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Beautiful plaster wall can decorate the interior of the living roomBeautiful gypsum wall can decorate gostinoyGipsokartonnye plate enjoying high popularity. This is because the material allows you to hide flaws and irregularities of the walls. GCR themselves are large and flat, so in a short period of time, you can sheathe a large area. You can work on any surface. Besides it is possible to establish frame and attached thereto sheets. And between the wall and put plasterboard heating material. It is not always necessary framework. In a small apartment each meter on the account, so you must use drywall adhesive.

Composition of the mixture and the plasterboard glued to the brick wall

There are certain methods of attaching drywall to the wall. But each of them requires special training materials and tools, as well as the surface itself. To select the appropriate, should be all carefully consider and weigh.

Depending on the state of the walls, and the adhesive composition is determined.

In order to securely glued to drywall brick wall, it is necessary to select only high-quality glueIn order to securely glued to drywall brick wall, it is necessary to select only high-quality glue

The most economical and recommended by specialists composition - is the glue on a plaster or cement based. Before you get started, you need to think about which adhesive is suitable for the work, if it is frameless plating method. As a rule, there are several options.


  • Glue for flat walls;
  • Means for bonding drywall on a brick wall;
  • The adhesive surface with large unevenness.

Hard to have, especially if it's a brick wall. When the surface is smooth, then the work runs smoothly. But in any case there will always be small differences between the bricks in the joints. Therefore, the adhesive will lay down evenly on the wall. Thus, there is a possibility that the gypsum board and unreliable lie. Before brick wall sheathing sheets, the surface should be prepared.

How to attach drywall to the brick wall: preparatory work

Before mount plasterboard, the surface should be prepared. Since the adhesive evenly fall on it, the sheets themselves will stay weak. Experts recommend use tips to prepare a brick wall for installation of drywall.

In addition, drywall to metal profiles can be secured with dowelsIn addition, drywall to metal profiles can be secured with dowels

Useful tips:

  • Using a plumb, measure how vertical wall. If there are differences of more than 20 mm, it is required to enclose plasterboard. Strip width up to 120 mm. Depending on where shortcomings were found, establish and stripes. They will serve as a beacon when it's all mounting large sheets.
  • Smooth strips can be replaced by rectangles. Their crashed out of the same sheet of drywall. Size may vary from 100 to 150 mm. Elements glued onto the wall, keeping a distance of 250 mm therebetween. It all depends on the detected irregularities.

Some people try to attach gypsum board with foam or plastic cement. But this unfortunate decision, as the material will need to be a lot. And not the fact that such fastening is reliable.

When plasterboard is attached to the wall using an adhesive, it is necessary to additionally record the special plugs.

Fastening gypsum board to a brick wall depends also on the material of manufacture of masonry. The same applies to the foam block and concrete. For example, the red bricks or concrete blocks may be attached by any adhesive sheets, the connection is reliable

How to sheathe plasterboard brick wall without installation frame

Before you get started you need to prepare appropriate materials and tools. Finishing the brick walls with plasterboard can be made with your own hands, or seek help from a specialist. The process is not difficult, but should be attentive.

Before proceeding to the glueing drywall, should be prepared in advance of brick wallBefore proceeding to the glueing drywall, should be prepared in advance of brick wall

Tools and materials:

  • Plain and trowel;
  • Capacitance to raise the water and glue;
  • Drill and an additional nozzle for mixing;
  • A piece of wood;
  • Reinforcement tape.

The whole process involves several work stages. It all starts with the fact that you need to be primed brick wall. The adhesive composition is prepared before laying plates, since it can harden hour.

Prepare the adhesive should be strictly according to the instructions with correct proportions.

The adhesive solution was applied in small breasts. First, around the perimeter, and then treated with a center of the sheet. Between the piles should not be a long distance, enough 25 cm. The finished sheet mounted on the lining and pressed against the wall. Special level to check that the surface is smooth. If necessary, adjust using a wooden block, tapping the list. The solution was dried, can be put on the joints reinforcing tape and apply an adhesive layer. The final stage will be skin and the primer.

Installing drywall on a brick wall by the carcass

This option is more suitable in cases where the wall is very uneven. Therefore, experts recommend to use gypsum boards, 12 mm thick, and more. As for the frame, it can be a metal or wood. But better, of course wood, it is environmentally friendly, cheaper, and easier to use.

Suffice it to quickly and easily can be attached to the drywall to the wall using a metal frameSuffice it to quickly and easily can be attached to the drywall to the wall using a metal frame

Tools and materials:

  • Screwdriver;
  • screwdriver;
  • Drill;
  • Screws and self-tapping screws;
  • Corners metallic;

Mount Technology begins with two mounting rails in a horizontal position on a wall, and then, the ceiling and the floor. It is imperative to align them vertically. Between them should establish vertical elements, which are equal to the width of the plasterboard sheets.

To improve heat and sound insulation properties of the design helps heat insulator.

For fixing plasterboard sheets to the frame, use screws or screws. Optimum their length in the range of 30 mm to observe the distance between them is recommended within 25 cm. Usually between sheets leave a small gap size is 5 mm. This is necessary for finishing seams. It should be understood that the method of frame cladding reduces the usable space of the room.

Examples of the walls of brick or plasterboard (video)

Today, many people prefer this material to sheathe the walls inside the premises. This is not surprising, GCR universal, they do not just hide imperfections and shortcomings of a brick wall, but also allow to translate into reality the various design solutions. Plasterboard is also called drywall, simply use the work. Moreover, on top of gypsum boards not necessarily finish, they can just paint or wallpaper glue. It is for such services, most people choose the GCR for wall cladding.

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