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Topiary is often made from natural materialsTopiary is often made from natural materialovTopiary means "European tree" or "tree of happiness" - a popular decoration for the interior, symbolizing wealth and prosperity in the house. To us, this art has come relatively recently. Topiary - a small tree with a crown. The composition is created mainly from natural materials and is any decor.

Create unusual topiary own hands

Creating unusual topiary is only possible using the original materials and ideas.

Such Topiary may include:

  • From goose egg shell, decorated on one side with small colorful beads or artificial flowers;
  • Of boa feathers;
  • From painted gold paint-spray various gears, nuts and bolts;
  • From satin ribbons as petals when the crown on the result obtained from dahlia flower;
  • Pasta. And you can paint them in bright green or blue;
  • Of dried tangerine peel.

If the imagination allows, it is possible to embody the most bold idea to create TopiaryIf the imagination allows, it is possible to embody the most bold idea to create Topiary

 Creative idea unusual topiary - make small pillows for needles. Additional decor are needles, pins, buttons and skeins of thread. This kind of needle bed for the most creative masters.

Stem and stand in the right hands are transformed into unusual and original elements of topiary.

Pictures of unusual topiary can be viewed on the Internet.

How to start a newcomer: a simple Topiary

Simple Topiary run completely out of any material contained on hand at home.

To create a simple topiary material can be found even at homeTo create a simple topiary material can be found even at home

It can be:

  • napkins;
  • Wrapping paper and ribbon;
  • Cotton pads;
  • Figurines made of colored or corrugated paper;
  • Artificial flowers;
  • Beads, buttons and colored stones;
  • Yarn;
  • Nut shells, acorns and cones;
  • Fabric flowers.

Topiary made simple with minimal financial costs. Therefore, rational not to throw an interesting and unusual materials, and saved for future use.

Garnish with a simple can be elegant topiary beads.

Production topiary pistachio

The original idea for topiary - pistachio.

Topiary of pistachios - the original decisionTopiary of pistachios - the original decision

Basically pistachio use two techniques:

  • First. Shell by gluing make flower. Mainly in their three songs is not very big, either one, but more impressive. In this case, use twine.
  • Second. Paste Broken shell on the ball.

In both cases, pistachios can be left in its present form, which is quite nice, or painted in the color you want.

To work better to use a whole and a solid shell.

How do Topiary in the home of mountain ash

Topiary of rowan berries a very interesting idea for children's creativity. Making crafts in the home of fine natural material well develops the child's ability and motor skills.

To create a topiary at home you can use a mountain ashTo create a topiary at home you can use a mountain ash

Necessary materials:

  • A wooden or plastic stick;
  • Branches of a mountain ash;
  • Twine;
  • Packaging stationery pins;
  • Glue and scissors;
  • Styrofoam ball.
  • Flower pot;
  • A piece of foam.

Getting started. Cut foam of the pot shape and sadim stick wrapped with string on the glue in the middle of the stand. On top of the stick fasten the foam ball and anchoring adhesive. Wait until the product has dried. We start decorating balls berries. To do this, pierce each berry writing pins and stuck them in the crown close to each other.

rowan berries are best pre-dried, as by drying, they are reduced in size.

White foam can be pre-paint red. Decorate the bottom of the pot can be dried leaves and buds.

Topiary: how to make fast from coffee beans

Quickly and accurately make a topiary, then advance to think about the idea and prepare suitable materials. Topiary of coffee beans can be done easily and quickly, but with style.

Topiary from coffee beans perfectly fit into any kitchen interiorTopiary from coffee beans perfectly fit into any kitchen interior

You will need:

  • Coffee beans;
  • Thick and strong wire strand to the barrel;
  • Styrofoam ball (purchased at the store);
  • Gypsum and water to strengthen the stand;
  • Pot brown;
  • Glue.

The most time-consuming and the process of jewelry work will be sticking to the grains of the ball. Moreover, they can be glued either side. Further, the usual pattern is constructed trunk is its pushed onto the ball and dive into the diluted plaster pot.

Pre ball must be painted in a dark brown color.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick tree possible. The aroma in this case will be even more spectacular.

Globe Topiary: manufacturing technology with their own hands

Very often Topiary of coffee beans make a globe.


  • The frame is made of wire, wrapped with twine;
  • Balloon stick pierce through;
  • Crohn fitted by a twine, simulating axis.

Globe Topiary looks very original, it can be used to decorate the roomGlobe Topiary looks very original, it can be used to decorate the room

Globe in such an interesting performance to complement the student desk or any work surface.

Twine can be made lighter by soaking it in a solution of chlorine.

Topiary manufacture of yarn with their hands

Quite unusually looks topiary with a transparent thread of the crown.

Create Topiary of thread snap, the main thing - a great desireCreate Topiary of thread snap, the main thing - a great desire

Topiary of the thread is as follows:

  • Inflate balloon desired value and wrap the filament preimpregnated in the adhesive. Wait until the PVA has dried, puncture the balloon with a needle and get it through the crack.
  • Prepare a barrel for topiary wire so that the sphere on top was kept stable.
  • Pour the cooking pot diluted plaster and put the barrel in the center until dry. Then barrel wrap yarns or tape.
  • Fix the crown melting.

Beautiful Topiary of threads can be decorated with additional decoration, ball - flowers and trunk - beads strung on a thread. Gypsum can hide the same thread beads or other colors and thicknesses.

Winding ball soaked strands not completely, you can get another form of the crown.

Topiary do for the kitchen with his hands

The kitchen is the only place in the house where you can put absolutely any Topiary.

But still subject closer:

  • Of plastic fruit, berries or vegetables:
  • From coffee or other grains;
  • Pasta;
  • Of bright colors;
  • Nuts and acorns;
  • Egg shell;
  • Heads of onions and garlic;
  • From sweets.

Each hostess will appreciate such a topiary and always decorate them your kitchenEach hostess will appreciate such a topiary and always decorate them your kitchen

A good idea can serve as sisal, plastic decorative exotic fruits.

Very often Topiary kitchen decorated with a variety of spices, the aroma of which has a positive effect on appetite.

Topiary "floating cup" is combined with the most common kitchen atmosphere.

Topiary floor with their hands: what it is

Broad popular outdoor topiary. Machinery manufacturing such already familiar Topiary us, the only difference - its larger size.

Outdoor Topiary in your home will create a cozy atmosphereOutdoor Topiary in your home will create a cozy atmosphere

Additional tools for making the floor Topiary:

  • wire cutters;
  • Building a knife;
  • Pistol with a liquid adhesive.

Outdoor Topiary constructed taking into account the size of the room, so when you place it on the floor, perfect balance tree of happiness in harmony with the general interior. This topiary looks good next to the picture.

The longer leg of the flower on the ball, the scope looks voluminous.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the weight of the finished product, and thus consider the size of the stand and the amount of gypsum in it.

Mini Topiary own hands: where to start

Learn techniques for making the tree happy, you can make your own hands a smaller version - mini topiary. Such a product would look nice as a souvenir on a shelf or be original surprise for a holiday.

Mini Topiary is perfect for the role of a small souvenir or gifts for loved onesMini Topiary is perfect for the role of a small souvenir or gifts for loved ones

Ideas for mini Topiary:

  • The pedestal can be any cap from the spirits of the candles or cups caps from deodorants;
  • To fit the trunk skewer, toothpick or stick of candy;
  • Ball serve tennis ball or bead of antiperspirant;
  • Decor could provide all that is in the house;
  • Secure the tree can be clay or putty. This material is more than enough to hold such a light product.

Small Topiary is much faster and it costs a minimum.

The finished tree has a height of no more than 20 cm.

How to make a topiary, bonsai own hands

Topiary in the performance of bonsai has a special charm and appeal. And with such a challenge to deal with their own hands is not a problem, perhaps even bring a lot of fun.

For the manufacture of bonsai need to:

  • Expanded polystyrene bowl;
  • Artificial twigs green;
  • Wire;
  • Several thick sticks of equal length;
  • Pot.

Minimum costs - and Topiary, bonsai is ready to please your eyesMinimum costs - and Topiary, bonsai is ready to please your eyes

The work should start with the breaching of the recess in the bowl and decorating its branches. They need to stick thick, secured with glue if necessary. Then wire the poles on both sides and attach one end to the ball glued. The second fixed end placed at the center of the pot and fill with crushed stone or gravel.

Additional decoration of the pot can be pieces of moss and ball - several flower.

Make a Topiary-light with his own hands

Creativity and enormous creativity transformed the topiary into a real lamp. Topiary-light blends harmoniously with the interior of any room.

Topiary-light not only decorate the room, but will also very practical piece of furnitureTopiary-light not only decorate the room, but will also very practical piece of furniture

For the manufacture of topiary-lamp will need:

  • Ready topiary;
  • Light;
  • The wire.

How do Topiary with their hands, probably will not. Will focus on its transformation into a lamp. Everything is very simple. The only thing you need to start end of the wire through the trunk of the tree in such a way to connect the light bulb he had not looked out of scope. Accordingly, the wire must be accurately fastened.

As crown efficiently use a homemade scope of filaments. In operation, the lamp will pass additional light through the void between the fibers.

Popular trend has been the production of wood-lamp made of artificial pumpkins. This product decorates the room all year round.

How to make a topiary with their hands (video)

Topiary can be made from a variety of materials, color gamut limitations of such a composition does not exist. Certain rules and regulations in the external form of the tree there. Everything depends on the creativity, ideas and boundless imagination creator. To care for such a miracle tree is very simple, occasionally enough to brush away the dust and protect it from direct sunlight.

Examples of Topiary (photo) made with his own hands

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