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Wallpaper for the kitchen should be selected correctly to the style of kitchen furnitureWallpaper for the kitchen should be selected correctly to the style of the kitchen wallpaper mebeliVybor now huge on the one hand - it is good, even the most demanding customer can find the same his version. On the other hand, it does not get lost in this abundance? But another trick - you can go wrong with the style. For example, fails to combine a modern kitchen, close to the high-tech style, and wonderful bright wallpaper in teapots / cups. The latter has a series of Provence and country.

Wallpapers for the kitchen: design in Provencal style

What is Farm style in the interior, now necessary to explain less and less. The last couple of years, he inspires more owners to repair the house, using these motifs and aesthetic principles.

If you also want a cozy, warm, a little naive the kitchen, then you need this style. Wooden furniture, perhaps, carved or similar decorative inserts. Mandatory presence of sweet textile plants, pretty dishes ... and wallpaper to match.

Kitchen in the style of Provence is necessary to choose light colors wallpaperKitchen in the style of Provence is necessary to choose light colors wallpaper

wallpaper suitable for olive style:

  • The small flower - it is the most predictable option, but it always works;
  • In the cell - just not in a very large, it is advisable also to use small print natural colors;
  • The teapots / cups / saucers and other "tableware" image;
  • Animalistic nature, pictures may be a little naive, but always warm and charming.

Colors Wallpaper - natural, natural. Delicate lemon, blue bellflower, lavender field, lilac, rose, green spring trees, etc.

Wallpapers for a small kitchen: design, country-style

Small kitchen itself is not associated with a country style. But if you want to somehow beat the small yardage, brighten up this fact in the direction of "small but sweet", better country than you can imagine.

Country - a rustic simplicity, naturalness, in which a lot of soul, warmth, acceptance of natural life. And what happens if you have to recreate an environment depends on several factors, one of which - the pasting walls.

Small kitchen with country style can beat the color of wallpaperSmall kitchen with country style can beat the color of wallpaper

Wallpaper in the style of the country:

  • It's muted enough quiet shades;
  • This predominance of natural colors and shades - brown, green, terracotta, sand, blue, pale yellow, etc .;
  • This wallpaper with a pattern imitating natural materials - stone and wood, for example.

Well, in the tone of the wallpaper is desirable to select and furniture, it is usually wooden furniture, perhaps, exposed wooden beams on the ceiling (if space allows). Floor is laid with decorative stone, and tile can be, and sometimes make out the rough wooden floorboards.

The country-style is also heavily used medium-sized cell, plant motifs, wallpaper with the image of fruit and berries, as well as a simple village utensils.

Wallpapering in the kitchen design botany

Botanical prints in the kitchen decor - this is not what all the rage, it is rather a special aesthetics, claiming the classics. It is believed that the love of such a "natural inclusions" caused nostalgia of eternal citizen freestyle suburban life. And the attempt to somehow rectify the situation.

Botanical print can be used in the pictures, but you can in the patterns of wallpaper. Wallpaper with the image of the plants are ideal devotees of eco-style in the interior.

Floral wallpaper in botany style will look great in the kitchenFloral wallpaper in botany style will look great in the kitchen

What happens to the image of the kitchen in this case:

  • Greens prints immediately makes the room more dynamic, but without any aggression and expression;
  • The situation is deprived of any office to which sin contemporary interiors kitchen, and becomes soft, home;
  • And if you can pick up textiles to match the wallpaper, you get no kitchen, and a work of art.

Do not take the wallpaper with very fine botanical print - leave aside Provencal. On the contrary, be bold, and large plants on the wallpaper is very interesting to transform the kitchen.

Wallpapers for kitchens in a minimalist style

Minimalism - relaxation for the perfectionist. If you are not inclined to sentimentality in the interior, perhaps minimalism - this is exactly what you need.

For the style of minimalism should buy a bright wallpaper and tones without picturesFor the style of minimalism should buy a bright wallpaper and tones without pictures

This style of votes for the maximum free space where the furniture - the bare minimum. That is, more often than not bought ready-made furniture, and are looking at a modular system, where you can reject all unnecessary.

As for the wallpaper, then here it goes without frills. You get practical, washable wallpaper, which will be the perfect backdrop for this cuisine. No variegation, no obsessive prints, no outstanding invoices. Very simple wallpaper, perhaps, for painting, light matte tones. If you print, the compromise - a faint, faint.

Wallpaper design for a small kitchen (video)

When choosing wallpaper, evaluate their practicality is for the kitchen and think that there is a background for the premises, where, and so physically you may feel tired and want to relax.

Successful choice!

Wallpaper in a small kitchen (photo)

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