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Wardrobe is one of the pieces of furniture that should be present in any hallwayWardrobe is one of the pieces of furniture that should be present in any hallway Create corridor design flat at times is not as easy as it can be irregular in shape, long and narrow or short and wide, but if intelligently approach the matter, then design is the best, comfortable and attractive in appearance. Set, which will be carried out by filling the corridor, should not only fit into the interior, and it should be able to hide the contents of the structure, transform the room and hide its flaws.

Wardrobe in the hall: a photo and design ideas

Furniture for the home is to choose, depending on their preferences and characteristics of the hallway.

In a small hallway not place a compact corner closet, which takes a minimum of spaceIn a small hallway not place a compact corner closet, which takes a minimum of space

hallways ideas can be very different:

  1. Standard rectangular wardrobe sliding door may have, not one but several. Large headsets can also be stylish, if they are carefully selected in accordance with the style of the room.
  2. Stylish wardrobes in the form of the letter T, in other words, the corner - it's a great option if combined corridor. With their help, you can fill in the corners, which is empty and spoil the overall look.
  3. Triangular headset can visually conceal part of the room, especially if there are uneven walls and ceiling.
  4. Trapezoidal headsets - it's a wardrobe that you should not choose to Khrushchev, as it is an open part of the shelves on the sides, they may be flaps.
  5. Very trendy radius cabinets, which are considered the most functional.

To cabinets corridors were not only comfortable but also beautiful, it is necessary to design the facades were decorated with modern technologies and in accordance with the style of interior room.

Making-compartment cabinet for hallways and decor of the facade

Finishing options can be a huge amount.

As decoration for wardrobe perfect neon lights on the shelvesAs decoration for wardrobe perfect neon lights on the shelves

And it is possible that you can choose the type of combination of doors:

  1. Matting, which uses sand blasting machine - it's expensive ways to finish, but you can get an unusual and original look, not only furniture, but also the entire room. Sandblasting is applied to the mirrors and glass doors.
  2. Very beautiful cabinets, in which the doors are made of glass, especially if the acrylic glass. It is this coating can be easily covered with paint, artistic painting or photo printing, selecting individual patterns or original drawing.
  3. No less interesting looks cupboard with doors, where stained glass painting. This method of decorating a very durable, abrasion resistant and creative. Ornament selected order.
  4. Making this stained glass is worth far a lot, and it is better to choose ready-made cloth, but not fake, as are copies of the short-lived, and, over time, may appear cracks, chips or scratches.
  5. If the corridor is decorated in a contemporary style, and you want to visually expand the space, should give preference still printing. Printing may be applied not only to the mirror or the glass surface, but also on particleboard and MDF.

Modern technologies allow to carry drawings as accurately as possible, clear and bright, so that not only the room, but also the set played with new colors.

Optimum width closet in hallway

Hall - a place where the streets after undress and dress in front of her, accordingly, it should not be too large and especially spacious. Depending on the size of the room, cabinet model chosen, in particular, it may be a two-door or three-door set modular elements.

When choosing a wardrobe in the hall, it is necessary to pay attention to such criteria as:

  • Width;
  • Depth;
  • Height.

Width for sliding the cabinet must be chosen based on the size and style of the hall in which it is formedWidth for sliding the cabinet must be chosen based on the size and style of the hall in which it is formed

Some people are beginning to rapidly flip through fashion magazines that pertain solutions known designers. In fact, guided by them it is possible, but you need to initially assess the actual size of the room to the acquired piece of furniture did not look too pretentious and inappropriate.

Experts recommend installing in a shallow corridors, comfortable and, most importantly, a compact cabinet, it is advisable only for the storage of clothing.

Before purchasing furniture should form a rough sketch of the future structure, with all the features of the corridor, such as his faults, lighting, shape, and configuration. On average, coupe hallways size must not exceed a depth of more than half a meter in height, of course, right next to the ceiling, and the width should not do them more than 1200 cm. Such a perfect set fits perfectly into the corridor, will not spoil its kind, and in this case will not bring discomfort of movement.

It is important to note that the production of the cabinet under the order, the measurements must be carried out by experts, not to be mistaken with the dimensions of the product, because the slightest inaccuracy can cost interior damage, and, for example, boleros no longer hang. If the design is not a straight line, and the view of the cabinet cabinet, the dimensions of the product at a height may be limited. Only wardrobes are installed in the ceiling, as it requires the installation guide.

Entrance hall with wardrobe: custom-made products

Depending on the direction in which the hall is chosen wardrobe, for example, long or short, square or rectangular, it is necessary to give preference to a particular form of the product, as has been said before. In addition, it should be noted that the hallways with such compartment headsets have many advantages, because due to such furniture can create fashionable interiors.

It recommended to buy a wardrobe, equipped with a mirror on sliding doorsIt recommended to buy a wardrobe, equipped with a mirror on sliding doors


  • Visually expand the space of the room, if you put on the facade of the product three-dimensional image;
  • Select embodiments elite corridor decor, for example, the wall structure obbit artificial leather;
  • Make room, which is really comfortable, and it is not crowded with shelves;
  • Eliminate the jumble room cupboard, chest of drawers and obuvnitsey.

Closets are extremely spacious, compact and attractive to look at. They are made in a different form, fit and finish, but because of choices a huge amount. Each manufacturer has its furniture catalog, from which you can order Italian and French products to your preference.

Should I choose a ready-made closets in the hallway

Previously, the market can be found ready-made cabinets, standard and economy class. Examples are not too bright, and the choice was far from great. At present, there are still factories, which produce standard interior decorations for the hall and other rooms, but they have their drawbacks.


  1. You can not select the product to your liking.
  2. Have to buy is not a quality product.
  3. The furniture is not very durable, and sometimes does not meet the requirements of buyers.

Ready wardrobe worth buying in the event that a particular model is suitable in color and shape for your hallwayReady wardrobe worth buying in the event that a particular model is suitable in color and shape for your hallway

Much better to give preference to sliding-door wardrobes to order, because there is a possibility to choose the color and material.


  • With or without a pattern;
  • Recessed or corps;
  • The method of door opening;
  • Internal filling;
  • Dimensions;
  • Decor.

In 2017, the trend will go is to cabinets under the order, as the designers a lot of ideas, and to make the usual Khrushchev corridors more pleasant to stay and multi-functional, it is necessary to choose the original model that can make the hall a stylish, fashionable and modern.

White wardrobe in the hallway

Wardrobe for the corridor as a refrigerator for the kitchen. It is an integral part of it, but at the wrong choice of furniture can significantly spoil the appearance of the hall. On today considered a very interesting option to set the white set in the lobby, and, as in the apartment, and in the house.

White wardrobe looks good in a hall, made in the style of ProvenceWhite wardrobe looks good in a hall, made in the style of Provence

Bright suite has always had an advantage over dark furniture, and there are quite a logical explanation:

  1. White cabinets, especially which is composed of glass, look very elegant and can be suitable for a wide variety of styles. One should not think that white is sterile, operating and sanitation. In fact, it has a huge number of color shades, and even has a dark tone, respectively, have the ability to pick up the product at the luxurious look and perfectly suited to the room for a defined style.
  2. The wall next to the white wardrobe worth doing contrast, if the furniture is sold at the stage of repairs in the hallway. Thus, it will be possible to focus on the interior and thus divert attention from the shortcomings of the corridor and its configuration.
  3. White furniture is considered to be the most exclusive, luxurious and elegant. It was originally white cabinets were installed in apartments and houses that belonged to wealthy people. To the product was really gorgeous, it is worth it to make the order and exclusively from expensive wood.
  4. Not many know, but it is using the white color can visually expand the space of the corridor that you often enough. In addition, the white color does not cause aggression, irritability, and no pressure on the psyche, which is extremely important.

I have such furniture and one negative - and this is what she is quickly spoiled.

To keep the hall in a neat manner and at the same time to surprise the guest house corridor beauty, have a lot to try to observe cleanliness in the room.

Entrance hall with wardrobe and an open part

In one small corridor should place, of course, is only one piece of furniture - a wardrobe.

If you allow the dimensions, it is possible to establish not just the usual standard typefaces and design:

  • With several flaps;
  • With the sliding doors;
  • With open shelves.

Wardrobe with the open part has a wide functionality and good performanceWardrobe with the open part has a wide functionality and good performance

As a rule, closets with the open part has a trapezoidal shape, as mentioned earlier.

The open part can be made in the form of windows, for example, with glass doors, so as not dusty bags and small accessories. Or with open shelves for easy operation. Closets with shelves on each side can be straight, angular and curved.

In general, the presence of shelves does not affect the choice of the form of furniture. The open part of the closet for some may seem like a huge disadvantage, because the mind will be all the things such as gloves, bags and keys. In addition, the need to maintain perfect order on open shelves that do not manage much more. Before you choose a product, it is necessary to weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and to give preference to that which would outweigh the benefits of. The ideal is to consult with an experienced designer.

What determines the cost-compartment wardrobe in the hall under the order

New products in the manufacture of furniture come with each season.

And all models are mainly:

  • decor;
  • size;
  • Value.

That is the price of home furnishings customers are interested the most. How to use the calculator and calculate the approximate budget that will have to spend?

Price closet depends on the size, accessories and material, which is used in its manufacturePrice closet depends on the size, accessories and material, which is used in its manufacture

Typically, the cost depends on:

  • The complexity of the problem or, in other words, from the work that will be required from the master;
  • manufacturing period, because some need urgent orders that require additional fees;
  • Materials, among which may be mentioned MDF, chipboard, particle board, glass, metal;
  • Decor, for example, whether it will be applied with the help of modern technology or manually;
  • dimensions;
  • Number of sections;
  • Species, in particular the body or embedded;
  • Colors;
  • style;
  • Type sliding system.

Buying furniture, it is worth the most carefully considered her every bolt, every shelf and the handle for opening.

Closets in the hall (video)

The only way you can get high-quality, durable and, most importantly, durable cabinet, which will last a long time and will delight their appearance without the formation of defects and scuffs.

Examples of the sleeping compartment of the cabinet in a hallway (photo interior)


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