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Many people prefer to choose a nice big sofa for the living room, because it transforms the stylish interiorMany people prefer to choose a nice big sofa for the living room, because it transforms intererVopros stylish selection of a large sofa confronts many owners of large and spacious luxury living. The choice of the sofa size depends on the number of guests must be placed at the same time. Large roomy sofas are designed for 5-6 people. The best option is considered to be a corner sofa. When purchasing a sofa suitable for sleeping, you must pay attention to the transformation methods, which may be such as: dolphin, Euro-book, folding, accordion and many others. It is this factor largely determines the length of the sofa services. Choosing a long straight sofas, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the depth of the seat should be at least 55 centimeters.

How to pick up a large sofa in the living room, according to the style of interior

The most convenient is a sofa with a deep enough seat. However, it is best to choose a model of the sofa, equipped with special rollers, which can be very convenient to underlay under your back while sitting. In addition, there are special models of sofas with pillows under your feet rising. Before you choose the most suitable option of the sofa, you need to sit on such a pre-sofa, as this is what allows you to select the most appropriate option.

Important! When choosing the right sofa necessary to initially determine the method of transformation, as well as the selection of the model in size and style decisions.

Large sofas in the living room are on demand, as they are designed to receive a large number of guests, as well as helping to fill the space of the living room, and are a real adornment for a large room. When selecting furniture, it is desirable that the appearance required of the sofa as precisely as possible to fit under the general stylistic decision room and could decorate any interior.

To the guest room was cozy and harmonious, a sofa in the room must be selected taking into account the design of the roomTo the guest room was cozy and harmonious, a sofa in the room must be selected taking into account the design of the room

The style of all sofas can be divided into:

  • modern;
  • Classic;
  • minimalist;
  • Baroque.

For sofas, made in classic style is characterized by flowing forms and the presence of a large number of different decorations. Modern sofas do not involve a presence of a plurality of decorative parts, but they are quite practical and multifunctional. This is the most popular types of sofas and neutral. Sofas made in a minimalist style, characterized by simple geometric shapes and often in such models are completely absent armrests.

Baroque sofa model in line with the Baroque style is characterized by an abundance of various decorative elements, unusual patterns, carved legs and high armrests. Original and quite stylish solution for a large and spacious living room sofa can be made in the form of a semicircle. It will attract the attention of the members of the family and all invited guests.

What could be the large sofas for the living room is 3 meters

To a large living room can be a great solution sofa 3 meters.

The interior of a large living room sofa fits perfectly neutral and quiet shadesThe interior of a large living room sofa fits perfectly neutral and quiet shades

Such models are quite often not necessary to distinguish among them:

  • U-shaped structure;
  • Corner sofas;
  • Straight model.

Choosing a large sofa for the living room, it is necessary to determine the order, whether it will comply with the bed function, since from it depends largely on the choice of the transformation mechanism and place the sofa position, so it can be quickly converted into a bed. The large and luxurious rooms, ideal for upholstered furniture, made in the Art Nouveau style, and can become a real decoration of any interior.

For classics supporters have huge models of sofas, decorated with soft decorative pillows and beautiful carved wooden legs. Large sofa will look great in a studio apartment since the day it can replace the chair and can easily be transformed into a roomy comfortable bed. Sofas 3 meters do not always look quite cumbersome, as they can look stylish and elegant thanks to the special design.

Angular and long sofas for the living room

Corner sofa - the most traditional solution for modern living.

Modular sofa beautiful bright colors - a perfect solution for the modern guest roomsModular sofa beautiful bright colors - a perfect solution for the modern guest rooms

This type of furniture has a number of advantages, such as in particular:

  • He has a lot more seats than traditional models;
  • With original design;
  • Have a different shape;
  • Can form several beds;
  • Reliable and easy to transform;
  • Presented in a wide variety.

Large corner sofa in the living room helps to do without chairs, as it is very convenient can accommodate a large number of guests. This will greatly save space. Corner sofas quite practical, but also have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate model in a completely any living room, regardless of its size and stylistic solutions. Corner sofa for the living room can be a mechanism for folding or go and do without it. It all depends on personal preference.

Selection Rules: large straight sofas for the living room

Living without the sofa just can not be, because it serves as a place for recreation and family members receiving guests.

Quality and functionality are the main criteria when choosing a sofaQuality and functionality are the main criteria when choosing a sofa

To determine the most suitable for the living room sofa, you need to pay attention to such factors as:

  • transformation method;
  • Filler;
  • upholstery material.

One of the most important criteria when choosing a sofa is considered his vehicle. It was on its quality depends largely on the elasticity of the seat. Overly soft sofas under a lot of weight will be quickly and is forced to lose their beautiful original appearance. In addition, the soft couch is not always quite handy to get up. That is why, it is best to give their preference to the sofa with a resilient base.

The filler is best to choose as the material Thermo fiber or coir, as polyurethane has a lower quality and quickly lose its shape. Seat with high filler it is possible to compare with an orthopedic mattress. In addition, the selection of the sofa for the living room will certainly need to assess the quality of the upholstery. All seams must be very high quality and neatly stitched. The fabric should be practical, easy to clean and do not wear out.

Stylish large sofas for the living room (video)

The most resistant material is considered to be leather. Leather sofa in black can last for a long time without problems. However, the disadvantage of such material may be that any scratches on the skin immediately become visible and are difficult to eliminate. Pick up the sofa for the living room is quite simple, the most important thing to determine the desired model, upholstery materials, methods of transformation and the style of the sofa.

Examples of large sofas for the living room (photo)

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