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When choosing a ladder be sure to pay attention to the house at the height of the stepsWhen choosing a ladder for home be sure to pay attention to the height stupeneyEta theme is interesting, and worth a little more to find out what should be the optimum height for the steps of the staircase structure of a plan. Therefore, before moving on to the specifics, you must familiarize yourself with the steps that can be used for mounting the ladder object. The height of the staircase steps or, in other words, the height of a step - it is one the most important parameter, based on which the entire project is composed of the school, home or any other ladder.

The optimum height of the staircase steps at his home and the types of constructions

While designing it is important to take into account the requirements.

As a rule, the height of steps for the stairs is calculated taking into account the principles of the GOSTAs a rule, the height of steps for the stairs is calculated taking into account the principles of the GOST


  • GOST;
  • Compliance with SNIP
  • Other features of the project.

The construction of the trend, the following types of ladders:

  1. ordinary. Standard straight steps, which are the main component of any ladder.
  2. zabezhnymi. The design with soft turn when lifting. The width and shape of non-standard steps.
  3. Area. The interim standard design for rotary stairs. The recommended height for them, as for ordinary steps.
  4. open. Riser missing. Span open, which creates a feeling of stairs, hovering in the air.
  5. closed. Between steps riser is attached, which makes it possible to conceal the space, and to improve visual perception when climbing upstairs.
  6. hinged. Part of the construction projects over the riser, which creates a positive effect, makes the wider stage.

steps for the parameters calculated by the general principles but, in some cases, there may be some deviations from standards SNIP and GOST.

The height of the steps of the staircase in his house: the correct calculation

In accordance with the GOST standard height is set for the ladder rungs, it varies in the range of 12 cm, the maximum number - 25 cm optimum, comfortable height for stages determined by calculations and should correlate with the tread..

step height should be comfortable and safe for all family membersstep height should be comfortable and safe for all family members

Particularly suitable ratios are as follows:

  1. 2: 1.5;
  2. 2: 1;
  3. 1.2: 1 and 1: 1 (basement and attic march).

On this basis, the maximum limit of the step height is set at 25 cm, the tread depth of 25 cm at the same time. To make it more convenient, usually take 15 or 17 cm for the marches in the street. For ladder in his home area under construction must be reduced, therefore, it is required to set a bit larger value, between 17 and 22 cm.

If the standard will be distorted by a ladder will be very difficult and uncomfortable to move. By the way, the correct location and installation depends, and security, and energy consumption.

It has to be clearly visible at each successive stage of the descent down, or increase the risk of tripping and injured. As for recovery, on the lower level will take a lot of time and effort. At very high energy to spend even more. If the situation is such that it is necessary to arrange the intermediate platform on which you can relax.

The width and height of stair steps: other standards

Clearly, for the calculation of the height of steps, not enough to know the standard. In each individual case this figure can be given, and is calculated based on the relationship with the other basic parameters. Height of stair steps is determined by the parameters relevant SNP.

In addition, the height of the steps affect features and interior room where the ladderIn addition, the height of the steps affect features and interior room where the ladder

It is important to take into account the following data:

  1. The average slope of 30 to 45 degrees.
  2. Standard depth level is equal to the width of the tread. This is determined to calculate the figure.
  3. The number of steps - a very important indicator of this figure depends on how many pieces will be split clearance height.

Comfortable width and height properly Calculated give an opportunity to get a functional, comfortable design, for which it will be easy to go up and down safely.

A suitable height of the ladder, and standard methods for calculating the parameters

In order to calculate the height of the stage, you should use special formulas and rules. Such methods make it possible to perform calculations, taking into account the parameters according to GOST standards. This at times makes it easier to create a project, and allows you to immediately bring the most appropriate figures.

It is worth noting that in some cases, the height of the steps depends on the number ofIt is worth noting that in some cases, the height of the steps depends on the number of

So, the ideal height for each step ladder can be deducted in the following ways:

  1. The number of steps. This is the easiest method. He is mainly taken as the starting line for the design, and the figures used in the following calculations and may change during the computation. In this case come from two metrics: the march height, i.e. the distance from the floor surface of the floor 1 to 2, and a desired number of steps. The first is divided into two, and tentatively parameters. They are reconciled with the guests, and then you can proceed to the next step in the development of the project.
  2. Stepping width. The standard method for the most accurate calculation of the height of the riser. For this purpose the basis of a calculated figure of the tread width, and inserted into the equation, based on the formula calculation step person. The formula is as follows: 2a (step width) + a (step height) = 60 ... 65. It calculates the most comfortable distance, which a man travels in 1 step. Usually take an average figure of 63 cm. Based on this, a suitable height is calculated for the step. If required, data can be adjusted to achieve the perfect outcome, taking into account the number of steps.
  3. Security. In this case, it must be known to approximate the tread width. The ideal amount is - 46. From this figure, it is necessary to take the width of the stage, and as a result will be known for its height.
  4. Comfort. In this case it is necessary to calculate the values ​​in Eq. Optimum difference - 12. Based on the parameters, you can easily find a second component.

Not to recalculate the data on each subsequent stage, you can refer to online programs that will calculate a viable option ladder project, taking into account the requirements of GOST and SNIP. However, 100% trust such programs can not, because they can not take into account the most important moments.

If you know exactly the height and width of the first and each step ladders future, build it is quite simple. Difficulties commonly associated with fitting the calculated results to the required standards.

High level: stairs for interiors

Exclusive stair design for presentable interiors are available on the individual sizes. Elite individual projects can be created only by professionals.

To date, popular are the beautiful wooden staircase with wrought iron railings and high stepsTo date, popular are the beautiful wooden staircase with wrought iron railings and high steps

Today the demand for ready-made ladders on a metal base, c using such materials as:

  • Wood;
  • Glass;
  • Marble;
  • Granite;
  • Forging;
  • Laminate;
  • Concrete.

The market is well established manufacturer "The high degree of". Finished staircase constructions, finished leather, fur decorative elements and mosaic and brass. Combined ladders are the trend of the season, and if there is no design and construction skills, it is better to select a preset option.

The standard height of stair steps with GOST (video)

Of course, some in my house have stairs, the home owner decides to, most importantly, that she was beautiful, comfortable, functional and safe. The ladder should be easy to go up and down, while efforts should be minimal.

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