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Plasterboard allows you to create a stylish and unusual design that emphasizes the features of the dwellingPlasterboard allows you to create a stylish and unusual design that emphasizes the features of residential pomescheniyaV today suspended ceiling of plasterboard is widespread. Due to their simple design, assemble a plaster ceiling can be yourself. With gypsum board can be manufactured as a single layer, and a three-tiered ceiling. Before beginning installation, you need to properly mark the surface and prepare the necessary components. In addition, you should choose the optimal distance between the adjacent suspensions.

Select options for suspended ceilings made of plasterboard

On the construction design stage, you should pay attention to the design of your room. Into account the need to take the colors of the walls and furniture. Also keep in mind the basic technical features of the ceiling.

During the design must take into account the amount of:

  1. Levels of the ceiling.
  2. The configuration of the bends.
  3. Number of stages.

For small rooms suitable plasterboard ceiling using glossy canvasFor small rooms suitable plasterboard ceiling using glossy canvas

When choosing a fabric texture plasterboard pay attention to the size of the room. If you pick up materials for the plant design in a room of small dimensions, you will approach the canvas with a glossy finish. In all other cases, you can use the colored, perforated plate or cover.

Installation of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard: step by step guide

Once you have created a project, you can start marking surface. In order to accurately mark the ceiling, use a laser level. On the walls of conduct baseline. It will help you to choose the optimal level of the suspended structure.

Remember that before you install the plasterboard ceiling, you should clean the surface of the finish. In addition, it is necessary to carry out the dismantling of chandeliers and conduct necessary communications in ceiling void.

Before starting the installation of drywall constructions must be removed from the ceiling of the old coatingBefore starting the installation of drywall constructions must be removed from the ceiling of the old coating

Technology mounting ceiling plaster:

  • The device starts with the attachment of the starting profile. For this we need to make holes in the wall with the gun, and then drive to the dowels.
  • Then attach to the ceiling hangers.
  • Further suspensions bend vertically downwards.
  • Assemble the frame. To do this, use the transverse and longitudinal beams. The beams have to be fastened to the suspension, and then connected to each other. As a fastening element for beams can use special connectors "crab"
  • Cut sheets of drywall to the desired size. To do this, use a special hacksaw. Remember that you first need to trim the upper paper layer, and then simply snap the blade along the cutting line.
  • Attach a sheet of plasterboard to the frame.
  • Further it is necessary with screws and the screwdriver to attach the sheets to the frame. Remember that hat of the screw should not greatly protrude from the surface of the gypsum sheet.
  • Once you have installed all the sheets, start finishing. Do not forget to apply the putty on the joint space of paintings.

Height and other dimensions of the ceiling plasterboard

The height of the suspended structure of the drywall will depend on many nuances. First of all, you need to choose the optimum distance between the door and the main ceiling. When installing drywall ceilings in the apartments of the optimal distance of 15-16 centimeters. You also need to take into account the thickness of the gypsum sheet.

If you plan to install plasterboard ceilings in the room is low, this distance can be reduced up to 10-12 cm, but in this case, to carry out installation will be a bit more complicated.

The thickness of the arch type plasterboard is only 6 mm, which makes it suitable for small rooms with a ceiling heightThe thickness of the arch type plasterboard is only 6 mm, which makes it suitable for small rooms with a ceiling height

There are 3 types of Drywall:

  1. Ceiling. The thickness of the material ranges from 8 to 10 millimeters.
  2. Arched. This material is the thinnest. Its thickness - 6 mm.
  3. Wall. Plasterboard wall thickness ranges from 12 to 13 millimeters.

How to choose the distance between the hangers to the ceiling plasterboard

What is the distance between hangers on plasterboard ceiling is the best? The exact answer to this question can not give any experienced master. The distance is chosen individually, based on the load on the ceiling and a sheet size. The first rail Ceiling bracket profile should be fixed at a distance of 100-300 mm from the wall. When mounting is necessary to consider that the installation axes suspensions line should coincide with the position of the carrier profile.

Manufacturers plasterboard ceilings recommend to adhere to the value of 80 centimeters. This value is the best. Remember that the distance between the adjacent suspensions should not be less than 70 centimeters, and more than 10 centimeters. Otherwise, the structure may collapse.

The construction of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard: main components

Suspended ceiling - a one-level flat design. For plating carcass sheets of different sizes are used. Sometimes because drywall sheets do multi-level flat construction.

To install the suspended ceiling of GCR in a room with high humidity use waterproof drywallTo install the suspended ceiling of GCR in a room with high humidity use waterproof drywall

Suspended plasterboard ceilings consist of:

  • Sheets of drywall. As a rule, use the standard GCR web. Their width is 1-1.2 meters, length - 2.5 - 3 meters. The thickness can vary from 7 to 13 millimeters.
  • U-shaped metal profiles. Brand - Mon 28 \ 27.
  • C profiles. Mark - PP60h27.
  • Fixing such as "crab".
  • Hangers.

If you plan to install a suspended ceiling of plasterboard in the bathroom or other room with high humidity, the use of standard sheets GCR impossible. In this case, it is advisable to use waterproof gypsum plasterboard drywall type.

What forms of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard

Drywall - a unique material, because with its help it is possible to realize many of the design ideas. It can be made as a one-tier and multi-layered structure using this material. It is also widely used plasterboard ceilings curved shapes.

One-level ceilings should be used to furnish the room a little height. This design will fit harmoniously into the interior of a bedroom or kitchen. You can also use this design for finishing the bathroom.

As a rule, single-level ceilings adjusted when necessary to remove irregularities and defects underlying baseAs a rule, single-level ceilings adjusted when necessary to remove irregularities and defects underlying base

Advantages of the single-level ceilings:

  1. Easy installation.
  2. Ability to hide the defects of the ceiling.
  3. The ability to use a variety of lighting options.

Suspended ceilings multilevel configuration managed in the spacious rooms. By means of this design, you can easily hide and communication wiring. In addition, a cascade of drywall installed in some level, can completely transform a room. There are various options for finishing layered structure. For example, it is possible to install plasterboard ceiling in the form of squares or circles.

Plasterboard ceilings curved configuration used relatively seldom. Curved Cascade gypsum boards looks very attractive, but to set a ceiling on their own is very difficult. Curved ceilings are set using the "wet method".

What hangers for the ceiling of plasterboard can be used

What types of hangers can be used when installing plasterboard ceilings? Use hangers useful when finishing boxes of large size. Apply these products can be, if the length of the L-shaped Suspension direct enough.

Installation diagram for gypsum suspension structure:

  • First you need to drill holes in the ceiling. To do this, use the hammer. These holes need to install the anchors.
  • Then screw the dedicated thrust to the ceiling.
  • Set in the guide profile.
  • Put the hanger on the rod.
  • Insert the suspension profile.
  • Line profile if necessary. To do this, mix the suspension along the rod.
  • Tightly secure the entire structure.

Driving frame plasterboard ceilingDriving frame plasterboard ceiling

If you do not want to use direct hangers, can be applied core products. They also have high rates of durable and easy to install. Sometimes for the installation of gypsum ceiling is better to use vernier-hangers. They are more expensive than direct or rod mills.

Accessories for the installation of the ceiling plasterboard

Setting the ceiling starts with the choice of optimal components. First of all, you need to pick up elements of fixture, because it is from them will depend on the strength of the entire structure. For ceiling mounting, you will need direct ceiling hanger and a shorter ceiling suspension.

When choosing fabrics, pay attention to its thickness. It is recommended to use the ceiling plasterboard thickness of 8 millimeters. Use thicker fabric can be, but then you have to choose the fastening material with high strength.

Also for ceiling mounting, you will need:

  1. The cross-shaped connector. It is needed to secure the frame profiles.
  2. Metal connector.
  3. Self-tapping screws.
  4. Galvanized metal profile.

How to install plasterboard (video)

With a variety of accessories, you can easily pick up the necessary materials. When selecting components, note the weight of the construction, because when using thick gypsum boards load on the frame will be much higher. With the help of gypsum board ceiling, you can give any form. Before beginning installation, be sure to mark the surface. 

Suspended plasterboard ceilings (photo)

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