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An excellent choice for rapid separation space is plasterboard partitionA great option for a quick separation space is a plaster peregorodkaInogda want privacy, fenced off from the world and external stimuli, but how to do it in an open space? Come to the aid of solid construction drywall sheets (GCR). Of these builders can create as a small partition and interior walls complete.

plasterboard partitions

First, let's find out what is drywall. This layer of plaster, which on two sides covered with layers of solid cardboard. It is usually used for decoration, because this material is ideal for aligning the most bumpy surfaces for further finishing.

Experts recommend to choose plasterboard sheets because they are characterized by quality, moldability and availabilityExperts recommend to choose plasterboard sheets because they are characterized by quality, moldability and availability

Thanks to modern technology, the customer can purchase the desired material depending on the purpose of a finished room.


  • Gypsum plasterboard (with protection from water);
  • GKLO (with fire protection);
  • GCR (normal sheet).

The special properties of the first two types of plasterboard impart special substances are introduced during manufacture. And also, gypsum inside subjected vysokoteplovoy processing, which increases the strength of the material several times. This allows you to safely use this seemingly fragile material for devices of complex structures: interior walls, and even multi-level ceilings.

Plasterboard partitions are convenient by the fact that the sheets are made just large, which simplifies installation.

In addition, it is not terrible mess - despite all its great features, the price of FCL remained acceptable, and such material can afford each.

Partition of the GCR

If the partition device yet been selected drywall, should become familiar with its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of drywall is that it allows you to make the surface smooth and beautifulThe advantage of drywall is that it allows you to make the surface smooth and beautiful


  • Alignment surface;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Low weight;
  • Communications disguise;
  • Easy to cut;
  • It allows you to make curly design;
  • It allows placing under a heat insulation and sound insulation;
  • Environmentally friendly materials;
  • Need further finishing;
  • Can not withstand the mechanical action;
  • Even gypsum plasterboard not withstand long exposure to direct moisture;
  • Storage only horizontally;
  • Convenient and easy to use.

Unfortunately, the wall of plasterboard not survive if its complement heavy hinged shelves. Therefore, such an arrangement would be purely decorative in nature, and only perform a single partition function - the separation space. If this is not scary, it should be noted that the drywall is very simple to use, so the construction of the partition is possible even with his own hands.

For further finishing, you can choose whatever you want. GCR can be painted, wallpaper paste, decorate polyurethane moldings and tiles, or even upholster fabric, all the choice of tenants.

What is gypsum concrete walls

There is another material for the construction of the monumental interior partitions - gypsum concrete panels (GOST 9574-90).

The filler here:

  • Sand;
  • Sawdust;
  • Gypsum;
  • Limestone (shell rock);
  • Slag;
  • Tuff.

The interior virtually any room perfectly fit and stylish original drywallThe interior virtually any room perfectly fit and stylish original drywall

These materials provide additional sound insulation of the room. Used mainly gypsum concrete sheets for wall and as a rough finish (alignment). This material is very brittle, will not sustain water ingress - will deform and warp.

Because gypsum refers to air binder, the sheets with these components is used for interior walls and partitions to not load bearing.

The interesting thing is that the production of gypsum concrete panels is exactly the size of the apartment. That is, the sheet will be solid, carved with openings for doors and windows. Also, this material can be reinforced, that is to add reinforcement impregnated by special means against rust. Reinforced so construction will be much stronger and longer downtime.

Gypsum concrete help to keep heat in the house and increase noise isolation. The weight of this material is small, making it easy to transport and installation of partitions. Due to the low price becomes available to all, and gypsum concrete can be found at almost any hardware store.

Technology barriers device from GFC

Drywall - a material very moody and requires strict adherence to installation technology with all the SNIP (building code).

Before you start working with gypsum boards are kindly requested to read the instructions and advice of expertsBefore you start working with gypsum boards are kindly requested to read the instructions and advice of experts

This technology includes:

  • General provisions;
  • Technical requirements for materials;
  • Instructions for transport and storage;
  • for sound insulation and fire resistance requirements;
  • to mount technology requirements;
  • Requirements for the installation of communications;
  • Guidelines for installation of sound insulation;
  • Installation note GCR;
  • The requirements to the quality of the partitions;
  • Instructions for finishing the GCR;
  • security provisions.

These instructions detail paints all the requirements and instructions for installation of drywall partitions in accordance with GOST. Of course, no one stops to do so, as it would be desirable to owners, but the rules are not invented for nothing.

GOST - a guarantee of quality. That is why the technology is worth reading, especially when it is intended to repair their own hands. All actions described in the order, so they can be guided during the works. Keeping technology can be guaranteed to get excellent results, which will serve as far more than a year.

How is the construction of the walls of plasterboard

For those who like to engage in redevelopment, drywall will become an indispensable material. Building partitions in the apartment is a matter of not too complicated, so you can try to do it without the help of professionals. Of course, you do not bother, and simply attach sheets to the frame, having a completely flat and straight surface, and it is possible to create something like an arch.

It is for this plaster finish and earned positive reviews masters - effortlessly plasterboard wall leads to the arched design, so loved by the people.

Set gipskortonnuyu design can be independently, most importantly - Obtain all the necessary tools and materials for workSet gipskortonnuyu design can be independently, most importantly - Obtain all the necessary tools and materials for work

Tools and materials that will be needed to build a partition:

  • GCR;
  • Profiles waste and guides;
  • dowels;
  • Level;
  • The seal (tape);
  • Tape for the seams (serpyanka);
  • Roulette;
  • Knife for drywall;
  • A hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • Screws;
  • Scissors for metal;
  • puncher;
  • Screws metal;
  • Caulking and spatulas (for corners and seams).

First you need to perform layout. The scheme is simple - to withdraw from the wall the necessary distance, put the notch on the side walls and otchertit two vertical strips. They need to connect the floor and ceiling. If the partition is not solid, it can be considered by the rule "Egyptian triangle", which states that if an aspect ratio of 3: 4: 5, the angle between 3 and 4 - is 90 degrees.

Then, on the ceiling and a floor mounted guide profiles, but on the walls, you can use any of the profiles. They need to glue sealant. It is worth remembering that if you expect the doorway, then under it, too, need to gain profiles, for example, from a bar.

Next is the installation of profiles in increments of 40 cm along the guide rails. It turned upright canvas on which will be attached GCR. Between the sheet and the ceiling is necessary to leave a gap polsantimerta, and between the floor and the sheet - centimeter. Attach drywall only on the profile, so it may need to mount additional profiles. Step screws -. Not more than 15 cm If you unscrew the screws on the one hand, in the void can put insulating materials. Then the seams are treated filler and the partition can be decorated further.

Insulation for walls of the FCL

There are times when inside the house or apartment is also required insulation, for example, in the nursery. And just plasterboard help deal with this problem. Insulation is placed inside the structure and perfectly serves the inhabitants of the room. It remains to choose the right material.

For insulation plasterboard partitions, experts recommend to choose a foamFor insulation plasterboard partitions, experts recommend to choose a foam

Manufacturers offer a small selection:

  • Styrofoam;
  • Fiberglass wool;
  • Mineral wool.

Who will be surprised, but the walls are not insulated enough to keep the heat, but for the sake improve soundproofing. For example, the foam dampens sounds great. Yet it is available, refers to the budget category of material, non-flammable, and only melts. However, such a heater is a haven for mice - to drive them out then almost impossible.

That's why experts recommend choosing of mineral wool material. He really excellent retains heat, has a high coefficient of sound insulation, eco-friendly and will also be affordable for most of the population. True to work with him to be very careful, gloves and medical mask, and even then thoroughly wash the room and knock the fabric coating. Safety first!

Repair plasterboard partitions

In life there is everyone, so the barrier may require repairs. Well, when it comes to exclusive finishes, for example, the wallpaper had deteriorated, but quite another matter when it comes to replacing the gypsum board.

Repair drywall constructions will not be difficult even for a beginnerRepair drywall constructions will not be difficult even for a beginner

Repair partitions may be required in two cases:

  • Mechanical damage;
  • Correction of wiring errors.

A small hole in the GCR can be repaired with a patch. The hole expanded to a square. With paper pattern is made for which a square cut from a piece of drywall. To fix the resulting piece, inserted two small cubes that are slightly longer than the holes on the inside walls. They fasten with screws, as well as the very patch. Seams are processed putty.

Dents corrected using all the same putty. The surface of the ground, and then shpaklyuyut many times, until it becomes smooth. Smooth out the irregularities with sand paper, and the surface is ready for finishing.

Correct cracks in the seams may be follows. The crack widens and deepens. Then it was primed and shpaklyuyut. But this method is only suitable for spot repairs, and to completely get rid of the problems have to do a large-scale renovation. Primed the wall, paste over its mounting mesh after drying, and then proshpaklevat least twice. Then fine sandpaper carefully remove irregularities, and primed the wall is already engaged in the further finishing.

Varieties of plasterboard partition walls (video)

Plasterboard partitions - the correct thing if you want personal space. Make it is not difficult, and the decor of the room to pick up style. Proper compliance with the instructions - is the key to good and quality work for years to come.

Examples curved walls of plasterboard (photo)

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