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Modern wall-slides have good functional and aesthetic qualities excellentModern wall-slides have good functionality and excellent aesthetic properties Application-wall slides in the living room in a modern style - conscious human step, wanting to efficiently manage the available space. To do this, you must properly measure the room, or wall just do not fit. Even if the resulting size will not fit into the existing parameters of the walls, you should not be sad. Necessary furniture can be ordered. Regardless of the way you purchase, the buyer must be vigilant.

Production quality slides for a living room in a modern style

Modern wall-slide produces a variety of companies. Despite the active and not very marketing policy, not every entity is able to convey to the end customer all the benefits of the product.

It is recommended to trust the facts, not slogans. In this case, an expensive purchase will not become a cause for disappointment.

To wall-slide served as a long period of time, you should choose a model with a good furnitureTo wall-slide served as a long period of time, you should choose a model with a good furniture

Avoid many problems during construction operation will focus on the following detail:

  • Experience in manufacturing company-slides walls;
  • The ratio of the various natural materials and artificial inserts;
  • Having Transformers in the range of-walls;
  • A variety of colors;
  • Offers functional solutions;
  • Possibility to build a wall on the order.

Settings-slides walls in the living room in a modern style: photo and recommendations

Members of the older generation believe that the wall-slide "Lapis" is a universal solution for the premises. To some extent, a similar argument designers agree, but make a few reservations. On the one hand, universal design fits into any interior, and on the other - no harm will pay attention to some nuances.

Wall-slides consist of several modules, which, if necessary, can be rearrangedWall-slides consist of several modules, which, if necessary, can be rearranged

To during the operation did not arise and not very big problems, it is important to check in advance the following:

  • construction height is chosen so that between the upper shelf and the ceiling remains a free space;
  • Space is needed between the corner cabinet and the wall, otherwise it will be difficult to open them;
  • The front leg structures are made of solid steel, withstand load;
  • Availability of glass inserts is allowed only in the central part, otherwise a very strong visual tension.

Small wall-slides for the living room in a modern style

Not every apartment boasts plenty of space for maneuver. About 10-20 years ago, this situation forced to abandon the use of the walls, but today there are minimalist corner wall-slides. Their advantage is the universal nature of the elements used.

Small wall-slides well fit into the interior, designed in the style of minimalismSmall wall-slides well fit into the interior, designed in the style of minimalism

In addition, well-chosen corner wall can solve several problems at once:

  • Raze surface irregularities or minimize the effect of room walls with asymmetric;
  • Located at different levels of shelves create the effect of space, as well as help to conveniently arrange the necessary things;
  • TV or tank is placed so that the mini-wall is perceived as a harmonic of the living room;
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.

It is necessary to choose the right colors to design is not "handled" room. It is recommended to give up the "screaming" colors and distinct textures.

Choosing a modern roller coaster for the living room: photos and species

Model selection based solely on the financial possibilities - a common mistake beginners. The cornerstone is necessary to put functional and aesthetic component. Quality wall in classic or modern style is not always in the premium price range. Depending on your needs, you can select the appropriate option at a reasonable price. The main thing - to correctly identify a goal that I want to achieve.

It is recommended to choose a wall-slide of the color to distinguish it from the color of the wallsIt is recommended to choose a wall-slide of the color to distinguish it from the color of the walls

After that, it becomes easier to navigate in the presented species wall-slides:

  1. Minimum stand for whole structure allows comfortable viewing of TV or just relaxing. Preferably choose similar to the minimalist interior.
  2. Classic shelf, packaged in a cabinet or chest of drawers, performs several functions. On the one hand, this is the place to store things, and on the other - stand for the upper tiers.
  3. Wall with deep niches like for rooms with plenty of space around the wall.

Suspended structure using the effect of "lightness". This means that all the elements are interconnected. Effectively this construction looks in the bedroom with high ceilings.

Putting wall-hill into the living room with his hands

If the search for a suitable option in the trade network is not successful, then it should not be a reason to abandon the original idea. Citizens who with the tool on the "you" can do anything with his hands. Do not be afraid of mistakes occurring not only for beginners, but also for professionals. With the ability to print a drawing liked wall-slide, manage to avoid most of the problems.

First, you need to go to a specialty store where to buy everything you need for the job. Installers with experience urge to take a little more detail than is actually necessary. The reason is simple enough.

The build process can occur a minor error, fix that is easier if the hand is a small stock of items.

Before the start of the wall-slide assembly should read tutorials or watch videoBefore the start of the wall-slide assembly should read tutorials or watch video


  • Adjustable hangers in the amount of four units;
  • 8-mortise handles staples;
  • 10 mortice adjustable supports;
  • 7 overhead loops;
  • The overhead door closers with loops in an amount of 9 units;
  • Installation flush-type guide;
  • sundries;
  • 60 to 75 The prefix;
  • Transversal wooden racks;
  • The required number of veneer shelves;
  • Rubbers used for fixing the shelves;
  • Rods and rear walls, the side and base;
  • Small clips: nuts, bolts, screws, nails and screws;
  • Roller guide;
  • Pens and clamps for movable elements;
  • Elements of electrical wiring - their installation is required only when the wall in the room will be illuminated.

Before assembly, it is recommended to check the quality of materials. Cracks, chips, abrasions - all this speaks of low quality. Use is not recommended, otherwise the cooking long wall will stand.

Technical features of the build process

Purchased from the manufacturer details of the future walls are always supplied with detailed instructions. Based on the document, even a beginner will cope in a few hours. It happens that a person decides completely independently to build the structure. Even in this case, 95% of recommendations for the assembly will be the same.

The first step is to assemble the upper part of the wall, slides, and then the lowerThe first step is to assemble the upper part of the wall, slides, and then the lower

It begins with the selection of a place for construction. It is desirable to make the room all, that would interfere with or just stained. The point in space where the wall will be temporarily hiding old blanket or cardboard.

Thereafter, it is recommended to adhere the sequence listed below:

  • Sorting parts in size and functional purpose;
  • The build process always starts with large elements;
  • In the second place going to elements already having holes for fasteners;
  • Then focus on the elements that require self-drill the holes with the specified parameters;
  • Mounting feet, supports for the furniture only after fixing the main body portion;
  • Recommended metal front legs fastened to effectively distribute the load;
  • Fastening elements of the facade;
  • Installing drawers;
  • The final adjustment of the leg-supports;
  • Installation of removable elements.

It completed the process of assembling adjustment of all elements. Do it better in natural light. In this case, you can see all the flaws immediately.

Service-slides walls in the living room

Bought or hand made furniture requires careful handling. In this case, the hosts will long enjoy its appearance. First of all, attention is drawn to the manufacturer's recommendations. Natural or artificial materials require different care. Do not use all-purpose cleaners, if this is not recommended by the manufacturer.

To care for the walls, slides need to buy special cleanser in store household chemicalsTo care for the walls, slides need to buy special cleanser in store household chemicals

In order to design faithfully for many years served the owners should be aware of the following rules:

  • Greasing of loops and arrangements made 1 time per year;
  • Adjusting the rear and front legs held annually as changes wall geometry;
  • The appearance of cracks and chips - a reason to take up a specialized solution that allows you to quickly repair the damage;
  • Regardless of the type of construction, it is forbidden to put on the surface of the sharply cold or hot;
  • Wall, fitted glass inserts require care using the recommended manufacturer cleaners;

Failure of the movable member involves a replacement for similar in all respects item.

Trendy and modern wall-slides in the living room (video)

Regular maintenance of the wall allows you to extend its guaranteed operation. When selected accounted for architectural and stylistic features of the room where you plan to install it. When sufficient light dark selected option, with not - contrary. The minimalist design has a suspension variant and classic style - to the wall of the selection of natural materials.

Design slides into the living room in a modern style (photo in the interior)

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