single white spot.


  1. Furniture white wallpaper with brick masonry is necessary to select dark colors to create a contrast in the room;
  2. These interior details as paintings, murals, flower arrangements, indoor plants should be bright;
  3. If possible, use furniture and other interior stuff from natural materials.

Wallpapers with brickwork white glue is most advantageous in dark rooms to give them more coverage.

Wallpaper with a pattern of bricks on the premises

When choosing a wallpaper pattern with a brick, you can begin to doubt, and whether they are suitable for a particular room? Surely it can work if they choose the right color, the type of lighting and pasted over the room area. Light tone wallpaper brick versatile, wallpaper suitable for both home and office and public buildings.

Wallpaper dark tones are combined under a brick in any interiorWallpaper dark tones are combined under a brick in any interiorDark brick wallpaper glue can not be in the following areas:

  1. The room for relaxation and recreation;
  2. In the bedroom;
  3. In the bathroom.

Dark tones wallpaper brick fit into every interior the right combination with furniture, but more suitable for rooms, halls, living rooms, in the kitchen.

When a creative design approach to the design of the room with wallpaper brick, possible to achieve a harmonic type room with dark wallpaper, even under a brick.

Wallpapers under brick combination with other wallpaper

Wallpapers under brick easily combined with other wallpaper. Background, patterned, ornamental, all wallpapers are the perfect combination with other types of wallpaper.

By experimenting with a combination of brick wallpaper with the usual, you need to remember a combination of rules:

  • Light wallpaper under the brick combines with the dark;
  • By dark brick wallpaper more suited bright ordinary wallpaper;
  • Colored conventional wallpaper with white brick.

If the wallpaper brick used as a decoration of niches in the wall, slope protection, load-bearing walls, and any other wallpaper to use as the basis for the walls of the room, the room will turn out perfect.

Wallpapers under brick can be easily combined with other wallpaperWallpapers under brick can be easily combined with other wallpaper

Thin paper wall will not be combined with massive textured wallpaper, why combining brick wallpaper, you need to consider the materials wallpaper.

Textured wallpaper under a brick

Textured wallpaper under the bricks on the walls look more natural than smooth, with the help of visual effects and relief foundations, wallpaper transmit natural appearance of masonry bricks in the wall.

Imitation textured wallpaper can be different:

  • modern;
  • Decorative rock;
  • Red brick.

Embossed wallpaper under a brick in comparison with the present brickwork have great advantages. Wallpapers cheaper price, more convenient care, careful to gluing than laying bricks.

The choice of course for the owners, but the embossed wallpaper on one hundred percent is replaced by the form natural brickwork.

Full brick masonry can be transferred textured wallpaperFull brick masonry can be transferred textured wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper for brick

Vinyl wallpaper with an imitation of brickwork used in the design are more likely than other types of wallpaper, because they have the advantage.


  • It is better to go to the wall when glueing;
  • More natural than the other wallpaper brick;
  • Can change color to other colors to 10 times.

Price vinyl wallpaper under a brick for the roll exceeds the price of paper and non-woven roll. Vinyl wallpaper under a brick on a paper basis from Holland better and more natural.

On the economy, the budget, profitable gluing vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing.

Wallpaper for brickwork (video)

Wallpaper under the brickwork can be successfully used in the design of public spaces, as well as in the design of rooms in the house or in an apartment, it is also economical option for those who can not afford the brickwork from natural brick in the interior.

Wallpapers under brick (photo)

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