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Properly fitted curtains in the bedroom make it an unusual and stylish designProperly fitted curtains in the bedroom will help to make it an extraordinary design and well thought-out interior stilnymLyuboy - a balance of shapes, colors, and most importantly, style. Even if you are setting up a very small bedroom, and have basic furniture, select accessories is not easy. Focus not on what shine trendy shops, and style bedrooms. For example, for a bedroom in a classic Art Nouveau blinders will be awkward and bedroom in the Japanese style will have to abandon the usual tulle.

Design of curtains for the bedroom: make whole interior

Great if you determine in advance what will be the design of the bedroom, then everything is simple - you follow the plan. But if you choose a ready-made curtains in the bedroom, adapts to its environment is a bit more complicated.

Curtains should be combined with a bedroom interiorCurtains should be combined with a bedroom interior

There are some simple principles of configuration items in the interior:

  • Tulle and curtains for the bedroom are chosen based on the material of the canopy for the bed or as decorative pillows;
  • Drawing on the drape may overlap with the patterned bed mats or blankets print;
  • Remarkably, if you are using a set of the same collection - ready-made curtains already sets, tulle, bedspreads, decorative pillowcases, etc.

If you look through the catalog of modern producer (and many of them budget), you will find there the whole interior collection, which already carried out the selection - from beds to vases on the bedside table. It is convenient for those who doubted his own taste.

There also is a curtain, which a priori suitable conditions bedroom.

The curtains in the bedroom, a novelty in 2017: what to do with color

The most important fashion trends always start with color. Then there is the style, fashion, etc. Despite the fact that it is fashionable today, remember that the basic color in the interior should be two. And for the bedroom more suited pastel colors, not bright colors and colorful fabrics. At least for a traditional bedroom.

Turquoise, blue and white - as well as their variations and shades particularly in vogue today.

Turquoise curtains in the bedroom are very popular in 2016Turquoise curtains in the bedroom are very popular in 2016

For example, for wall decoration materials you choose the lightest shade of the first color. Furniture has selected a few shades of the second color. Well drapes matched with a pattern which combines the first and second colors. The same drape fabric can be used as a material for decorative pillowcases on the pillows.

How to determine a suitable color for curtains

If you do not know what kind of color to choose, and want to understand how color affects the atmosphere in the room, further advice will be useful to you.

How to choose the color of the curtains:

  • white - bright, airy, but dissolve in the room. Maybe it will surprise you, but the white color in this case is considered to be quite aggressive, so it should be diluted shades. And it could be coffee, beige and pink.
  • Yellow - will look good in a room with very little sunlight, but do not overdo it with intensity, yet in the bedroom bright colors are not very relevant.
  • green - a different color for the bedroom, is able to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, and cold make hot green southern room is not so sultry.
  • turquoise - all colors perfect for a bedroom, psychologically, this color is suitable, light shades of turquoise are perfectly combined with a sandy, white, golden.
  • blue curtains necessarily supplement warm elements, but the blue "make friends" with white.
  • Sunny or pale orange suitable for the bedroom, but the red would be inappropriate.

Blue and white curtains will look very beautiful and elegant in your bedroomBlue and white curtains will look very beautiful and elegant in your bedroom

Black and white curtains, double or conventional, fit the same monochrome interior, but also furniture and bedspreads, and wall and floor need to be in tune with that.

Elementary simple: as the curtains alter interior

If you buy ready-made curtains, you assess not only the color and quality of the fabric, but also the thickness. Blackout curtains just did in the interior air are rarely pretty. Beautiful curtain is not something that blends with the walls, but it creates the illusion of a solid, indivisible space.

It is worth remembering also that the massive and heavy curtains weighing space small bedroom. But if in the bedroom there is a column or a sculpture, it is the massive curtains needed.

Curtains to the floor added to the height of the room - for example, if the ceiling is low in the bedroom, take it long drapes. If you want to highlight an area of ​​the room, you have to avoid heavily bomber blinds or curtains that fell on the floor. This bulkiness is annoying.

For low ceilings are perfect for curtains to the floor, as they give the room heightFor low ceilings are perfect for curtains to the floor, as they give the room height

6 basic rules curtains selection

To summarize, summary, can be divided into six basic rules of matching curtains.

These rules look like this:

  1. Bright and colorful curtains in traditional bedroom - actually taboo, except that a very large bedroom can afford such liberties;
  2. Fine, if beautiful curtains combines currently two basic colors, in which the master bedroom is decorated;
  3. In rooms where there is little sun, using yellow and orange shades;
  4. Heated bedrooms do not as stuffy and green shades;
  5. Curtains should overlap with other textiles in the bedroom;
  6. The low bedroom curtains should be on the floor.

Well, if you do needlework, hand made curtains - beyond any fashion, and even above it. Adorning such embroidered curtains according to Kant, you do thing that can become a family heirloom.

Curtain Design Ideas for the bedroom 2017 (video)

The choice of curtains - the question is thin, but the complexity of this even interesting. Find your own color, its texture, its print, which you will be pleasing to both eye candy every day.

Have a nice choice!

The curtains in the bedroom (photo)


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