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Turning staircase is able to decorate any home and make it more functionalTurning staircase is able to decorate any home and make it more functional ladder in a private house - is an essential system that provides fast and easy movement between floors. Today, the stairs to put forward not only to the requirements concerning safety and reliability, but also decorative, ergonomics. To the greatest extent meet the needs of modern rotary system. What differences have design Revolving stairs and what to consider when choosing a rotary systems - read the article.

Stairs with a 90 degrees: Types

Ladder with the rotation angle of 90 degrees was most active in the distribution of private construction. This design looks spectacular, requires little space, is absolutely safe to use. Various design projects (right- or levozahodnaya) allow to fit the staircase in any room. Furthermore, isolated closed and open staircase structure with a pivoting steps and square, single-level platform and railings with handrails and without them.

Selection of stairs depends on the personal preferences of the owners home, family composition, the style of the room. For example, if a family has a small child, then the version with an open staircase needs to be postponed: the best choice would be closed design with protective gates.

In homes where there are young children, it is recommended to equip a turning staircase railing to avoid injuryIn homes where there are young children, it is recommended to equip a turning staircase railing to avoid injury

A wide range of U-shaped staircase allows to choose the design of any interior. Thus, the closed wooden Saddle stairs naturally joins the classic apartments, hanging ladder will be a spectacular element of the decor minimalist living room, profile design with metal frame suitable for interiors, decorated in the style of hi-tech and loft.

Turning staircase to the second floor to the ground: the advantages and disadvantages

Stairs to the second floor with an intermediate platform - quite common in private construction. Frequently, the checkpoint pad designs can be seen in ladders with a large angle turn (e.g., 180 degrees). These ladders are considered very reliable, durable and safe.

In addition, the stairs to the platform have a number of other advantages:

  • Platform allow to rest while lifting the elderly and children;
  • Such constructs are useful for carrying heavy goods, furniture;
  • The calculation of such systems can be made independently;
  • These ladders can be assembled without any help, because they are two lines of march and one direct site;
  • Stairs look impressive and thoroughly, and the lack of mobile elements prolongs their life for decades.

Turning staircase with platform enables several people to missTurning staircase with platform enables several people to miss

The main disadvantage of designs is that they may not be used in narrow corridors of width ladder, at least, should be equal to the sum of two marches, that is, be about two meters.

The design of the stairs with rotary stages

The winder stairs, on the site of straight stair platforms are located. The shape and size are different from the main stages. Thus, elements in the pivot angle taper to the inner diameter of the structure, while the opposite part of winders has a wide tread and a trapezoidal shape, which causes psychological discomfort during the construction operation. However, this constructive solution allows to save the area allocated for the stairs.

As for the security structures zabezhnymi steps, it is not inferior ladders with platforms, if all elements of the system are made in accordance with GOST recommended values.

Optimal sizes and stages march swivel ladder 180 degrees

Staircase rotated by 180 degrees - is simple construction consisting of three tiers, which allows a complete reversal step. Such a system is robust and reliable, and the role of indicator can play as a stage, and a rectangular area. To the ladder was secure, it must meet basic health standards, building regulations and national standards.

step height should be made small, so that the stairs to climb comfortably even for older peoplestep height should be made small, so that the stairs to climb comfortably even for older people


  1. The design should include five to seven rotary stages or a direct landing.
  2. Platform width should equal the width of the two flights of stairs (single March - at least 800 mm) in total thickness with the string;
  3. Width of rotary stages in the inner corner should be at least 100 mm, along the center line of the march - 200 mm, the length of protrusion of each stage - not more than 30 mm,
  4. Tread Width main stages should be in the region of 250-350 mm, height of the risers must not be greater than the width of the stage (the optimum value will be in the range 120-150 mm).
  5. Comfortable and safe design angle should form with the floor 30-40 degrees.

Stairs should have handrails and balusters, especially if a family has young children. Balusters are to be mounted on a distance not exceeding 150 mm from each other, otherwise it would be better to lay on the bottom of the ladder is low, frequent fence.

Stairs with rotary stages with their own hands

In the manufacture of turning stairs with his hands, the main thing - to accurately calculate the size winder elements. You can use the building formulas, calculators or online programs for three-dimensional modeling. Furthermore, the desired values ​​can be calculated by placing a rotary design drawing based on optimum values. Driving the rotary structure must be drawn to scale.

After the assembly of the stairs should be treated with lacquer or paintAfter the assembly of the stairs should be treated with lacquer or paint

In order to make a ladder, you must:

  • Create estimates and stock materials (if the ladder is made of wood, the boards must be pre-dried and coated with a special anti-fungal and moisture repellent composition);
  • To acquire the necessary tools, fasteners, components (eg, handrails and balusters can be purchased ready-made at any hardware store).

After completion of the preliminary work, making the stairs is divided into stages. First sawed kosour, then - the step (main and modular stairs) after going structure (e.g., steps are mounted with screws, and balusters can be mounted on the metal fixture, screws, etc.) and varnished.

Podlestnichnoe space can be clad with plasterboard, finished with decorative plaster or interior paint.

Overview rotary stairs (video)

Rotary stairs can be a convenient and ergonomic design, in compliance with the recommendations on the selection and standards in the manufacture of the system with their own hands. The large number of models of staircases with different embodiments of the design makes it possible to pick up any decor. The main thing - the right choice!

Examples of stairs with rotation (photo interiors)

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