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Satin stretched canvas visually resembles fine whitewashed ceilingSatin stretched canvas visually resembles fine potolokNatyazhnye whitewashed ceilings have become a very popular type of ceiling finish. One of the most popular types are satin ceilings, poles and cons of the photo reflects, of course, is far from complete, but, nevertheless, gives at least some basic understanding of the subject. There are a lot of disputes, which is still better than the ceilings, but perhaps it depends on individual choice, and its notions of beauty and practicality. Someone who likes to matte surfaces, and some gloss. It is believed that satin ceilings are a cross between the two main types.

Tensioner satin ceiling: popularity grows

Tensioner satin ceiling is very similar to a real satin fabric, but, in fact, it is not satin, and a ceiling made of PVC - it is in this difference.

Satin ceiling, rather, is an "intermediate" link between matt and glossy ceilings.

Satin ceilings come in a variety of colors that are sure to provide the perfect choice. The ceiling, which has a white color, very similar to an ordinary painted (whitewashed) ceiling.

Practical and beautiful satin stretch ceiling will look appropriate in any roomPractical and beautiful satin stretch ceiling will look appropriate in any room

Satin ceiling is:

  • Practicality;
  • Beauty;
  • Q-factor.

He looks like a satin - fabric, which originally intertwined strands, leaving it silky and very dense. French fashion designer widely used and used it to make bedding, clothing and home furnishings.

Satin ceilings (video)

Satin ceilings: pros and cons

Any coating has its pluses and minuses, and satin ceilings are no exception.


  • No glare. They are not in any kind of lighting and perspective, though the ceiling and has reflective properties, but does not reflect the objects. Meanwhile satin ceiling is different from the glossy.
  • Wide range of colors. The ceiling can be practically any color.
  • Perfect matte texture blends perfectly into any interior, from classic to the most cutting-edge.
  • It looks good irrespective of the different light sources. When daylight is visible the natural color of the ceiling, and when electric - it is much lighter, which gives a special warmth and comfort.
  • Ability to perform printing.
  • Pearl effect. It creates a special micro-relief material.
  • "Metallic" color. This is very true when the interior is designed in the style of "high tech".
  • Durability. The company, as a rule, a service life of 10-15 years. Practice shows that this material can be operated up to 30 years.
  • Easy care of the ceiling. They do not even have to wash, you just wipe with a damp cloth occasionally.
  • Tightness. If you are flooded neighbors, the material will not be affected. After removing the water, the ceiling to its original shape.
  • Easy installation. It takes about 5-6 hours (depending on the floor area and compliance with technology).
  • The material is not flammable.

Satin stretch ceiling is an ideal option for people who do not like glossy or shiny surfacesSatin stretch ceiling is an ideal option for people who do not like glossy or shiny surfaces

In addition, the ceilings can hide a variety of communication and the main defects of the ceiling.

Satin ceilings are safe for habitation.

However, any of the known suspended ceilings are non-toxic, non-flammable and not dangerous for the consumer. Of course, if you have purchased a quality product, not a cheap "a promotional" fake. When buying demand quality certificate.


  • Low strength. It is easy to pierce. Children at play can easily damage the ceiling.
  • The similarity with plaster. This occurs especially when the ceiling is white. However, this option for someone can be a minus (reminiscent of whitewash), but for someone and a plus (for fans of conservative appearance).
  • Low frost. The material does not withstand cold temperatures.

As can be seen, ceilings dignity satin clearly outweigh the disadvantages, which makes the consumer make the right choice.

Tension ceilings: glossy, matte or satin - which one to choose

What ceilings choose, and what better? This question was asked, and ask, for consumers today.

Fans of the mirror effect of the glossy stretch ceiling will appealFans of the mirror effect of the glossy stretch ceiling will appeal

Thus, the types of suspended ceilings:

  1. Matt. The classic design of the premises is always appreciated fashion, and tastes of homeowners. The ceiling is suitable for any premises, except, perhaps, the kitchen, because the removal of stains resulting from cooking, with a rough surface will be difficult.
  2. Glossy. They are sometimes called lacquer, because the canvas has an almost mirror effect. Due to the high reflectivity increases the volume of the room. This quality is especially valuable if the ceiling is installed in a small room.
  3. Satin. Perfectly complement any interior completely, without attracting attention. Smooth and quiet, pastel colors, are peace and tranquility. Satin ceilings are ideal for rooms intended for relaxation. Satin does not reflect the objects.

Nevertheless, all the ceilings are united by one technology: a mounted frame is stretched thin and relatively tear-resistant, film. As for the choice, taking into account all the mentioned qualities, every person understands exactly what he needs ceiling.

Whatever the film material, as a result, always turns out not only perfectly smooth surface, but also the cheaper than, say, the surface of the drywall.

Names mentioned ceilings speak for themselves, and it is easy to guess that they are outside, even without proper photographs and articles on the subject.

Choosing a suspended ceiling (video)

Satin and matte ceilings: reviews

What is still more preferable, satin or matte ceilings, and what are their characteristics?

Comments on this subject a lot, and opinions on this subject several sections.

Reviews of satin ceiling, basically reduced to one opinion.

Reviews of satin ceilings:

  • Attractive fine-grained structure that looks good, as in the embodiment with artistic painting and in monocolors;
  • Luxurious, discreet sheen is appropriate in the living room and in the bedrooms, or children;
  • It resembles a silk cloth in appearance, but much cheaper than the silk "brother";
  • Some manufacturers claim that it is the headliner will serve at least 50 years without losing the original color and shape, which is somewhat doubtful for most people;
  • Selection of several fixtures is hindered because the ceiling in different lighting looks different;
  • If the ceiling is pure white, the big difference between satin and matte stretch ceilings is not visible.

Satin ceilings, you can select any color scheme, not necessarily that it was whiteSatin ceilings, you can select any color scheme, not necessarily that it was white

Reviews a lot, and big differences of opinion are not seen.

But reviews of matte ceilings:

  1. Many of the apartments are made both types of ceilings. Satin ceiling cost is more expensive, but the appearance is almost the same;
  2. Matt ceilings like those who are not fan of gloss;
  3. Repair is done once every few decades. Does not need painting. Care for the ceiling is not burdensome.
  4. Some consumers believe that the price is prohibitive.
  5. Pleases quick installation. Installation in a small room takes 3-4 hours.
  6. Some consumers, made matt black ceiling, and just loved it.
  7. When water was removed after a leak, it had about 200 liters. Sam ceiling is not damaged, the shape remains the same. However, there were those who referred to the leakage through the blade edge, which led to the yellow spots on the canvas. The conclusion is: either they got poor quality material or installers for negligence.

So, based on the reviews studied, we can conclude that both species are quite popular, and everyone has a right to exist. Of course, it is not worth saving, buying cheap frankly material, as well as inviting random people to install.

Stretch ceiling: satin or matt - the difference is not so great

What is the difference between ceilings and satin matt, not difficult to understand.

The difference is not so great, and is, basically, the material from which they are made. And, of course, a bit in appearance.

Each of the ceilings applicable in our time, however, as the experience and feedback, satin still preferable to simply dull.

The difference between satin and matte stretch ceilings is not so great, the main difference between them - the price: matte slightly cheaper than satinThe difference between satin and matte stretch ceilings is not so great, the main difference between them - the price: matte slightly cheaper than satin

Matt ceilings:

  • Do not give unnecessary glare;
  • Excellent color reproduction, irrespective of the source of illumination and an interior;
  • A small price.

Matt ceiling a little bit cheaper, which, of course, is important on a modest budget.

Satin ceilings:

  1. Subtly reflect sunlight and electric light, creating a unique effect pearlescent glow. This is their primary advantage.
  2. Uneven as well as combined coverage gives the originality of the room.
  3. More "warm" atmosphere of the room, which creates a characteristic luster.

Satin ceiling is more suitable for aesthetes and "gourmet" of the interior.

Rules for the choice of suspended ceiling structures

Before to make repairs, kvartirovladelets long weighing the "pros" and "cons."

More and more people are abandoning traditional plaster or plasterboard ceiling and choose the ceilings.

Stretch ceilings not invented yesterday. Even in ancient Rome draped top rooms fabrics. In the Middle Ages as Armenia used the method of stretch fabrics that are impregnated with chalk, on the ceiling.

After the invention of PVC film in the 60s ceilings appeared in Europe and have gained popularity.

As a rule, the suspended ceiling is chosen because of its cost and ease of installationAs a rule, the suspended ceiling is chosen because of its cost and ease of installation

The properties of suspended ceilings:

  • tightness;
  • Trudnogoryuchest;
  • Resistance to temperature fluctuations (from -5 ° C to + 50 ° C.

These properties probably more interested manufacturers. The consumer just before the upcoming repair takes into account mainly the other, and is based on what his final choice.

Reason for selection:

  1. Quick and "clean" installation. dirt at least during operation.
  2. The relatively low price (less drywall);
  3. It is not necessary to prepare the surface, which is in the primer and putty, as well as gluing of the grid. I do not need a long drying and alignment of the ceiling, which costs money and takes time.
  4. Ability to hide the communication under the stretch ceiling, which, if not hide, disfigure the room.
  5. Perfect, beautiful, durable surface is not in need of repair and painting.

Thus, the benefit of suspended systems are quite a few arguments, which determine consumer choices.

Properties ceilings (video)

Suspended ceilings in our time - a great variety. What to choose - satin ceilings, glossy or matte - you decide. Every consumer their notions of beauty and quality. In addition, the financial side of the business is also important, although we can not say that these three types of ceilings so radically different from each other in value. Taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the species given above, every homeowner will be able to make his the only right choice. Of course, it is very important, before purchasing a ceiling carefully study reviews. Good luck!

Design satin stretch ceiling (photo in the interior)


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