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Concrete stairs is perfect for the entrance equipment in a private home because of its strength and durabilityConcrete stairs is perfect for entry of equipment into a private house due to its durability and dolgovechnostiLestnitsy in the house and next to it are not only functional supplement, but also stylish, original element of the decor. Concrete as a base material for manufacturing buildings ensures high reliability and durability, in which particularly need outdoor stairs. Therefore, it is most often used to make structures that are amenable to the weather and temperature changes. Street concrete stairs are a perfect solution for people who want to build a long-lasting construction.

Advantages of outdoor stairs from concrete

For the manufacture of staircases in homes, cottages, offices or summer cottages concrete is used more often. Glassware are ideal for outdoor conditions and the firmly withstands many negative factors. Such popularity is due to the presence of certain advantages that affect the quality of construction.

Increased resistance to external influences - the main advantage of concrete as a mother for the manufacture of stairsIncreased resistance to external influences - the main advantage of concrete as a mother for the manufacture of stairs

The main advantages of concrete stairs:

  • Ability to manufacture custom design;
  • Strength and stability to weathering conditions and mechanical damage;
  • Durability;
  • Quiet;          
  • Resistance to humidity;
  • Resistance to flames and high temperatures;
  • Selectable finishing method;
  • The possibility of obtaining structures of different shapes.

Metal fittings, located at the base of the structure is hidden under the layer of concrete, and hence securely protected from moisture and other adverse effects.

Stairs made of concrete affect not only practical, but also a stylish appearance. Due to the simplicity of manufacture of construction materials and the availability of each person, if you have the desire and certain skills can install a ladder with their hands.

Types of construction of concrete stairs

Before starting the production of concrete stairs necessary to determine the type of structure to be applied and its manufacturing method.

Spiral concrete staircase is perfect when the need compact design, does not occupy a lot of spaceSpiral concrete staircase is perfect when the need compact design, does not occupy a lot of space

Types of construction of concrete stairs:

  • monolithic - precast concrete marches are at the heart of their design. For manufacturing, you must have a certain terrain, which would provide the structure to the desired slope. For the installation of a stair step needed some form: a triangle, a rectangle or a corner. Installation is made by stacking components on the ground, compacted gravel. For this precut shovel riser and tread size plates. The first step is compacted loose sand and gravel, a layer of each of them must have a size of 5 cm. The basis for the concrete slab is taken grout whose thickness should be 2-3 cm.
  • screw - those stairs are very popular due to their portability and ease of use. They are ideal for small houses, where it is necessary to withstand the space savings, as there is no need to install a central column. Spiral staircases have an unusual design that perfectly complement this design the look of the house.
  • Marching - have an increased level of security and a fairly easy-to-manufacture, but require a lot of space.

Very often, for stairs made of concrete installed steel or wood railing. But for those who want the staircase was an elegant and refined look, pay attention to fences, metallic, additionally decorated with glass elements.

 External concrete staircases can have different shapes and patterns. If the owners of the premises there was the original idea for the installation of the individual, but complex design stairs, this idea will translate into reality a specialist.

The front staircase in a house made of concrete: manufacturing features

Installing concrete staircase - quite a time-consuming process, which should start in the presence of specific knowledge and skills. With the right approach possible to build a structure without the great physical and financial costs. During the installation of the staircase located in the street, you should consider some of the nuances, the deviation from them can lead to some problems.

One of the most important steps in setting the stairs is the necessary calculations to help determine the height of the stage, the thickness of the floor covering and other important details.

Reinforcement is necessary for the construction of the necessary rigidityReinforcement is necessary for the construction of the necessary rigidity

Installation Steps entrance stairs of the concrete in the house:

  1. Selection of the type and shape of the stairs - complexity of the design level must match the skills of workers to install it. If the job will not perform an expert, it is better to choose a more simple design, for example, a straight ladder odnomarshevuyu inscribed between the two walls.
  2. design designs - a careful calculation of all parts and working drawings, which includes the following components: Lifting angle step size, the width of the ladder. The project must comply with the requirements of SNIP (building code).
  3. Production of formwork - at this stage it is necessary to emphasize the future staircase taking into account all the dimensions defined in the project. Formwork itself is made of wooden elements, which are then filled with concrete. All the details of this design must have the correct dimensions. To obtain a smooth surface of the ladder it is important that the formwork parts were flat and had no chips. For this reason, all the boards that are used in the apparatus casing, previously polished. In the case of smooth plywood alignment is not necessary.
  4. Installation of mesh reinforcement or frame - for a small ladder you can use a mesh parts thereof, having a diameter of 10-12 mm. Rebar wiring with a pitch of 15 and 20 cm. If you are planning a large staircase, then you need to take a frame which consists of two or more networks connected to each other at a distance of 2-3 cm. The frame or mesh structure serves as the foundation laid on the stones or the bricks to the bottom of the formwork.
  5. Pouring concrete - to form the bottom of the stage, and tamped concrete elements impart the final form of the ladder. Next pour stage, which are arranged above. The finished design is necessary to cover the film to prevent rapid solidification and development of cracks. If appropriate oilcloth not, you can from time to time sprinkle with water the concrete.
  6. Removing formwork - the upper wooden frame is removed and the ends of the ladder and are aligned with special grinding tools. At the end of 20-30 days removed retaining board and the bottom of the formwork. Early withdrawal of support could cause the destruction or collapse of the entire structure. After the liberation of the bottom formwork is necessary to grind the corresponding part of the ladder.
  7. finishing - may be performed in several embodiments in accordance with the external construction design.

The steps to finish the concrete stairs to the street: Features finishing

The last stage of street stairs installation of concrete is finishing. This process, like all others, requires accuracy and care, because of the accuracy of its performance depends on the quality of the results.

To finish end portions of the ladder is made of polishing and coating, and then processed using a certain stage materials.

Ceramic tiles - one of the most popular materials for finishing the input of concrete stairsCeramic tiles - one of the most popular materials for finishing the input of concrete stairs

Basic materials through which concrete can be finished ladder:

  • Ceramic tile;
  • Laminate;
  • carpet;
  • granite tiles;
  • wood coating;
  • Acrylic Stone;
  • Painting.
  • The front staircase in a house made of concrete.

coating method is selected according to the required qualities ladder:.. durability, strength, cost, design, insulation, etc. Regardless of the choice of material, laying must be done on a flat, pre-plastered surface.

How to make outdoor concrete stairs with his hands (video)

The entrance staircase is a "face" of the house, for that reason needs to be given as much as possible to the efforts of its device. Compliance with all the rules and nuances of the design of manufacturing will yield the desired result - a strong and high-quality staircase made of concrete, which will last a long time, regardless of weather conditions and mechanical stress.

Types of outdoor concrete stairs (photo examples)



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