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Arch drywall in the room looks elegant and originalArch drywall in the room looks elegant and originalnoSluchaetsya so that when it becomes necessary to repair or just a desire to get rid of the annoying door, bored to share living space with something more sophisticated. Excellent choice - made with their own hands the arch of the drywall. Work on this architectural element is not as difficult as it seems, we just need to deal with the necessary materials and tools.

How to make an arch made of plasterboard: Preparing and Getting Started

After deciding on the installation of the arch, there is a first logical question about what it costs to build the arch.

To answer this question, it is necessary to get acquainted with the main types of arches:

  • Classic - top marks in the shape of a semicircle with a radius of half the width of the opening, suitable for high openings;
  • Poluarka - on the one hand the rounded corner, the other - line;
  • Modern - has a small radius of the rounded top, which rapidly enters the vertical portion of the opening;
  • Romance - slightly rounded corners, suitable for large and high openings;
  • Ellipse - a combination of modern and romance, characterized by rounded corners and the top of a small radius;
  • Trapeze - top marks in the form of polygonal lines;
  • Portal - a standard doorway, complete with columns and the crossbar.

Make arch of the drywall can be in several forms: poluarka, trapezoid, ellipseMake arch of the drywall can be in several forms: poluarka, trapezoid, ellipse

Your choice is best done on the basis of the aperture size, ceiling height, used visual style. The contemporary styles look great arch modernist or poluarka.

The final decision will use the template of paper or cardboard, which you can try on the existing opening and assess the pros and cons.

Similarly, the top draw a compass will conditional: fixed in the center of the circle with a nail or self-tapping thread is tightened, and a pencil attached to the other end, is drawn arc. yarn length - radius of a circle arch top. Instead, the thread can use the rack segment profile.

To produce the blank from the GCR need jigsaw or sawing of metal or plasterboard, is used for processing the cut sandpaper or rasp. There is a special plane for drywall, using gypsum which leaves little dust, and processing the edges is minimized.

Several options how to bend drywall for arches: correct repair

Production arch structure includes work by imparting a curved shape plasterboard.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Acquire special arched drywall due thinner it is more ductile;
  • Moisten preform plasterboard water, and give it a desired shape;
  • Make incisions with 3-5 cm intervals.

Bend drywall for arches in several waysBend drywall for arches in several ways

When humidifying a sheet of plasterboard, to ensure maximum penetration of moisture may be previously rolled workpiece spiked roller. Soaked in water the product is best left for an hour. To shape additional help design with the top of the same shape as the planned arch bend. It can be made from a plywood or plasterboard residues. When the desired shape is achieved, to ventilate the room better, thus freed from excessive moisture. Make incisions necessary for flexing the sheet interval, which depends on the bending radius, the larger the radius, the smaller the interval.

If any work is necessary to consider that the maximum bending of the sheet of drywall can be obtained only in length.

Advice on how to make an arch with their hands Plasterboard: do frame

Bars of drywall mounted on a special frame.

The following materials can be used in its manufacture:

  • Metal profiles;
  • Wooden blocks.

The framework of metal profiles obtained easy, but less stable in comparison with wood. The bars are best used for wooden walls and metal profiles - for brick.

To assemble the metal frame apparatus required to cut four rack profile and two guides respectively equal height and width of the preform. Fastening metal profiles on concrete wall occurs by means of screws, dowels with an interval between the bindings must retreat 20-30 cm from the edge of the opening of several centimeters before installation profiles -. The distance required for installing plasterboard (gypsum board). For the arched frame also used two curved profile, between which you can install jumpers.

Before you make an arch with their hands, you should prepare all the necessary tools and materialsBefore you make an arch with their hands, you should prepare all the necessary tools and materials

To construct wooden frame must prepare wedges of wood thickness equal to the depth of doorway width less plasterboard and plywood. Plywood cut two arcs, one of them mounted wooden bars. Plywood panel with bars installed in a doorway and attached thereto a second wall frame. After that, a plywood frame is sheathed with plasterboard.

How to make and fasten the profile to the arch of the drywall: installation

To install the lower element arch with a metal frame, two curved profile are required.

For this work you need the following tools and materials:

  • Guide profile (selected markings);
  • Scissors on metal;
  • Roulette;
  • Screws for metal.

It is necessary to measure the length of the arc arched profile and two corresponding cut size. The entire length of the profile on its side parts with an interval of 10-12 cm incision was made. The smaller the spacing, the greater the bending of the profile. After imparting the desired profile shape, the ends should be attached with screws to the bottom of the metal frame. Now it is possible to bond curved profile plasterboard throughout the length of the arc.

In order to secure the profile to the arch is necessary to prepare metal scissors, tape and screwsIn order to secure the profile to the arch is necessary to prepare metal scissors, tape and screws

The high strength metal frame is achieved by setting jumpers. Their length - the distance between the arched wall, the number depends on the opening width.

All work with metal profiles must be performed in special gloves to avoid cuts.

When the metal frame mounted thereto by means of special screws, attach the workpiece plasterboard. Installation bent element initially attach the central portion of the blank to the top of the arch, after which fix drywall screws every 10-15 cm, moving to the edges.

Final touches: the decorate the arch of the drywall itself

When the main work on the creation of the original architectural elements of your interior is complete, you can proceed to the final stage - finishing.

To do this, check the following key points:

  • The side walls must be flush with the wall of the arch;
  • The edges of the arch should be smooth, if there are projections - they should be cut with a knife or planing;
  • The structure itself is characterized by durability and reliability.

First of all it is necessary putty all the seams between the drywall joints and the joint between the arch and the wall. For this purpose, a special plaster for joints. Apply the putty is recommended rectangular spatula, which is very convenient to work with uneven surfaces.

After the arch of the drywall is installed, it furnish processAfter the arch of the drywall is installed, it furnish process

Once worked seams should move to equalize the surface. It is necessary to periodically check the level of compliance between the arch and the wall.

The next stage (finishing) - pasting joint edges special design and a paper tape or fiberglass mesh. This will provide additional strength and help prevent cracking.

Well stretched grid must be pressed into the putty. Working on the curved arch element in the formation of the folds of the grid can make an incision. After drying, be worked surface with sandpaper. All this is repeated three times. Perfectly smooth arch ready. Now it can be painted or wallpapered obdelat.

The interior with their own hands: Arch drywall (video)

Create a unique interior wall in most cases with their own hands. Currently, in specialized stores you can buy all the necessary materials to do so. need is your imagination and a responsible approach to the manufacture of the original arches.

Design arches made of plasterboard with their hands (photo of the interior)


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