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Due to the unusual ceilings can make the interior more stylish and originalDue to the unusual ceilings can make the interior more stylish and original requirements that most tenants put forward to the design of the ceiling come down, for the most part, to the ease and practicality. And if a simple ceiling can go up to the interior in the style of minimalism, the classical-designed living an ordinary white ceiling will look at least inappropriate. How to make the ceiling depending on the style of the apartment and what design options are the most popular today - read the article.

Unusual ceiling in the interior

the importance of the design of the ceiling is often overlooked, and yet well-formed ceiling can complement the style of the apartments, to bring in their zest to make unique. In addition, the ceiling design can effectively hide some flaws in the surface. Thus, suspended, layered structure or smooth, flat surfaces can conceal unevenness ceiling properly chosen lighting - visually expand the space, and the use of geometric shapes (e.g., squares narrow and long spaces) - visually correct unsuccessful plan room.

Choosing unusual ceiling should be such that it fits harmoniously into the interior of the shape and colorChoosing unusual ceiling should be such that it fits harmoniously into the interior of the shape and color

Develop unusual ceiling, you can:

  1. Independently. To do this will need to not only choose the design, but also to study the characteristics of the materials (such as their weight, carrying capacity, operating features and installation).
  2. Turning to the design of the company: experienced professionals create unique layouts to suit all your requirements, room characteristics, compliance with safety regulations.

Consider options for the unusual design of the ceiling.

The original ceiling of plasterboard

Drywall - an affordable and durable building material from which to make the elements of any shape. Attach the drywall is simple enough, so arrange the ceiling with the help of this material is possible without the help of construction companies, with their own hands. The main thing - to decide on the design.

At present, the most popular variants of design of the ceiling plasterboard are:

  1. Two or three-tiered ceiling. This decision was a kind of classic in the design of high ceilings. Make this option more interesting will help to combine different materials. So, with plasterboard is well looked glazed, surface tension. Color materials may be quite different. Furthermore, not only the gypsum board can tensioning frame design: polished ceiling can "wrap around" of plasterboard elements of various shapes and sizes.
  2. Suspended structures. Suspended structure may be represented as a single element, since consist of several pieces. Particularly effectively looks this embodiment using diode backlight elements perimeter which creates the illusion that the fragment floats under the ceiling in the interior of futuristic adding notes.
  3. Beams of plasterboard. Recently, the use of beams in the design of the room is gaining more and more popularity. And if before these decorative elements were a lot of wooden houses, now they can be found in the apartments. Beams of drywall may have different mounting scheme: as a standard, exclusively on the ceiling space, and with a stop at the walls.

Plasterboard is combined with neon lightsPlasterboard is combined with neon lights

Make an original design using the drywall can use the trim, replacing the classic interior paint imitation beam (thin and light veneer, adhesive "under the tree" film).

ceiling design ideas in classical apartment

Who said that the classics - it is boring ceilings, which decorate possible unless magnificent chandelier and decorative baseboards? Today, there are many interesting options for design ceiling in the classical interiors.

The most common ones are:

  1. Coffered ceiling. Caisson - a classic English interiors. Often used in apartments caissons decorated with white interior paint. A more interesting option - direct or caissons wood with carved elements, gold elements on background milk ceiling. Selecting the box depends on the classical direction and color palette.
  2. Ceiling painting. Elegant gold monogram on a blue background, cute angels, or floral designs will be unforgettable decorative elements that will astound guests with its elegance, forcing them to raise their heads again and again. Complement the painting to make it more complete, it can be stucco plaster, polystyrene and polyurethane.
  3. cloth decoration. Classic - is not only a strict line Empire and baroque richness, but also the romance of country. For the latter, characterized by lightness and delicacy, which can be perfectly realized in fabric ceilings. Garnish with a ceiling can be in the form of a tent or sagging tissue strips. Ideal for decoration will be flowing textiles, the color of which is adjusted for clearance of the room.

In the classical interior ceiling looks fine, decorated in gold and brown huesIn the classical interior ceiling looks fine, decorated in gold and brown hues

Fabric ceilings will look more appropriate in all the bedrooms, creating a romantic, light atmosphere, have to sleep and rest.

Interesting ceiling for modern interiors

Modern interiors - this is where you can let your imagination run wild! The latter, fashionable styles in housing design can combine seemingly incongruous materials and forms, making ceiling is truly unusual and spectacular.

The original solution is to use wooden ceiling combined with integrated lampsThe original solution is to use wooden ceiling combined with integrated lamps

We select interesting solutions Ceiling design in a modern interior:

  1. The use of unusual colors. Black, gray, silver and gold - the colors are those that are actively used in the decoration of the ceiling designers. The most successful such colors will look on the smooth, shiny surface tension structures in minimalist apartments.
  2. Non-standard materials. Concrete, brick, flooring, wood and metal mesh ... Do you think we are talking about the floor finish? No! These materials are increasingly becoming an integral part of interior decoration in the loft. Particularly impressive look such ceilings in combination with open communications, track systems or lights spots.
  3. The use of lighting. If design options do not suit you due to the parameters of housing or personal preference, the best solution in this case would be to use an unusual light. LED Backlight - this is what you need! Install it in a semi-closed design of unusual forms, hide behind the backlight panels flush with the ceiling, trim diode light plasterboard elements on the perimeter, creating a futuristic mood. Such a decision would be ideal for the high-tech interior.

Unusual idea could be to merge the plane of the ceiling and walls of a single material, such as wood, plasterboard, tiles.

Create unusual ceiling (video)

Creative ceiling, no doubt, will be a highlight in the design of your apartment, will highlight your unique taste. Get inspired decoration of the ceiling of the photographs combine a non-standard materials and forms, and implement their original ideas!

unusual design of the ceiling (interior photo)


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