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stairs drawing can be found on the Internet or do it yourselfDrawing stairs can be found on the Internet or do it yourself of course, the staircase - it is an excellent opportunity to access the floors located above the first, and in addition, a competent simulation of this design allows excellent thought-out interior. Before you mount the structure, it is necessary to form a ladder drawings, in order to prevent errors in the installation and purchase of materials.

Drawings of stairs to the second floor with their hands

Is it possible to carry out the production of the stairs drawing their own hands? It is, if the pattern will show all the necessary parameters.

It is desirable to draw in AutoCAD, each node in dwg format from the SketchUp plugin, Googlepomozhet find a program.

There can specify conditional max value of the parameter for each node (for example, design Niwa, when the size of 6x6 items). Initially, it is to determine the dimensions of the stairs to the second floor, as well as with a view of the structure.

Drawing allows you to calculate the slope of the staircase leading to the second floorDrawing allows you to calculate the slope of the staircase leading to the second floor

There are two types of stairs, each of which has its distinctive features:

  1. March. Such a staircase, usually leaning against the wall of the house and area. Such designs reliable, strong and durable. It is worth noting that the model is quite simple and well suited for a two-storey house. This ladder can be done by hand, but only subject to the rules and standards of GOST.
  2. Spiral. The staircase of this type should be installed by a professional, as it requires not only competent planning, but also accurate calculations for each parameter for which you can not use standard data. In such a structure has its advantages, and they consist in a compact design.

It does not take too much space for the location of the structure, and it will make any design solution is more interesting and unusual.

Figures stairs on the plan

Figure ladders must be present on the plane home, and in her exact size, but scaled down. In any construction abbreviations, for example, Technonikol, you can see not only paintings, but the whole circuit, which contains all the parameters and original business plan to build a ladder.

You need to be as accurate as layout of the house can affect:

  • width;
  • height;
  • Depth stairs.

Drafted, should be guided by standards such as GOST, not only to represent the ladder correctly, but also to build it according to the rules.

On the plan seen each ladder element and the place where it should beOn the plan seen each ladder element and the place where it should be

Comfortable ladder should not be like a ladder, as the optimum angle of inclination is considered to be 35-40 degrees.

You need to consider the width of the steps correctly. The ideal solution is to create a width of 30-35 centimeters. A minimum amount is considered to be 25 centimeters. No less important to correctly identify the area in which the staircase will be installed.

The regeneration circuit, you should use certain characters, as a designation of specific values:

  1. The image must include the distance between the floors. It is the letter be designated distance. To calculate the need to base the height from the first to the second floor and an approximate height of each step, for example 20 cm. On average, the need to make 14.5 degrees. Naturally, the number must be an integer, respectively, it should be rounded off in a big way. The size of each stage should be the same.
  2. The width of the flight of stairs should not be less than 700 mm. The best option is considered to be 1 m is for private homes, but for public buildings can make a march to 1.5-2 m, depending on the room and its purpose.

In terms of each stair platform it should be displayed, both the first and second floors. Easy to make a drawing, for sufficiently preliminarily determine the dimensions of the whole structure, as was said earlier.

Stairs to the plan

Draw a regular plan or detailed plan of the premises is necessary to show the exact location of the facility in a building or outside. Pencil need to show all kind of details that will be set in real time in the construction of stairs.

On the plan spelled out the sizes of all elements of the ladderOn the plan spelled out the sizes of all elements of the ladder

And it must take into account:

  1. In order to determine the width of a flight of stairs, you need to take into account the original design capacity. To be more precise, to pay attention to what the average number of people will move on it every day.
  2. In addition, the width of the flight of stairs that affects what area allotted for construction, as well as take into account the layout of the building.
  3. Experts do not recommend living in private homes set too wide stairs, as this would require additional precautions to fully protect the construction.
  4. However, the staircase in a private house should be as strong and stable as it is quite possible that it will go up the furniture and construction materials to repair the second floor and attic.

In general, the type of ladder depends on the personal preferences of the owners of the building, because it affects the interior and interior style. In addition to safety, the ladder should be free to skip people with no obstacles and other difficulties. If enough to the stairs were free to pass two people, the width should not make more than 1.2 m.

incision stairs

In the design of stairs to a private house with his own hands, it is necessary to make a cut on her terms, and, no matter where it leads, whether on top of the room with children or bathroom. By the formation of a split scheme should be approached as carefully as possible and preferably not at the last moment.

The figure of the section must be marked:

  • axis;
  • Wall;
  • Floor;
  • Ceiling;
  • stair elements;
  • The dimensions of the structure.

All dimensions in the drawing should be specified in millimetersAll dimensions in the drawing should be specified in millimeters

ladder section drawing should be done in stages. First it is drawn staircase desirable in standard widths.


  1. It notes pad length on the ground floor.
  2. Damn the opposite platform.
  3. Draw a horizontal projection of the flight of stairs.
  4. From the free edge of the site of the breadth of the offense toward the wall.

Patterning is performed not from above but from the side, which is a sectional view.

Production of stairs with their hands: Drawings

Even if the drawing up of the drawing, design and construction will be carried out precisely with his own hands, it is strictly forbidden to violate the instructions, GOST standards and, of course, exclude the design elements.

It must be present:

  • tread;
  • risers;
  • March;
  • Area;
  • balusters;
  • Railings.

Drawing executed on the computer, you can print on a printerDrawing executed on the computer, you can print on a printer

Handrails are also entered into the drawing, with the precise dimensions of width, height and even in dimensions lumens. On each staircase, and, to be more precise, the type and its location, there are certain guidelines and rules which should adhere to. Namely, in areas with large concentrations of children, railing must be high, and in the middle of their height have to go additional handrails.

If the gaps between the balusters are too large, they are closed up screens to enhance the security and elimination of emergency cases.

The average height of the railing is 0.9 m, but it is preferable to choose the 1.20 m, in a completely all areas, and even a private home.

Disposition of the stairs in the house

Very often the owners of private houses are interested in such a time as the construction of the stairs, and, accordingly, the second floor, as well as what you can do without the help of a qualified professional. The answer is unequivocal - yes. But to settle, one desire is not enough, as the need at least a minimum basic knowledge of geometry and it is desirable to engineer education. In addition, you can use modern computer technology, which is not so difficult to find.

The correct calculation of the ladder parameters are guided:

  • The parameters of the room;
  • The preferences of the owner of the premises;
  • SNIP standards.

Planning ladder, its width should not do this to her freely to miss a few peoplePlanning ladder, its width should not do this to her freely to miss a few people

Each of these criteria can influence the selection of the location of the stairs, as well as its size, mounting and even appearance, in particular, whether it is straight or twisted.

Typically, for original ladder calculation using parameters such as:

  • Height between floors;
  • The total area of ​​the room;
  • The location of bearing walls and interior;
  • The presence and location of door and window openings.

Thus, it is possible to accurately determine the maximum size of the stairs, as well as the construction site.

design modeling is very important, because it is at this stage chosen style of the room, type of balusters, finishing material and even decor railing. This is especially important for those who prefer to equip your home exclusively aesthetic and elegant interior.

Compose drawings stairs (video)

The most important thing - it does not make a mistake in the calculations, and not violate the recommendations of experts. Only in this way in a house or public building will be high-quality ladder, safety and suitability for use. To build such a facility is not easy, but it is possible. The product will be for a long time to please their appearance and superior performance.

Details: staircase and drawing (photo examples)


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