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Textile wallpaper will give your interior a rich look that will please both the host and guestTextile wallpaper will give your interior a rich look that will please both the owner and gosteyTekstilnye wallpaper or as they are called fabric wallpaper - it's a beautiful original solution for the interior. They are made of different fabrics, and designs can be absolutely anything. Despite the fact that this kind of wallpaper is quite expensive, it is one of the most luxurious and refined. In addition to the aesthetic beauty of textile wall have good heat and sound insulation. Read more about gluing fabric wallpaper and their properties can be found later in this article.

What are fabric wallpaper

In royal times were fabric wallpaperIn royal times were fabric wallpaper

Fabric wallpaper appeared for a long time, different materials trimmed walls during the Renaissance, which was a symbol of wealth and luxury. Velvet, silk, brocade - these tissues knocked Kings room. But now the fabric wallpaper is more affordable than a few centuries ago. The use of modern technologies and materials allows you to create really beautiful wallpaper and fine fabric, and they are cheaper, and are made more quickly than in the past, when the wallpaper to do manually.

Textile wall consists of a base on which is applied a certain tissue. On these grounds textile wall are divided into many different, differing in price and appearance.

What kinds of fabric wallpaper for the walls

A large number of textile wallpaper selection will please in creating the interior of the roomA large number of textile wallpaper selection will please in creating the interior of the room

Textile wall made of natural materials.


  • Cotton;
  • Viscose;
  • Linen;
  • Silk.

The yarns of fabric applied to the paper or non-woven backing, wallpaper price depends on the raw materials. At present, any customer will be able to choose the perfect wallpaper for your repair, there are fabric wallpaper with a completely different texture and appearance.

Types and varieties

Silk wallpaper - expensive and last a long time. Felt can be vacuumed. Fleece most popularSilk wallpaper - expensive and last a long time. Felt can be vacuumed. Fleece most popular

Depending on the material, which are fastened tissue, there are several types of wallpaper fabric:

  •  silk;
  •  linen;
  •  felt;
  •  BCF.

Silk wallpaper and all are more expensive, of course, does not consist entirely of silk. The basis for these wallpapers is viscose. This kind of fabric wallpaper is durable, it does not fade in the sun and looks very nice. Due to the high cost of these wallpapers are made only to order.

To create a linen fabric wallpaper used flax blending technology with synthetics.

Often the case, the difference in colors even in one roll of wallpaper from the fact that they are made of natural material. Wallpapers flax can be vacuumed, they are also the most accessible of all the fabric wallpaper.

Felt wallpaper are divided into two types: started from propylene and from felt cloth. The first can be washed and vacuumed. This soft wallpaper with a special texture, which are also made to order.

BCF wallpaper have texture similar to wood. For their manufacturing used synthetic materials such as acrylic, nylon, polypropylene. Most often they are made from suede and felt.

There are also non-woven wallpaper, they are characterized by high strength and resistance to abrasion. This explains such a high popularity of these wallpapers.

The best wallpapers and companion fabrics

Fabric wallpaper are available for the interior of your furniture. This will give the harmony between the walls and the bathroomFabric wallpaper are available for the interior of your furniture. This will give the harmony between the walls and the bathroom

Since textile wall are unique and often are made to order, then pick up the necessary furniture is quite difficult. Then come to the aid companion fabrics that echo the wallpaper pattern. These fabrics can be used to trim pillows or furniture to create a truly unique and interesting design of the room.

Tissue companions are made from natural materials, but at the same time get them quite difficult, only a small number of firms engaged in the creation of wallpaper and companion fabrics. This technique can achieve amazing combinations and advantageous to emphasize the interior.

Popular are patchwork wallpaper by like a patchwork of different fabrics. This design method is ideal for rooms with bright furniture, such as bedroom girls.

This fabric is used for wallpaper

Wallpaper under the fabric - it is beautiful and attractiveWallpaper under the fabric - it is beautiful and attractive

Now on the market of finishing materials there are different wallpaper that mimic the tissue. They can be vinyl, paper and non-woven. These wallpapers also are quite expensive, but look better than natural tissue.

Wallpaper resemble mats, braids, fabrics, though stitched from different patches. Also, there are materials that resemble skin. Wallpaper under the fabric look is stylish and elegant, vinyl wallpaper under the fabric can be washed.

How is sticking textile wallpapers

Wallpapering must be done only after careful processing wall, because then the wallpaper will emphasize all the flaws and irregularities of surface.

First of all you need to remove from the walls of old wallpaper, plaster and other coatings. Particular care is necessary to remove paint to a new wallpaper is not subsequently changed its color.

Regardless of the type of wallpaper major factor of successful finish is smooth surface, therefore it should be thoroughly cleaned and plastered.

All joints and holes need to carefully handle the plaster and let it dry well.

After cleaning and priming the surface can begin to wallpapering. Textile wallpaper glue is better to entrust the professional, independently without preparation exactly this kind of wallpaper paste will not work.

How to glue textile wallpapers: Technology

Textile wallpaper are glued as well as paperTextile wallpaper are glued as well as paper

Textile wall have certain characteristics, due to the high cost of these materials for the gluing must be taken especially seriously. It is better not to glue fabric wallpaper yourself and hire a professional, because the glue textile wallpapers smoothly and accurately is difficult without the proper experience.

However, if you still decided to wallpaper paste by hand, be sure to explore the intricacies of fabric wallpapering:

  1. The glue should be used for heavy wallpaper, but not one that is designed for bamboo wallpaper.
  2. The main part of the wallpaper adhesive composition is applied with a brush or roller.
  3. For gluing the felt wallpaper glue needs to be applied only on the wall, wallpaper promazyvat not necessary.
  4. Despite the fact that the fabric wallpaper in the process of gluing rarely crumple and tear, it is necessary to avoid creases and folds of fabric.
  5. Textile wallpaper glue do not overlap, only butt.

Glue fabric wallpaper is not much different from the usual gluing paper and other wall-paper, the difference in the finish is only based on the wallpaper. In any case, gluing should be implemented carefully and slowly.

What is wallpaper washable cloth

Non-woven wallpaper does not get wet. This will allow to do wet cleaning wallsNon-woven wallpaper does not get wet. This will allow to do wet cleaning walls

These wallpapers have significant advantages, they are composed of water-resistant materials, through which you can paste these materials premises with high humidity, as well as use in bathrooms, hallways and children's rooms. Washable cloth look nice, have a unique design, high strength and water resistance.

Washable fabric composed of paper or non-woven backing, a second layer of such material carries any fabric: cotton, velvet, silk, linen. This kind of fabric wallpaper has high strength and resistance to water, they are also made from natural materials.

Also, this type of wallpaper can be used in clinics and hospitals, where most appear dirt and germs. Washable wallpaper can be treated with special cleaning agents to keep the room clean.

Glass cloth wallpaper: dignity

Glass fiber made of glass filaments of different thicknesses and colors.

This material has gained popularity recently, but has certain advantages:

  • Environmental purity;
  • airtightness;
  • Purity;
  • Durability;
  • Improved strength;
  • heat resistance;
  • The possibility of staining.

Glass fiber suitable not only for walls, but also to cover furnitureGlass fiber suitable not only for walls, but also to cover furniture

 It should be noted that this type of wallpaper is off, and when a fire does not release any harmful substances. Also, they are made from natural materials and have increased strength to cut and break this kind of wallpaper have to seriously try.

This kind of wallpaper paste over can not only walls, but also cupboards, doors and garden furniture.

Glass fiber can hide cracks and differences in the bases, they can be used in rooms with exposed brick, gypsum board and other walls. The service life of such wallpaper is up to 30 years and to repaint them can be about 20 times. Most often, fiberglass produced with patterns in the form of diamonds, but easy to find and order the wallpaper with any particular pattern.

Textile wallpaper: consumer reviews

The main disadvantage of fabric wallpaper is their zero resistance to water, so the use of this type of decoration materials in the bathroom or kitchen can not be. Also, they are able to quickly accumulate dust and contaminants, but at the same time to care for them should be carefully, not all types of fabric wallpaper can be cleaned.

But do not forget about the pros, those who are the owners of wallpaper made of cloth, say these finishing materials dramatically izmeli interior of their homes. Delightful patterns and high quality wallpaper, coupled with excellent water vapor permeability and sound insulation allow textile wall called truly luxurious materials and interior elements.

The review also mentions that when gluing the wallpaper do not rush and do not crumple, which greatly facilitates the finishing work.

In conclusion, it must be said that the fabric wallpaper - expensive, but a truly luxurious treat. This beautiful element of the interior bring the room elegance and perfection, as well as unique, because the silk wallpaper and felt can be made to order. Fabric wallpaper last a long time, do not fade, have good sound insulation, but quickly become soiled and are difficult to wash, but a great view of the finishing materials eventually allows you to forget about the shortcomings.

Glue textile wallpapers (video)

In conclusion, we note that if the walls will be painted, you should pay attention to the structure of wallpaper, which is also different. For various videos and photos can be understood as the wallpaper look in the interior.

Textile wallpaper (photos)

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