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Stylish ladder can not only decorate the interior, but also become a bright accent in the interiorStylish ladder can not only decorate the interior, but also become a bright accent in interereLestnitsy began to differ from each other not only in the form, for example in Scandinavian style with a window, but also a way of fastening, such as removable. Today, types and forms of intercommunication designs are varied and original, allowing you to install them as a large, and in a modest room. When building a house of several floors, it should be carefully considered what should be a staircase, and where it most convenient to locate, because it will be a key element of the interior.

Rules position in the interior stairs

To date, manufacturers stairs represent a wide range of products, which can be found by looking at the catalogs with photos. There are many options. Most often, the only option is a ladder to get to the upper floors. However, some items are a just decorative. Stairs can be placed in the living room, kitchen, hallway and sometimes even on the balcony. Whatever part of the house would not have been chosen, the staircase is located in the center or at the side of the room.

Before installing the ladder, we must first consider its design and location, where it is best to set it upBefore installing the ladder, we must first consider its design and location, where it is best to set it up

Positioning a ladder is necessary for some rules:

  • Stairs should not occupy a lot of space;
  • Head positioning step is necessary to input;
  • If the room is small, it is better to set screw type;
  • Staircase construction must comply with all safety standards.

Many designers believe that in the interior staircase is well combined with decorative elements such as doors and windows. For this reason, it will not be superfluous to do them in the same style.

Certain design ladder add to the hall or another room of solidity and a certain charm. For a private house or apartment pick up different types of ladders.

ladder types in living room at home: and picture examples

Stairs to the second floor of their design distinguished by type.

Interesting and unusual in the interior of the living room a spiral metal staircase will lookInteresting and unusual in the interior of the living room a spiral metal staircase will look


  1. Screw small take up very little space. More often than not, have in the living room or hallway. May vary in shape. The most popular are octagonal, square. Screw design is good because it helps to save a considerable amount of space.
  2. Marching is mounted on a special type of concrete support, which may have a tilt angle of 45 degrees. The name comes from the special march, which filled stages. Most often, such ladders are composed of from 3 to 15 stages. Are located in the living room with a large area. Stairway can be open or closed. It can also be a direct or twists. There are half-pace constructs that contain a small area. It reduces the height of the march and is considered more secure.

Due to the open-type ladder becomes one with the general interior of the apartment.

Also do not forget about the free space under the stairs. It can be used with advantage by placing it under a cabinet or area for a greenhouse. You can simply place under the stairs beautiful table or a vase.

Materials of construction for stairs

To select a style in which the staircase will be done, it is very important to choose the right material.

To date, the most popular are beautiful and elegant wooden staircaseTo date, the most popular are beautiful and elegant wooden staircase

To create an inter-floor structures, used a variety of materials:

  1. Reinforced concrete stairs are made of concrete and steel substrates. This material is considered to be the most accessible and popular. As a lining for such ladders used wood, carpet, tile, or any other decorative trim.
  2. Wooden stairs are made of wood different breeds. Wooden ladders most versatile fit into any decor and style. For a longer service life, the staircase is covered with a special varnish. Wood is the natural material, for this reason, these ladders will be perfect for a child's room and garden.
  3. Glass stairs, newfangled trend. It fits in the room in a minimalist style. Stair use durable and safety glass. Stairs ladders mounted on special metal holders. Additionally mounted rails, also made of glass, metal.

Metal or wrought iron stairs can be original decoration of any living room or hallway. Metal has many advantages. First of all, it's reliability and longevity. But we should also not forget about the small cons. Metal can be quite slippery and cold.

Living room with a staircase to the second floor and its style

As a rule, separating staircase design is made in accordance with the overall styling of the room.

Most often, designers highlight some ideas for interior stairs:

  • Classic;
  • Neutral style;
  • Modern;
  • Minimalism;
  • Country.

Classic style ladder looks pretty succinctly and kept. More often than not, it is subdued tones. Very nice in the living room will look like a white ladder on the wall where you can hang a mural or old paintings. Also considered a classic staircase design which is conducted from expensive materials such as natural stone, marble or granite.

Beautiful staircase in classical style will make an exquisite interior roomBeautiful staircase in classical style will make an exquisite interior room

It is important to remember that the classic style can not tolerate too many decorative elements. Otherwise, luxury and aristocracy to be replaced at low cost and lack of taste. It is also worth remembering that the walls and ceiling of a better finish in one color.

Neutral style allows placing a ladder structure of any shape and color. This is due to the fact that in this embodiment the ladder is not the main decorative element and the inferior role of design space. Kitchen or dining room will be a good place to put this type of ladder.

Art Nouveau is the most modern style, which is very popular. This style is used metallic colors and materials. Welcomed a large number of accessories and lighting. Steps, which is mounted between the backlight and give room shocking chic.

Country style, which perfectly fits in country houses, this decor that reflects rural life in all its manifestations. First of all, it is natural and naturalness. The best material for the stairs will alder, pine, oak and birch. As a rule, this design does not use wallpaper, so better to decorate the walls of wood or decorative plaster.

The cozy living room: stairs, as part of the interior

stair lighting, a very important part, which is necessary not to forget to think.

When installing a ladder, you must consider the design frame and its designWhen installing a ladder, you must consider the design frame and its design

First of all, the lighting on the staircase has several objectives:

  • Comfort and safety;
  • Creation of special effects.

Lighting should be soft stairs. Suitable lamps with warm light. For the second purpose, suitable technologies that allow to experiment and excite the imagination. To do this, fit a variety of LED strip and removable extra lighting.

Summarizing, we can say that the stairs have multiple functions. Also, the existing types of structures that allow to equip any room, regardless of their area. Beautiful staircase will be the main decoration of the two-level apartments or private homes.

Stylish staircase in the interior (video)

Also, using the design techniques can beat samoyu simple structure. Create a ladder of her dreams will DeAgostini magazine where design solutions and practical tips described. If the staircase, whose function is only to interior decoration, tired, it can be removed. Decorative stairs can be removed at any time, it is enough to cut or sawed fasteners.

The design of the hall with a staircase to the second floor (interior photo)


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