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Wooden ceiling can be done independently. This type of finish is very popular in private homesWooden ceiling can be done independently. This type of finish is very popular in private domahMnogie people prefer installing a wooden ceiling in a private home. This design looks attractive and is very practical. In addition, set the wooden slats or planks with his own hands the power of any person. It can be decorated with various decorative elements of the plate, if desired. For example, in the interior of the living room look beautiful carved ceilings, and the bedroom you can set an unusual white ceiling, made of plywood.

Do I need a vapor barrier for ceiling hardwood floor

It is known that wood can be deformed when exposed to moisture. That is why you need to be sure to install a vapor barrier on the ceiling. If you choose to ceiling sheathe tree in the apartment to install a vapor barrier is not necessary.

The vapor barrier can be used as the material:

  1. Izospan. Vapor barrier made using this material will serve you for very long, as IZOSPAN does not absorb moisture and does not deform when exposed to high temperatures.
  2. Aluminum foil. If you decide to make a painted ceiling made of wood, use this material, since it effectively resists corrosion and reflects heat. Also, aluminum foil is used in case the installed wooden structures with unusual shapes.
  3. Polyethylene film. This material protects the plate from rotting and slats. However, to install the plastic film around the perimeter of the room is prohibited, as it may cause the greenhouse effect.

Each type of vapor barrier is designed for certain features wooden ceilingEach type of vapor barrier is designed for certain features wooden ceiling

If you want to save on the vapor barrier, you can use ecowool or cardboard impregnated with wax. However, it should be remembered that the vapor barrier properties of these materials are much worse.

Materials under the wood ceilings

Previously, the installation of the ceiling were used wooden edging boards. These designs were very primitive, and easily succumbed to the strain. In our time frame paneling is made using high-tech materials made of natural wood.

Everything for wooden ceilings can be used:

  • Battens. For registration ceiling in wood is most often used this material because its installation is quick. Wall paneling made from pine, oak or linden. This material is mounted on a special frame.
  • Podshivnoy material. Such panels are pasted outside veneer.
  • Crushed timber. This material is used rarely, since it is difficult to assemble.

In the arrangement, the most popular ceiling linings In the arrangement, the most popular ceiling linings

In a separate group include coffered ceilings. They are collected from the specialized modules box section. Set coffered ceilings only by professionals, because specialized equipment is required for installation.

Install ceiling, wooden frame,

If you want a beautiful ceilings, wooden frame, use it bunk. Filing of a ceiling of this material takes 3-4 hours. installation process begins with the preparations. They include cleansing base surface of the paint coating and lining antiseptic solution.

Installation is carried out in this order:

  1. Make a frame plate. For its production need to use bars with a cross section of 30x30 centimeters.
  2. Then, the boards do the gap under the lights.
  3. Fix the boards on the crate with nails.
  4. In places where the board acts on the increased load, install the screws.
  5. Apply to the finished ceiling paint.
  6. Install lights.

The presence of the frame limits the choice of lighting devicesThe presence of the frame limits the choice of lighting devices

Use lamps as the lighting device is extremely undesirable, as this lighting device has a high specific gravity. It is better to use spot lighting with LED lights.

The ceiling of wooden slats with their hands

The ceiling is made of wooden slats - excellent design solution for the decoration of a private house or apartment. Laying this design is very simple. Before the ceiling rails are installed, the surface should be cleaned of dirt. In addition, the need to handle rail antifungal mixture.

There are open and closed ceiling of wooden slats. In the first case there is a small gap between adjacent plates. If you want to install closed ceilings of rails, the gap must be eliminated with the help of decorative inserts.

Rack wooden ceilings open or closed are perfect for the home or apartmentRack wooden ceilings open or closed are perfect for the home or apartment

The sequence of setting a ceiling of wooden slats:

  • Apply to the ceiling layout.
  • Attach to the wall corners.
  • Lock the bars with screws.
  • Pull the crate through the electric cable. Do not forget to hide it in the corrugation.
  • Place the rack. They can be installed either horizontally or at an angle. To fix the rail to the bar need to use screws.
  • Check the evenness of the design with the help of a spirit level. If any element is positioned correctly disassemble construction. Dismantling is carried out in reverse order.

To construct a wooden ceiling in a modern apartment

Making wooden ceiling in the apartment - a simple process. Decorative ceilings, decorated wood, can be set from plywood. This design will have a low specific gravity, and looks very attractive.

Before you install the plywood to the ceiling, you need to degrease the surface. To do this, you need to use copper sulfate. You also need to align the base surface by means of a primer and putty.

Decorative ceilings under the tree - a stylish and luxurious design solutionDecorative ceilings under the tree - a stylish and luxurious design solution

The process of installing wooden ceiling in the apartment:

  1. Cut veneer 2-3 equal portions.
  2. Apply the adhesive to the reverse side of the sheet.
  3. Smudge adhesive uniformly over the entire surface of the sheet. To do this, use a notched trowel.
  4. Firmly attach the veneer to the ceiling. Hold sheet need 1-2 minutes.
  5. Remove adhesive residue with a napkin.
  6. After you set all the sheets, eliminate the gaps that have formed between the ceiling and the walls. To eliminate the gaps using putty or sealant.

Laying of decorative wooden ceiling beams

If you do not like the primitive versions of ceiling clearance, you can use decorative beams. This design is perfectly combined with the style of Provence, or country. For the manufacture of decorative beams are used exclusively modern, durable materials.

If you want to surprise your guests with unusual decor, you can make a beam of "antique". To do this, you need to clean them with a wire brush and cover with a thin layer of lacquer.

Decorative beams perfectly with the design of Provence, or country Decorative beams perfectly with the design of Provence, or country

Wooden beams are installed in the following sequence:

  • Thoroughly dry the material. Cover the beams antifungal solution.
  • Do the holes in the wall under the beams. The diameter of the holes should be slightly larger than the diameter of the beams, as the tree expands under the influence of heat or moisture.
  • Insert the ends of the beams to make holes.
  • Cover the beams first antiseptic and varnish.

Headlining the tree in a private house

For covering ceilings in a private house it is recommended to use a floorboard. It looks better than the usual lining, and is more durable. In addition, the flooring goes well with any style of interior.

Parquet board - the best choice for headliner treeParquet board - the best choice for headliner tree

Before you install the floorboard, it is necessary to put it in the room where the installation will be carried out. This procedure is necessary in order to adapt the material to room temperature.

Installing wood flooring to the ceiling:

  1. Construct frame. The grille should be strong, so use only aluminum profiles and corners.
  2. Attach the sheet to the batten by means of screw.
  3. After you set all the sheets need to attach the ceiling plinths.
  4. You can unscrew the screws, and install decorative fasteners if desired.

Master class on headliner tree (video)

Ceilings, wood paneled, look luxurious and are a great addition to any interior. If you decide to install wood-beamed ceilings yourself, then put a layer of vapor barrier on the floor before installation. The choice of material for processing wood ceilings will depend on individual preferences. If your budget is unlimited, give preference parquet boards or bunk. In other cases it is more expedient to use plywood sheets.

Wooden ceiling (photo)


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