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Bedroom should be comfortable and cozy, regardless of size and shapeThe bedroom should be comfortable and cozy, regardless of size and formyPryamougolnaya room of 16 m2 - it's not so little. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to overload the interior elements. The bedroom should be comfortable, spacious and beautiful. The room should be light and warm. In small apartments people try zoned space rooms. For example, often in the modern interior you can find a bedroom and a living neighborhood. Zoning may also involve placing the working area, a place to engage in creative work.

The choice of furniture, the idea for the bedroom 16 square meters. m, photos

Once the repairs have been made, it is important to furnish the right. Experts recommend avoiding pretentious furniture, massive interior. An important element of the sleeping room - a bed. Choose a bed must be very careful.

The bedroom is better to buy small size furniture, functional.

An excellent embodiment is bed-bed or cabinet, in which are embedded boxes. Khrushchev - is not a reason to give up a double bed. You can arrange a podium, which will drawers for clothes and linen. Thanks to this idea, you can do without the classic cabinet. If the cabinet can not do without, it should be given the choice of closets, with the help of this idea can be visually raise the ceiling. Help visually expand a room furnished with mirror or glossy doors. Originality and liveliness bedroom design give small patterns or designs printed on wardrobe. Should not be installed in a bedroom 16 m2 bedside tables. Every centimeter of the bedroom should be involved.

Bedroom furniture is better to choose not cumbersome, but functionalBedroom furniture is better to choose not cumbersome, but functional

You can place a small shelf on which to place:

  • Accessories;
  • Books;
  • Fixtures.

Furniture should be compact, there should be no empty space. Lighting plays an important role. The bedroom should not be too bright, so it is best to choose wall lights, spot lights, lamps - it will help create an intimate muted light.

Finishing and repair bedroom 16 square meters. m: photos, colors

Decorating the walls can be done by the Venetian plastering. This material looks elegant and will give a square or rectangular room of grandeur and grace. A good option for a small bedroom - this wallpapers. Figure can be anything, but it is better to give preference to nature, light, warm, does not strain the eye plots. The color scheme should be loved, everything in the bedroom should be arranged to quality leisure, full sleep. Will look gorgeous 3D wallpapers. Modern 3D wallpaper will help visually expand a room, create an atmosphere of harmony and magic.

The following floor coverings are ideal for flooring:

  1. carpet;
  2. Laminate;
  3. Linoleum.

Bedroom pastel shades will be very useful, but the flooring will look best in dark colors or tone wallsBedroom pastel shades will be very useful, but the flooring will look best in dark colors or tone walls

Shades of the flooring should be dark, or the tone of the walls. The best option for a bedroom is to use bedding, warm, air tones. must be nice in the bedroom, comfortable, quiet and safe.

In the interior, you can add a few bright spots, this may be the original panels, stylish design cover or pillow.

Easy to add delicate curtains. The doors in the bedroom is better to make sliding or opening to the hall, another room. If the layout of the apartment includes a loggia or a balcony, the perfect choice would be beneficial to use this space. You can perform a combination of the work area or to make there.

Select light bedroom 16 sq. m

Bedroom in modern style should be qualitatively covered. As already mentioned it is better not to use heavy pendant chandeliers, ideal floor lamps, wall lamps and spotlights.

Massive chandeliers make the room:

  • gloomy;
  • uncomfortable;
  • Severe.

Bedroom are perfect for floor lamps or sconces, but from large chandeliers should be abandonedBedroom are perfect for floor lamps or sconces, but from large chandeliers should be abandoned

Should definitely make the backlight at the head of the bed, it will create a romantic, intimate atmosphere.

What styles are suitable for sleeping room

Making a choice in favor of a particular style, we must first think about functionality and practicality.

For a small bedroom, experts recommend to choose style the following areas:

  1. High tech;
  2. Minimalism;
  3. Provence;
  4. Japanese;
  5. Loft;
  6. Art Deco.

Choosing one or another style for your bedroom, do not forget that first and foremost important functionalityChoosing one or another style for your bedroom, do not forget that first and foremost important functionality

These styles and directions is not used massive furniture. These styles are simple, light and functional. Variations arrangement bedrooms of small dimensions can be set. The bedroom can be divided into zones, often there is established a cot or create a zone for the creation or operation.

Proper zoning bedroom-living room of 16 square meters. m: open plan layout

Zoning bedroom-living room of 16 meters must be carried out correctly according to the rules of combination. Yes, a small studio space can be made comfortable and functional, the main thing all right to plan and execute.

Divide the space into two zones, you can use the following methods:

  1. The easiest solution would be curtains or blinds. The advantage of this is that the curtains are easily erased they can always be replaced. Interesting, textured curtains can make the interior a special charm.
  2. Partitions, arches, columns as well to share a small bedroom into place for recreation and living. The advantage of this solution is that the design give the room partitions can be full or in racks, which can be conveniently placed accessories, decorative items. Thanks to the wall, you can determine what will be the size of a bedroom, living room and how. Arches and columns look elegant and stylish.
  3. For a small room will be a wonderful option zoning arrangement of the podium. On the podium is good to arrange a berth and isolate its plasterboard partitions.
  4. Zoning can be done with lighting. Good place lights beneath berth. Each zone can be noted spotlights. The main rule of zoning by the light in the living area should be bright, we must place the ambient lighting in the bedroom area.
  5. Another version of the division into zones - is the use of different stylistic directions. living room area can be done in the loft and bedroom in the style of Provence, or in any pick-me style direction.
  6. The separation can be performed using color. You can make the finish of the walls of different materials, can be painted in different colors. For example, on one wall can be located wallpapers, and other decorative plaster. It is important to remember that color in the bedroom area should be gentle, calm, all should have to rest and sleep. The living room can be made brighter.

Options division of the room into multiple zones, so everyone can find exactly what he is closerOptions division of the room into multiple zones, so everyone can find exactly what he is closer

Separate the living room from the bedroom you can use the furniture. It can be a mirror box, glossy rack. Furniture should not be cumbersome. Gorgeous fit cabinets transformers. A good option - it is sliding, fold-out furniture. For example, one room in the daytime can be a living room, and in the night-time turn into a cozy bedroom. In this case, you have to choose not a double bed and a sofa bed.

Another good option for the living room, bedroom - bed is invisible. In the morning she was well hidden in the closet, and at night effectively removed therefrom.

Design rectangular bedroom-living room of 16 square meters. M Video)

Adhering to the simple rules that can be independently zoned space to create a unique, emphasizing the individuality of taste interior. To experiment a bit, you can achieve a perfect result, which will please and novice designers, but also the entire family.

Design a bedroom 16 sq. m (interior photo)


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