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Stool-stairs is a great device for daily use at homeStool-stairs is a great device for everyday use at home usloviyahTaburet-ladder or chair-transformer - interesting and just needed in everyday life object. The advantage of it is that the product can be used as a chair, and as a ladder. This prevents unnecessary clutter the interior accessories. The popularity of his design had for a long time: our ancestors used the invention. Industry did not immediately began to produce chairs transformers: before they were made by hand.

Ease of use and versatility of the design made it so popular and indispensable. She is, in addition to extra space for seating, provides easy access to the mezzanine, ceiling cornices, etc., which for daily purposes is necessary.

Versatile chair-ladder: species

Transformers folded are not much different from ordinary chairs with backs in appearance, so they are easily and harmoniously can become part of any interior. Appearance of these products may vary, depending on the type and variety.

Stool-ladder can be divided into species such as component type, and on manufacturing material.

Structural features of the Transformers-chairs expressed by certain factors, depending on the variety of products.

Enough popular are folding stools, ladders, as they are comfortable, practical and compactEnough popular are folding stools, ladders, as they are comfortable, practical and compact


  1. Stool-high ladder. It looks like a stool with a large enough height and pull-out stages.
  2. Ladder-transformer. Danaus species is a sliding stage, traveling on rails.
  3. Stool-transformer. When folded, it looks like an ordinary chair with a backrest for the seat. With very stable transformation includes usually 3 steps.
  4. Stool-ladder with a module. This structure has a small height, and includes a screw module, which are put forward stage.

In addition, the main design varieties of ladders - this is fixed and folding. Consider the kinds of detail.


The most inexpensive and easy-to-harvested option. Fixed ladder can be built from the remains of a building material, wood or metal. The disadvantages of the design include the fact that it will take a specially designated area for storage of the little things.


Very compact, easy to store, mobile. In the manufacture of more complex than stationary models. In the design and preparation of the drawing it is important to consider its dimensions in unfolded and folded.

Chair, wooden staircase and beyond: the manufacture of materials

Based on materials from the manufacture of transformers are divided into four main types.

Beautifully and stylishly complement the interior of the kitchen facilities may be using the original wooden stool-ladderBeautifully and stylishly complement the interior of the kitchen facilities may be using the original wooden stool-ladder

Consider them in detail:

  1. metal. This model is very strong and durable, not afraid of moisture and dampness it can be used in basements, garages, workshops. More applicable as a ladder, rather than a stool.
  2. wood design more harmonious flow into the interior. Material warm and environmentally friendly, but is afraid of crowbars and fire.
  3. Plastic ladder-stands - the lightweight design. The model is easy to clean, is not afraid to ultraviolet radiation, mobile and easy to transport. Due to the ease and universality, plastic podiums often used in utility rooms, garages, workshops or in the garden.
  4. combined stool It combines the positive characteristics of the wood and metal structures. Stool-stairs consists of a metal frame and wooden steps. Of the metal by the product is very stable, but at the expense of wood - warm.

We make a drawing of a chair-ladder with their hands

When compiling a drawing for a homemade design, you can use sample sizes. Fell out by the example of the drawing a high stool ladders.

Make stool-ladder can be independently, most importantly - in advance to make a detailed drawingMake stool-ladder can be independently, most importantly - in advance to make a detailed drawing

Dimensions of components are in millimeters:

  • Main support legs (4 pcs.) - 715h100h19;
  • The lower crossbar (2 pcs.) - 420h100h19;
  • Tsargi bottom (2 pcs.) - 345h105h19;
  • The upper crossbar (2 pcs.) - 170h38h19;
  • The upper side-bar (2 pcs.) - 345h125h19;
  • Lateral laths (2 pcs.) - 250h170h305;
  • The upper level - 445h270h19;
  • Average feet (4 pcs.) - 470h100h19;
  • The rungs (2 pcs.) - 400h100h19;
  • Compact legs (2 pcs.) - 215h10h19;
  • Tsargi front (3 pcs.) - 220h90h19;
  • Tsargi rear (3 pcs.) - 300h105h19;
  • Steps (2 pcs.) - 298h180h19.

Stepladder-stool-transformer with your hands: do step by step

Consider chair-transformer assembly for example wooden construction with extendable ladder. From the materials needed fasteners, glue and wood (pine or birch). The array can be replaced with a conventional plywood.

Of tools and fasteners will need:

  1. Screws, screws, dowels, wedges, carpenter's glue;
  2. Drill with drill bits, jigsaw and strubitsy;
  3. Guides for steps (2 sets of 310 mm);
  4. Sandpaper or grinding machine;
  5. Paint coating material.

Before assembling structures need to prepare everything. This step involves a cut materials. Selected array or veneer is cut, according to the drawing and prepare all the components.

Before you start making chair-transformer, it is first necessary to prepare all the necessary materials and tools for the jobBefore you start making chair-transformer, it is first necessary to prepare all the necessary materials and tools for the job

Wooden chair-transformer consists of two modules: stele and retractable sections with steps. Extension module is installed under the chair and pushed along the guide rails.

For the manufacture of blank thickness of plywood or array should be up to 2 cm. In the cut material is important to clearly observe the dimensions shown in the drawing. You can use the jigsaw or narrow blade hacksaw for metal. After the workpiece cut, they must be sanded with sandpaper or a grinding machine. When cutting the array to form the legs is important to observe the technology correctly. The fact that the stability of the chair legs on it are mounted with a slope of 100 degrees from the plane. This is done by the cut ends to 80 degrees. It is important that the sections were parallel.

When all the components are ready, you can begin to assemble the structure. In the first stage, the primary assembly without the use of glue. This is necessary in order to ensure properly collected stool whether all parts fit, whether it is stable and everything is working as it should. The primary assembly is made on the dowels, screws, etc., according to the drawing.

After assembling the ladder it is important to check for resistance, the sliding mechanism, the correctness of details.

Fine assembly ladder is manufactured using hot carpenter's glue. For good bonding all the seats anchorages fixed clamps. When the chair is assembled, it is necessary to polish the site of attachment screws, glue the cork. Then, primer is applied and after drying - three layers of lacquer alternately giving to dry the previous layer.

Overview and types: stool-ladder (video)

With a background carpentry skills, you can independently collect not only the ladder, but also other interior items for children and adults. Knowing the sequence of work and keeping the accuracy in size of components, you can create your own stool-ladder, which will not be different from the factory chair Ikea Bekvem or Molger.

Details: stool-ladder (photo examples)

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