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Topiary with their hands for beginners: 5 Important Rules"tree of happiness" not only decorate your room, but also will become a bright accent in the interior Topiary - means "tree of happiness." This kind of creativity is very popular today. This fascinating process took its origin in ancient Rome - shrubs and trees shave in the form of spheres and other shapes. Today Topiary is a design element of modern premises. Such interesting products adorn any interior, adding mystery and a special flair.

Topiary easy for beginners: 5 Important Rules

Make a simple Topiary own hands is not difficult, it is important to choose the right material and to determine the subject matter. Clear instructions, of course, in this sense is not available. But to see the lessons and to learn the basics and the nuances of the creative process can not hurt.

It should take the basic rules to note:

  • Trunk trees rationally make of durable and resistant material;
  • Crown initially be covered with acrylic paint, similar in tone to the decor;
  • Fill the stand can be any material capable of firmly hold the base;
  • Glue and paint after drying should not emit odors;
  • In one song, you can use two, and three crowns.

Before the creation of the first Topiary best view tutorials, or videoBefore the creation of the first Topiary best view tutorials, or video

Absolutely all the elements of topiary, today, it is possible to purchase in special departments for needlework. And at the end to collect conceived composition will have no difficulty. But put the soul in such a creative process happens only under the condition that the blank made his own.

Unusual material to decorate Topiary can serve as: bank notes, moss, acorns, pine cones, dried leaves and flowers, shells, stones.

Topiary for beginners: basic components

The main and important in the manufacture of Topiary is not material and its shape - it is decorated of a large base on the stem, placed on a stable base.

Topiary is composed of three main parts:

  1. You can start working with any process, but the rational first step to prepare the stand. In most cases, the role played by stand flower pot or an ordinary mug. Inside of such a framework is placed silicone, foam or rubber material so that the trunk is well kept. Decorated with the foundation to your liking, in this case, can not be afraid to dream and to paste beads, beans, buttons, or paper. The main thing - a harmonious combination of the overall composition.
  2. Preparation of the barrel. The material for the manufacture of trunk can serve as anything. For example: use a real twig from a tree - cover it with paint or stain; put together a few shpazhek, tubes or rods for land - tie and wrap with tape or thread. You can also use the wire. It is to prepare several equal segments of equal length and wire wrap any pictures.
  3. Preparation of the base. Pick up the foundation for topiary need to start from ideas. If in the process will need to stick foundations decor, it is best to take a soft base such as Styrofoam. For pasting elements on top of the crown, it is better to give preference to solid materials, such as plastic or plastic.

Before creating a topiary, should define its shape, and only then - with registrationBefore creating a topiary, should define its shape, and only then - with registration

Topiary basis does not have to be a ball. Be repelled from the event or important date, after which produced Topiary. Creative and original look bases in the form of stars, letters and numbers - for a birthday or other celebration, heart-shaped or tree - in Valentine's Day and New Year. If necessary, the base to be coated with paint or paste over the corrugated paper according to the color decoration. Thus there is an exception to the basics of painting the possible gaps.

Material for decorating topiary can be absolutely any elements of small beads or buttons, to candies and fruit.

Appearance of trees should be focused on the event to which it is made. If it is a gift a child, then as a decoration, you can use candy in colorful wrappers. If the occasion was a holiday, the ornaments can serve a variety of bright ribbons, beads, vibrant colors and rhinestones. Topiary doing for themselves, we must take into account the overall housing interior.

Topiary do with his own hands for beginners: a step by step photo

Step by step guide - useful helper for beginners to make a beautiful tree with his own hands. In the simple example we try to meet design technique and a principle of operation.

Step by step instructions tell you in detail how to correctly and quickly makeStep by step instructions tell you in detail how to correctly and quickly make "tree of happiness"

Materials for Topiary:

  • Ready ball of foam (2 pieces of different sizes.);
  • The yarns of cotton or tape;
  • Skewer or thin tube;
  • Any inlay (e.g. non-living flowers);
  • Any base - a cup;
  • Artificial grass.

This process begins with the manufacture of the stand. The cup is placed the foam ball of appropriate size. Skewer tightly wrapped decorative tape and placed in a dish so as to result in a basis kept stable and not dropped. If desired preform can be coated with adhesive. Artificial flowers are divided into separate branches, and then each flower separately, stuck firmly in the base. Ready skewers pierced crown end, smeared with glue. Stand decorated with artificial grass to fully hide the bottom base.

Making such a topiary with his hands briefly, the main thing to have a great desire and creative inspiration.

Step by Step Master Class: Topiary for beginners

Any master class is attractive in its own way. But you need to Topiary? How to make a topiary with their hands? Where do you start?

Topiary creating your own hands, you can use a variety of ornaments, ribbons and flowersTopiary creating your own hands, you can use a variety of ornaments, ribbons and flowers

For the manufacture of trees will need:

  • Ball - the basis of the foam;
  • White-pink flowers made of fabric;
  • Carnations with beads at the end;
  • Satin ribbon;
  • pot;
  • Decorative grass;
  • Ready painted white trunk (from the store for needlework);
  • Small needles;
  • Hot glue;
  • Gypsum and water.

There is no clear-cut types of topiary, as this individual and boundless imagination for creativity.


  • To start preparing a platform on which to hold the base. Stir the plaster with water until thick clay.
  • Put the mixture into the pot and gently immersed in it as the finished barrel. The trunk should be set straight and hold your hands a little bit, so that it is not bent and the plaster dries did not have time to fix it.
  • In a bowl make a recess for stringing it on the barrel.
  • On the foam ball with hot glue, quite a drop, glue flowers close to each other, to avoid radiographic white base. Behind every flower fix stud.
  • The fill recess little liquid adhesive and anchoring a crown on a stem.
  • To decorate the tying pink ribbon bow in the place of the trunk connection to the crown. Masking plaster decorative grass in a pot.

Your Topiary can have very different shapes and decoration, because it all depends on your imaginationYour Topiary can have very different shapes and decoration, because it all depends on your imagination

Cute little tree is ready!

Flowers on the ball can be mounted in a chaotic manner, alternating pink and white. Or purposefully decorate half crown in pink and the other white.

Gypsum can be replaced by other land or natural soil.

Topiary with their hands for beginners (video)

Topiary - is an infinite field for the realization of bold creative ideas and unlimited abilities. Tree of happiness, made with his own hands, will bring a lot of fun, even just from the creative process. But in the end of course, will please the eye and create a special atmosphere in the house. Though actively traced today fenshuya notes.

Topiary for beginners (photo)

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