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The compositions embroidered with a cross, the interior looks very original and stylishThe compositions embroidered with a cross, the interior looks very original and stilnoLyubaya gallery embroidered cross-stitch work is impressive - you want to look further and further, to consider other people's "hvastushki", and think how much strength and effort takes one or the other technology. In embroidery is really a lot of secrets and subtleties, but beautiful finished work is nowhere to take, all necessary to comprehend yourself, if you really want to learn how to embroider.

Embroidered cross-stitch work: the beginning and Tricks

If we talk on the technical performance, cross-stitch can be attributed to a countable types of embroidery. The basic element of this type of needlework - handmade cross-stitch seam, it consists of two intersecting oblique stitches. Usually used for embroidery uniform weave fabric.

It can be cotton or linen, but more often takes a special canvas for cross-stitch. Canvas features a plain weave, which facilitates the work. The structure of the fabric in this kind of needlework - a move which is very important.

For cross stitch is perfect for cotton or linen fabricFor cross stitch is perfect for cotton or linen fabric

Cells on the canvas may be of different sizes - the quantity depends on the size of the cross embroidered, and even the size of the work. Root preferably with a large mesh canvas. This will help you develop the necessary sewing skills. Yes, and strands are twisted n.

Embroider accurately and beautifully help schemes, which must be able to read. If you follow all the steps of sewing, get real pictures, the best of which can be a long time to decorate any interior. Of course, the design of such works will be granted.

Cross Stitch: the best work and the types of stitches

Today, embroidery cross decorated not only cushions, napkins, worn under the shirt, but also handbags, koshelechki, brooches. Moreover, images can be arbitrarily original - such as "The Kiss", who wrote Klimt, you can embroider a cross!

Many beginners confuse the words "Stitch", "half-cross", "English cross." It should understand this, and to list at least the basic stitches. A lot of them too.

With such compositions may be embroidered decorate any cloth or padWith such compositions may be embroidered decorate any cloth or pad

The main types of joints:

  • Danish cross - a number of stitches is performed from the lower left corner to the upper right, and in the opposite direction of the second stitched already upper row - it goes from the bottom right corner to the upper left corner;
  • English cross - each X individually stitched, needle stick in the upper right corner, held vertically, is displayed in the lower right corner of the cross.

Apart from these crosses are often used cross the floor when the embroidery patterns and seam "forward needle". Lowercase seams are often drawn along the contour fragments embroidered cross, highlighting their expressiveness, the picture thus given a finished look.

Well, if you want to do combined embroidered work. For example, cross-linking embroidery and beads, and smooth surface or cross or X and ribbons. It always looks expressive and interesting.

Omnium work cross: what to do with the finished work

When it was nearing the end of embroidery, have questions for beginners - what to do next. Thus, the embroidery is removed from the hoop, she neatly stripped warm iron. Naturally, this should be done through the protective layer of tissue. Many needlewoman recommended to wash work after graduation, it is necessary that the threads and fabric joined evenly, and the picture has become more seamless.

Large embroidered picture is a great gift for newlyweds at weddingLarge embroidered picture is a great gift for newlyweds at wedding

Someone else does - the basis of processed warm water before beginning the process of embroidery, then the fabric will shrink. But these subtleties are more developed in the course of work. Each needlewoman is "my secrets" and many of them are divided into popular blogs - wash or not wash, how to handle the fabric, which take the hoop, wooden or plastic, and other "recipes" manufacturing embroidery. This golden tips that can be useful to other craftswomen. They will then carry your name: for example, Fedorov scheme or seals Petrova. Not one specialized portal places like diaries.

The process of cross stitch for beginners (video)

The cross stitch has a lot of great moments, including, in particular, and work on yourself. You really notice that steel perseverance, calmer, more patient, learn to better manage their time.

Good luck!

Cross stitch (photo)


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