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Forged stairs exhibit excellent esthetic and performance propertiesForged stairs have excellent aesthetic and performance properties of metals - precious and durable material that is successfully combined, and with wood, and glass, and textiles. Fantasy Wizard dealing forging limitless. Regardless of the style in the design of the home or the area near the house, metal products always occupy a worthy place and fit almost every interior. Forging is an art, and today takes on new meaning. Hand forging allows you to create unique products.

Artistic forging staircase in the interior

Artistic forging ladder is by far the popular and not without reasons. Decorating elements, for example, the steps performed by forging, visually attractive and durable and functional. These elements have the opportunity to decorate the room and the objects - furniture, chandeliers, and not just a ladder.

All this will help to reverse the room. A metal grille on the street will ensure security for the people who live on the first floor. Many forged in the room is associated with wealth and luxury. Although the mass of people to decorate the interior with such elements it is available in reality.

Among the advantages of a forged staircase should be noted long lifeAmong the advantages of a forged staircase should be noted long life

Outdoor metal constructions on the territory of the area near the house, gates, fences and benches in the garden, lights are considered to attract attention and serve as proof of the existence of taste and hosts availability. Also effect the entrances, railings, stairs and visor which are made in the same style.

Forged garden pavilions considered a great place to relax in solitude or with friends and relatives.

Successful support for plants that curl, become decorative arches. They will give the garden near the house a romantic look. The advantage of each site will be personality, a comprehensive range of cast members, employees means jewelry designs from metal. Guests and hosts will be pleased.

Quite affordable:

  • The peaks for the fences;
  • The elements in the form of flowers;
  • Various inserts and lining;
  • Stair balusters;
  • Leaves and baskets;
  • Rivets and balls.

In the catalog Naro-Fominsk stores always have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a wide range of forged products in any color, which provided photos. Ready to pick up items in Stroysiti not be easy. And if you have any difficulties with the choice, help to inspire your own ideas, which are ready to implement the master forging of individual customer orders. It is only necessary to perform the drawing.

Forged elements for staircases

Modern railings or fences for stairs include several items. Balusters are the backbone installed on the stairs. Detail, fastened on the balusters to provide support for human hands, moving the stairs, called the rail. Objects connecting support, and provide safe walking the stairs, called the filling of the fence.

Each element forged ladders can be ordered online or purchased at a specialty storeEach element forged ladders can be ordered online or purchased at a specialty store

It can be different:

  1. As the lattice - elements mounted vertically and obliquely.
  2. Continuous - type of panels.
  3. Transom - the fence in the form of thin rods.

When making a wrought-iron staircase, you must pay attention not only to design but also on the welding seams. If the product is a quality, they are almost invisible.

It should also be mindful of security. If a home the children live, the product to acquire better without sharp corners.

The coating must be free of smudges. Each product master must process the paint against corrosion.

Forging metal ladders

Metal is durable material, but it is considered amenable for creating objects by forging.

Usually masters prefer to work with metal profile. Metal with small cross-section is more flexible and easier to handle in terms of creating forged articles.

Here you need a little explanation. Working with metals and alloys by themselves by a high heating called hammering. Forging hand is considered a product of skill and taste of a blacksmith. Two other options are considered typical. For example, a ladder frame is manufactured by punching.

Color of metal forged ladder should be chosen depending on the shade, which made the interior spaceColor of metal forged ladder should be chosen depending on the shade, which made the interior space

With steps easier - they are made of metal, machined from a single piece. Art also are forging staircase railings. This is the unique design.

It has a place in every metal style direction:

  1. For the country style, for example, used products from light metal. White staircase is relevant in any room.
  2. Classic predetermines simplified and accurate forms with the lack of intricate decorative elements, stucco and bronze but quite appropriate. The staircase, decorated balusters made of bronze by crimped rod successfully combined in the decor of the classical type.
  3. Baroque, Empire meant forging artistic type of mandatory registration detail. After all, only the method of hot forging and using the experience and skill to master the ability to create amazing weave pattern, patterns, and shapes. pattern drawing - it is the master. A colored varnish and by the desired processing may create unique combinations of tones. Aging bronze artificially allows you to create the desired feeling of the era. These styles combine well with wooden elements.
  4. Art Nouveau style - characterized by smooth curves without much brightness and focused on a few modest form. Wrought iron staircase, has "gold" railing - very effective and produces a decent impression on the guests.

Techno-style is not so demanding of decor and features some asperity shapes. In general, the combination of metal with glass is best suited to the rhythm of modern life.

Original forged stairs

Each item created by forging differs uniqueness. The result depends on the imagination of the master.

of metal elements may be supplemented with stones in different colors, glass, wooden materials and even cut glass.

The original solution is to use the framework for a ladder in a treeThe original solution is to use the framework for a ladder in a tree

Types forging for stairs:

  1. Simple - forging the usual type, in which one type of metal is used with no other additions to the patterning process.
  2. Average. It is used for the pattern elements with bends and decorated in a minimal amount. Often this method decorate the stairs of shops and hotels.
  3. Advanced method - is applied any bending angle of the material using a variety of additional structures and decoration.

Design may be different - the screw, sustainer, curved. The most widely used type of construction is considered to be marching, due to the ease and speed of construction, but also because of safety and reliability. The curved design of the complex, and only by a real master.

What is a wrought-iron staircase to the second floor: a photo and description

Style staircase to the second floor is usually expressed in details such as handrails and balusters. They can be made in different ways and different degrees of complexity.

Forged staircase looks good in the interior in the style of minimalismForged staircase looks good in the interior in the style of minimalism

It depends on this classification:

  1. Railing bilateral teams, that is made of stainless steel or aluminum, the production is inexpensive and simple.
  2. Rails welded - made of steel or ferrous metal and galvanized. In making such elements, a method of cold working metal. It allows you to create beautiful patterns. A similar method is also in demand for the stairs, in the room.

Rails forged, manufactured by hot forging to have a large number of ornamental and decorative character parts. Further processing means may be coatings of different colors, used gold processing and so on.

Modern forged ladder (video)

Stairs made forging embodiment have many advantages. They last a long time for their owners. To use them, do not require special care. They can be mounted on different surfaces - wood, brick, concrete. Such elements are well to decorate the room and will be a stylish look that is important.

Design Forged stairs (photo in the interior)

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