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Create a festive atmosphere in the living room you will be beautiful ballsyou help a beautiful holiday sharyKogda comes into the living room to create a festive atmosphere in our lives, it would be desirable to make a bright, original and unlike all the other weekdays. In this case, all use different methods of design of the room, which help to make the atmosphere of unusual, fun and festive. Hall decoration balls - one of the most common methods. Room you can decorate yourself or seek help from a special agency that is engaged in the organization of holidays.

Paper balloons to decorate the room with his hands

Plain paper can be a bright decoration for any room. Make such balls is very simple, though, and have to spend a lot of time for their production. Such balls are sold in specialty stores and online, but they are more expensive. Klimovsk famous for its decorative compositions for the holidays.

Pompons of paper can be produced in various ways. However, it is important to remember that the paper should be strong, but at the same time weightless.

It is important to pay attention to the selection of colors for the paper. Room can be decorated in a light, and you can use a harmonious color combination. You can also play on the contrast.

Make paper balls can own, the main thing - to decide on the design and prepare necessary materialsMake paper balls can own, the main thing - to decide on the design and prepare necessary materials

How to make pom-poms by:

  • Reserved by a thin wrapping paper;
  • Prepare 8 rectangular paper leaves one or different colors;
  • Prepare a strong thread;
  • Folded sheets together;
  • Accordion folded sheets;
  • Resulting bandage strip in the middle of a thread;
  • Trim the edges of the strip semicircular or triangle;
  • Spread sheet fan;
  • Separate the sheets.

To spread the ball should be neat, thin paper may tear. These balls look nice in large quantities. The size of the balls can be adjusted.

Making room with helium balloons

Balloons filled with helium, allow the hall to issue an unusual and original. These balls look just magical. Before the production figures of helium balloons is important to study the pictures and choose the appropriate option for your personal celebration.

For the manufacture of pieces of helium balloons using special weights that allow you to keep the ball from flying. Weights can be made even from a small amount of water.

aerodizaynery often use the reception processing, which has the name - "fountain". It can be bonded together with the balls in the amount of 5 pieces. The number of balls can be varied. It is important to remember that overloading room big balls should not be.

Creatively decorate the living room can be illuminated balloons with heliumCreatively decorate the living room can be illuminated balloons with helium

Variants of registration of helium balloons:

  • Scene. You can decorate the arch of balloons, or "standing balls.
  • Table. You can decorate with bouquets of flying.
  • Ceiling. You can decorate the glowing balls, decorated with curled ribbons.

Room can be decorated with a walking air figures depicting characters cartoons or animals. Light air flows will lead figure in the movement. These figures are very fun little holiday guests.

Hall decoration balls without helium: just decorate

Decoration of the hall of the balls - the standard form of decorating the room. However, it is possible to make unusual and original. For this fit, even simple balls without helium filling. Of the usual balls you can make a wide variety of shapes.

It is important to bear in mind that the first figure may turn out not very nice experience without decoration. However, the more you practice - the better the result.

Figures of the balls you can decorate walls, ceilings, or the scene, if available. Balls look beautiful both in small and in large quantities. For example, it is possible to bond the balls in a bunch of 10 pieces and attach to the ceiling.

Various shapes of the balls will help you create a fun and joyful atmosphereVarious shapes of the balls will help you create a fun and joyful atmosphere

Types shapes of balloons:

  • flowers;
  • Stars;
  • little animals;
  • clouds;
  • Garlands.

When buying balls is important to pay attention to their quality. They have to be pretty dense not to burst and not to disturb the overall design. Also for the convenience of decoration should be chosen with balls linkolunami.

Decoration of the hall without balls: Paper flowers

Flowers from corrugated paper will be a great decoration for any occasion, be it a wedding or a child's birthday. However, it should be understood that for the self-production you need to spend a lot of time to buy quite a large amount of paper and a lot of effort. Flowers should be done carefully so as not to tear the paper.

On average, for the manufacture of a single flower takes a quarter of an hour. It is important to calculate the amount of produced flowers in advance.

These flowers can decorate carpet, railings, walls, the space under the ceiling. Flowers can be mounted individually and can be made of them a garland. Color combinations can be very diverse - the brighter, the better.

Paper flowers - it is the ability to quickly and original decorate a roomPaper flowers - it is the ability to quickly and original decorate a room

How to make a flower:

  • A roll of paper divided into three parts.
  • Folded sheets together.
  • Hide an accordion.
  • Assign a thread in the middle of the strip.
  • Round off the ends of the strips.
  • Reveal an accordion and spread three layers of paper.

Such flowers can be manufactured from a thin paper. But because it is better to make pom-poms. But the corrugated paper is denser and flowers out of it is a beautiful and stylish. For greater effect, they can be supplemented with a cloth.

Creative hall decoration balls (video)

Decorate the room for the holiday is possible in many ways. With self-preparation of the production of decorative elements will have to pay quite a lot of time. But the result is worth it. Before decorating important to decide with the style in which the room will be decorated. What subjects to use, you need to decide on their own. You can use the pom-poms made of paper. Balloons with helium or without him. It is not necessary to mix the balls and paper flowers. It is better to choose one thing and make it a stylish and bright celebratory song.

Examples of the design of the hall balls (photo in the interior)

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