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Shabby-chic style is a fusion of styles and trends, as a country and the BaroqueShabby-chic style is a fusion of styles and trends, as a country and Baroque Few people seem unfamiliar style "Shabby-chic". Its characteristic features in the interior is always recognizable. The bedroom in the style Chebbi-chic in a city apartment - a real immersion in rural life with all the resulting color. If simple and impersonal style based on minimalism, do not have anything remarkable, and are based on the strict use of certain colors and furniture, then this design direction has something to boast.

The bedroom in the style Chebbi-chic: a choice in favor of romance

The direction has its roots in England. It was there that it appeared in the 80s and enjoys great popularity to this day. The name speaks for itself: in English the word "Shabby" - is worn, and the "chic" - a shine. It would seem that two totally opposite concepts, but they are perfectly echoed in the interior, complementing each other and creating unbelievable contrasts.

Many people do not share a love of "shabby luxury." Worn and slightly unfashionable by today's standards furniture, old photographs, many accessories (blankets, pillows, carpets, paintings, pendants) - how did it all romantic and reminiscent of grandmother's cozy house in the countryside! Easy negligence and apparent disorder in the bedroom - a trick of style Shabby-chic!

In the bedroom, made in the style Chebbi-chic, often dominated by white and pink colorIn the bedroom, made in the style Chebbi-chic, often dominated by white and pink color

Purchase at flea markets vintage items. With the help of small transformations with their hands they will play with new colors and perfectly complement the look of a room!

In recent years, this style was used for transformation of the attic. It was there, under the roof, where a lot of windows and all bathed in bright sunlight, the project looks particularly colorful. Making a berth in the attic, make sure that the room was warm. Despite the abundance of pillows, blankets and carpets, yet properly thought out heating plays a key role.

Bedroom design with Shabby-chic style: the basics

As is known, each area has its own characteristic differences even in the use of colors and textures. Fortunately, Shabby no se prohibitions and you can equip the room as they wish. You need to adhere to one rule: all items must carry a certain romance.

Highlights the incarnation bedrooms in style Shabby-chic:

  1. Only light shades. The floor, walls, ceiling, curtains, furniture, accessories: all in the room should be soft pastel colors. As the prevailing shades: beige, mint, blue, pink, purple, peach.
  2. The ceiling should be white.
  3. No aggression in the lines. Only the smooth and curved shapes.
  4. The walls can be either self-colored painted and wallpaper under the floral motifs or colorful vertical lines.
  5. The floor must be wooden.

The bedroom in the style Chebbi-chic fit well the high wooden bed, painted whiteThe bedroom in the style Chebbi-chic fit well the high wooden bed, painted white

The room, equipped in style Shabby-chic, it is pleasant. The abundance of objects makes to look at the room and pay attention to all the details. Wherever you look, and everywhere there, what to see! Often, many abandon this style due to the use of a huge number of objects, calling them "dust collectors". That is what it is: in the room, made by Shabby, you need to spend more time cleaning.

If you are more prone to cold minimalism, the bedroom in the style Chebbi-chic - this is not your option. The abundance of flowers, delicate shades and a variety of "load" interior parts room, but do it so skillfully that it turns some rural romance.

Reflection Shabby-chic interior bedroom

Despite the fact that the style echoes the past century, yet designers are well tried. Careless old now in vogue, so it is not necessary to go through the old flea markets hoping to find a suitable for interior bed. The stores are a lot of items of modern furniture, but with an echo of the 80s.

Bedroom interior is truly romantic and affectionate thanks to details:

  1. Most vintage items! Paintings and statues of 80-90-ies will be a great decoration of the interior and will bring some vintage flavor.
  2. Textiles are everywhere. Carpets, rugs, blankets, a few species, countless pillows, crocheted or sewn toys, cushion furniture. The bigger, the better.
  3. Floral motifs. They should be reflected in the wallpaper, bedding, paintings and much more. As an option - you can decorate their own table or chair floral ornaments in the technique of "decoupage".
  4. Large trunks as a chest of drawers? Of course!

As a floor covering for a bedroom in style Shabby-chic is well suited wooden floor brown colorAs a floor covering for a bedroom in style Shabby-chic is well suited wooden floor brown color

Incidentally, as for the bed, it must meet certain requirements. Since Shabby style is use only natural materials, the couchette permitted to be made of metal. Ornate designs with a large headboard only accentuate vernal look of the room.

Bed linen better to choose two options: either pure white or with floral patterns.

Individual attention detail. Blankets and pillows are provided in countless, so the winner of this bedroom will feel "Princess and the Pea."

Add romantic room interior made with their hands. The mirror can be encapsulated in the wooden frame, paint the paint and apply a special composition, due to which there is "instant aging." Covering in front begins to crack and form visible cracks.

Do not be afraid to create. Own hands to create space for accessories is very simple. Sew a couple of pillows or toys to bed, zadekoriruyte normal and unremarkable for a vase of flowers in your favorite shades. The design does not limit your imagination.

Shabby-chic bedroom: interested in this design

Men feel a little uncomfortable in the room, made in floral motifs. Despite the fact that it resembles a grandma's house in the village, it is easier from this becomes. Everywhere flowers and ruffles, so loved by the girls. Unambiguous verdict - for couples to use such a design is possible only in case of mutual consent and visualize the photos of interiors man.

Bedroom, executed in style Shabby-chic, very like teenage girlsBedroom, executed in style Shabby-chic, very like teenage girls

The bedroom in the style Chebbi-chic perfect for a girl or woman. Little lovers of romance and tenderness will appreciate this design. The combination of lovely objects with a large number of textiles are charged with positive energy for the whole day. Waking up in a room - a pleasure, which is not in the design of the room gloomy and moody design in minimalism.

Stylish bedroom in style Shabby-chic (video)

Shabby-chic - this is an old modernity. Emphasis is on things frayed and unattractive objects, which, it would seem, it is high time to throw. Fortunately, they can be used as accessories in the style Chebbi, in which any old thing will sparkle with new colors and will decorate the room.

Bedroom interior in the style Chebbi-chic (photo examples)


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