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The furniture in the hallway, the kitchen should be as functional and high-qualityThe furniture in the hallway, the kitchen should be as functional and kachestvennoyV such planning when combined entrance hall with kitchen, there is nothing surprising and unimaginable, because for a long time and successfully combine the other rooms such as the kitchen and lounge. In the villages, it is still practiced by the presence of the "summer kitchen", which is located in the terrace, so why not move such an interesting layout of the apartment?

Kitchen entrance hall: all in one room

Of course, lay in the different flats varies greatly. Experts will help to develop a sure way to combine the room - if it is wrong to transfer communications, the consequences could be catastrophic. If you treat the kitchen only as the place of cooking, the kitchen association with the hall, especially in the one-room apartment is an excellent option. In the process of redevelopment of such a toilet may be in the middle of a large room. Alas, the communication will have to endure.

Kitchen-hall draws its originality and the ability to be creative in its arrangementKitchen-hall draws its originality and the ability to be creative in its arrangement

In what cases it is necessary to engage in such registration:

  • If the kitchen is small, and a large entrance hall, or vice versa;
  • If you want to get in the end a studio apartment;
  • To fill all the parts of the apartment with natural light.

Of course, the hallways, passing in the kitchen, have a very serious drawback, which will become apparent in the wet season - mud. And whether it is necessary in the kitchen? That is why such a plan requires careful thought storage system. Moreover, not only clothes and shoes, but also all the objects that are in the kitchen.

What it takes to become a hall kitchen

Plus, such a method is that it is very suitable for small, if not tiny kitchens. Such interior makes the apartment really multifunctional.

And in order to justify its purpose, designers recommend several steps:

  • Entrance to the apartment is better equipped with bars which remove the dirt and put mats that absorb moisture well;
  • Add the mobile partition on the sliding mechanisms such as screen or to separate the kitchen area;
  • Exclude carpets or rugs with pile;
  • Warm floors finished with linoleum will not be too hard to get dirty, and yet they are extremely easy to care for;
  • Worktop and the hob should move deeper into the hallway.

Casual clothes and shoes in the hallway, the kitchen should be kept in closed cabinetsCasual clothes and shoes in the hallway, the kitchen should be kept in closed cabinets

Do not be afraid to use the space - built-in cabinets can hold all provided space from floor to ceiling.

Use the wall as storage space - very convenient. For example, hang clothes, scarves or even bicycles. Divide the kitchen area and hallway, you can use the furniture. In the house, where there is little space, be sure to use angles. Can be put to a carriage or a comfortable banquette, replace conventional angular furniture that was more work space and storage space.

What can be the kitchen in the hallway: crossing the border

For the combined space is very important the correct placement of furniture.

She may be:

  • L-shaped;
  • With island in the middle;
  • U-shape.

Zoned space of two combined rooms will help a small partitionZoned space of two combined rooms will help a small partition

In the first case, an excellent opportunity for visual zoning space, besides in the resulting corner can get great dinner table, because this corner did a great niche. Island in the middle can also be very advantageous option, but do not forget that this design is very heavier visual perception of space, so if a small room, the island is best avoided.

U-shaped design is very convenient. For example, it is possible to separate the room and exit via the bar, working surface or just a table with flowers.

If possible, it is better to move the dining table in the living room, leaving the hallways, kitchens compact. Porcelain tiles as floor covering will be very out of place - it is easy to care for, it's fairly hard to screw up. He has no fear of dirt, water, and has an increased durability.

The kitchen in the hallway in a studio apartment

After the redevelopment will form a single space: studio apartment without walls. Natural light and space will look at the room a whole new way.

But to become a visually unified whole apartment, you should use some of the design decisions:

  • It should avoid sharp contrasts, for example, red and green;
  • Add an element of the decor, which will link to each other the whole design;
  • To make the dynamo tiles should lay absolutely smooth manner;
  • Style kitchen and hallway should look like, the same or successfully combined.

When you combine the kitchen from the hallway is better to use materials that can be easily washed and cleanedWhen you combine the kitchen from the hallway is better to use materials that can be easily washed and cleaned

Performed in a dark style of the kitchen will be longer look fresh and interesting - do not need to avoid these colors. The only thing that is worth considering that dark room requires a massive furniture. What can combine such different premises on purpose? First of all, this increase in space. Even if the kitchen just to cook needed jobs to the host or hostess can feel comfortable, not squeezing between pieces of furniture.

The problem is that the transfer of the kitchen to the hall will have to run on the various instances - by the transfer of communication need permission. The execution of works is better to turn to specialists who will do everything as quickly as possible and pick up the best project.

It is to abandon the massive light sources such as heavy and long chandelier. It will be the perfect replacement LED strip. You can mount the lamp in the ceiling, hang on the wall stylish lamps: combining the kitchen and hallway to add natural light in all the rooms, so that overload the interior light source is not necessary.

If the kitchen is equipped with a gas stove, then it is also necessary to permit the transfer. If space permits obtained, the plate is best left in place, moving closer to the hallway the other parts of the kitchen interior. Kitchen, even combined - a place inhabited by dozens of different smells. This means that they will certainly be absorbed into the clothes. And to avoid this effect is extremely difficult, but if the owners of a well thought out ventilation system when repairs are undertaken. In the kitchen, the hallway without hoods can not do, or clothes will smell permanently.

Comfortable furniture in the entrance hall-kitchen (video)

Do not be afraid to use various techniques to create a kitchen with a transition into the hallway. In a large and open space, even to breathe easier, convenient to receive guests, and will not have the feeling crushing walls. Good luck in the embodiment of his ideas!

The design of the kitchen and hallway in the same room (interior photo)


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