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With the help of the arch can significantly improve the aesthetic quality of the room and give it originalityWith the help of the arch can significantly improve the aesthetic quality of the room and give it originality in modern apartments are increasingly found an arched structure. They perform several functions: save space, combine the room, add flavor to the interior. Especially prevalent arches in the studio apartment, where every meter counts. The most popular are the arch of the drywall, so today let's talk about their practices as they change the room design and how it is beneficial to beat.

How to choose an arch in the hall

Arch should complement the interior, in harmony with the rest of the room. Choose the kind of design according to your room environment. It is not necessary in the exquisitely furnished living room to place the arch in a modern style or minimalism, and make sure that the transition of the two combined rooms was not sharp.

When you make a living room with an arch should be aware of a few tips:

  • Arch in the room should be wide enough to visually enlarge the room and create an impression of luxury, ease and spaciousness of the room;
  • In the hall in the style of hi-tech There are no restrictions in the design, it all depends on your imagination;
  • Domed arches are better left for the rooms, made in an Asian style;
  • Portal Arch embodiment is universal for all apartments;
  • To pick up a classic rounded arches, square, leave the modern trends of interior.

If the room is large, it is recommended to make a broad archwayIf the room is large, it is recommended to make a broad archway

It depends on the width of the arch value doorway. It is wider than the narrower passage between rooms, so in order to achieve harmony and comfort in the room is necessary to draw adjacent rooms as close as possible to each other. Very nice look arches in the spacious living room, they allow zoning room accents in a certain part of the room. Arch allows to distinguish between the work area from the recreation area, to create a unique atmosphere of comfort.

arch decoration can be very different - from the type and form to the presence of any decoration and patterns. Before installation, examine each type of arch designs and pick the most vending.

Accommodation options arches in the hall: a photo and design solutions

Arches in the room can be very diverse, as we have said. If you have already made or chosen acre, the question arises - how to decorate it? Costly design is usually not required to decorate various murals and patterns already present.

However, unpretentious plaster arch can be decorated in various ways:

  1. Most associates arches with country houses and cottages, in this case, better to make an arch made of wood or stone. The latter can be both natural and artificial, is a versatile material that looks original and fits well in any room environment.
  2. Note the polyurethane mixture, it is also possible to decorate the arch structure to simulate stucco.
  3. If you live in a private home, use masonry, this is an unusual welcome arch decoration, with quite durable and does not require special care.

Great solution is to equip the arch spotlights, which will provide additional lighting for the hallGreat solution is to equip the arch spotlights, which will provide additional lighting for the hall

In modern apartments becoming increasingly popular decoration drywall arches various built-in lights, so that the arch can serve not only zoned, but also additional lighting element. Arches are used instead of the door to the hall, hallway, kitchen. Arch is often a kind of barrier that separates the kitchen from the living room or dining room. They can be used in modern homes, and in the usual Khrushchev between a corridor and a kitchen to save space.

Beautiful arches can be made with their own hands Plasterboard, but it needs to act carefully, so if you are not confident in their abilities - do not go for it.

Arch instead of the door to the hall

Arches, which are now often seen in modern apartments and houses came to us from Asia. Oriental interiors almost always include arches, doors, there is almost there.

Diversify the interior allow different types of arch designs, now there are the following:

  • Round arches;
  • Square arch;
  • Asymmetric arches;
  • Modern arch;
  • Poluarki;
  • Oriental arches.

Beautifully decorated arch can be a full replacement for the door between the room and corridorBeautifully decorated arch can be a full replacement for the door between the room and corridor

Round and square arches are considered classics and are used for the visual fascination of space and create a sense of high ceilings. Perfect for studio apartments, flats and houses with high ceilings. In modern apartments are used and asymmetrical arch. They occur rarely, are selected creative nature: the musicians, and artists. Allows you to hide the low ceilings, looks very unusual, it fits into modern interiors.

Modern arch have a smooth arch that makes the room visually larger, it is also ideal for small apartments with low ceilings.

Poluarki often placed in the living room and richly decorated with various decorative elements. Oriental arches have a set of dome-shaped, it is best to install them in the living room, decorated in an Asian style.

Design room with an archway in the apartment

Recently, some of the most common types of arches.


  • The semi-circular;
  • rectangular;
  • Figured.

Semicircular arch looks good in the interior, made in classic styleSemicircular arch looks good in the interior, made in classic style

Of course, the most common one in the living room is arches classical arch design in the form of a semicircle. This is not surprising, this kind of arches looks stylish, laconic, it fits perfectly in a classic style and modern. Established such a structure between the living room and a kitchen that allows you to distinguish between these two zones. This arch can be installed in any room, regardless of the selected style.

The second most popular type of arch structures can be safely called rectangular. It does not require any alterations to the house, looks very nice, it organizes space. Styles - classic, modern, minimalist, high-tech.

Arch trapezoidal dome ideal for the living room in the gothic style. Undulating - choice of creative individuals and decorate a room in the style of pop art, modern, minimalist, to add to the interior of the liveliness and dynamism. Elliptical arches fit for a luxurious classical interior and exquisite Baroque, you can decorate with frescoes, to add to the interior a special glamor.

The construction of the arch in the hall (video)

Of course, the arch convenient interior doors. They save a large amount of space, look shorter and neater. You can create a plaster arch with your hands, but you can make it to order, picking up the form and decorations, depending on the seating area of ​​the interior. Arches will always remain relevant design solution for many different areas of style, so if you have a studio apartment, be sure to think about installing arch designs.

Design arches in the hall (the photo in the interior)


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