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Stairs with a platform - one of the most convenient laddersStairs with a platform - one of the most comfortable stair konstruktsiyDovolno often private residences and summer houses are built in several floors. This approach is driven by the desire to save land area. Accordingly, any building construction height is more than one floor requires stairways. Staircase with pad can be made of different materials and have different constructions. On today's construction market is quite a large range of ready-made modular staircases of different materials.

Stairs and landings: a constructive approach

Designs a great many stairs. The basic material for their manufacture is wood. However, not uncommon, and metal, stone, and even plastic construction. Quite often the materials are combined, staircase with steps may be made of one material and the support structure from the other. It is worth remembering that in many respects depends on the strength of the material.

Stairs and landings may be made in the following ways:

  1. To place with a deficit of square meters will be a great solution spiral staircase. They are quite a complicated construction, moreover they are not very easy to use and require precise calculations.
  2. A common embodiment are odnomarshevye ladder. This design is one flight of stairs and a platform. Their device is quite simple and often have some wall or in the middle of the room.
  3. Beautifully looks odnomarshevaya curved staircase. For this type of construction requires a lot of space at the expense of sufficiently soft bending its lower part and the wider bottom steps.
  4. Pace stair has a rotatable platform between flights of stairs. This is very convenient design for installation above the door.
  5. The rectangular aperture can be arranged L-shaped half-pace stairs. It is located along two walls perpendicular to each other. This type of design is very compact and easily fits into the interior.

In the living room looks very impressive staircase made of woodIn the living room looks very impressive staircase made of wood

In the room with high ceiling is possible to set trehmarshevuyu ladder with two sites.

When choosing the type of construction it is important to carefully calculate everything. If the ladder is wooden, it is necessary to choose solid wood durum.

Swiveling stairway with platform 180 degrees

For premises with a small area is perfect swivel staircase with a platform 180 degrees. In the house of this type of design can be placed in the hallway or living room. Due to the large turn maximally saves space, especially when the place of the opening to the second floor is quite small.

Swivel view of the structure is easy to assemble, the ladder device can be made with your own hands.

To install reliable ladders required to make calculations in compliance with the requirements of GOST.


  • For IZHD (individual houses) march minimum width should be 90 cm;
  • The difference between the wide and narrow stage should not exceed 10 cm;
  • Tilt ladders considered optimal from 25 to 35 degrees, wherein the maximum permissible 45 degrees;
  • Steps recommended height of 10 cm, the increase or decrease in size can affect the serviceability;
  • Swivel step in the central portion should be not smaller than 20 cm.

Revolving stairs to the platform is easy to install their own handsRevolving stairs to the platform is easy to install their own hands

Upon completion of all calculations and drawing the drawing, you can proceed directly to the installation. Rotary stairs requires post installation, it will be attached to the rotary internal components.

Further installation should be done in stages:

  1. Cut the required length of the beam, mark and cut it out stage;
  2. Fix the beam on a pillar and walls prepared according to the drawing;
  3. Run turntable to mount to walls and supporting pillars;
  4. Perform the installation steps and riser.

The final assembly step is to process the wood elements and further antiseptic coating selected method finishes. Depth stages determined taking into account the human average pitch of 60 cm.

Corner stairs transition area

Corner stairs transition area - a ladder with different degrees of rotation. Despite the simplicity of the design of this type of stairs it looks quite impressive in the interior. Popularity mounting angle of stairs is large enough.

They are installed in offices, shops, cottages, buildings, cultural and even industrial enterprises prefer this kind of design.

Angled ladder transition platform installed in commercial premises more oftenAngled ladder transition platform installed in commercial premises more often

Advantages of the angular staircases:

  • It occupies a small area;
  • Cheap and available materials;
  • Easy to install, the installation of any of the forces in the presence of carpentry equipment;
  • Span size allows you to carry bulky items;
  • construction safety when properly installed without violations of SNIP and GOST 26887.

With the rules, prescribed in GOST and SNIP should review at the stage of designing the stairs. If there is not even basic skills in building and carpentry, that all installation work is best left to professionals.

Wooden stairs to the veranda with their own hands

ideal wood that easily processed for the manufacture of stairs to the veranda or terrace.

Choose type of wood should be of hard and semi-hard varieties such as:

  • Pine:
  • Alder;
  • Oak;
  • Nut.

The staircase to the veranda with your own hands can be done in two ways.

For the wooden stairs to the veranda are best suited wood solid or semisolid varietiesFor the wooden stairs to the veranda are best suited wood solid or semisolid varieties

For example:

  1. The design of the inclined beams with grooves for the steps called the staircase on the string. It is strong enough staircase has a neat appearance.
  2. The design of the beams in the form of a comb with cutouts for the stairs called a ladder on the cones. This type is used when you need to fix the stairs handrails and balusters.

To preserve the wood from the effects of external factors rather pour the foundation for the foot of a staircase. Stairs to the veranda is usually not large and do not make much effort at self-assembly.

Mobile ladders with platform

None of the construction and repair can not do without the use of portable ladders. The modern market offers a range of essential items.

Using a mobile ladder, workers can get the highest areas in the finishing room.

Several designs of stairs:

  • For facade work using aerial ladders;
  • For maintenance in industrial areas using the stairs D - shaped with a brake;
  • Transformable ladders have drawers;
  • Podkatnye staircase on wheels called scaffolding.

Mobile stairs with a platform used for decorationMobile stairs with a platform used for decoration


The upper part of the mobile stairs is a convenient platform on which to stand or put the instrument.

These types of ladders are widely used:

  • For domestic purposes;
  • In shops;
  • Shopping centers;
  • Warehouses.

Types of stairs with two pads

Trehmarshevye stairs with two platforms are very interesting in terms of design. However, such large-scale construction requires the most accurate calculations. Ladder with two platforms usually has a U - shaped.

They can be installed:

  • Above the front door when the front door corresponds to the height of the platform;
  • In a room with a high ceiling;
  • In areas with a large difference between the floors.

Before you build a ladder to the two sites, it is necessary to produce the most accurate estimatesBefore you build a ladder to the two sites, it is necessary to produce the most accurate estimates

Nursery ladder should not be open. For security reasons, the children's room is better to do on the first floor, for example - instead of one of the adult rooms.

Platforms for ladders

Despite the seeming simplicity of installation landings them have stipulated requirements.

The ladder platform should be set correctlyThe ladder platform should be set correctly

First of all it is necessary for the safety of the operation:

  • The platform shall be equipped with rails, and balusters;
  • The platform should conform to the width of the steps;
  • direct march staging area should be not less than 60 cm.

Proper landing device should be comfortable for human movement.

Design of stairs in a private home (video)

In conclusion, we add that we should not forget about the doors, the scope must take into account when designing the site. You can select the sliding model on wheels or regular wheels. Here you need to look individually.

design of stairs to the veranda (photo examples)


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