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Stool in the hallway - it's a great way to quickly and compactly hide shoesStool in the hallway - it's a great way to quickly and compactly hide obuvKak know, the theater begins with a hanger, and an entrance of any house begins with stools, a subject that will allow hands-free operation and is strategically located to take off shoes. Today, the market presents a variety of furniture models banquettes, which will allow not only to accommodate, but carefully remove shoes.

Bench-obuvnitsa the hall: the options

Bench-obuvnitsa - an important element of the furniture of the room decoration. It combines style and functionality. This piece of furniture can be made of wood, metal, plastic or forged. In more complex designs combine several types of materials.

Many people prefer to choose banquette-obuvnitsu because it is functional and practicalMany people prefer to choose banquette-obuvnitsu because it is functional and practical

Stool in front can be represented by the following embodiments:

  • Bench small open shelves for shoes;
  • Small puff size, with specially designated place under the seat for shoes;
  • Sofa stool with drawers for shoes.

Note! If you want to focus on the banquette, you need to choose a model with a bright and unusual design.

Options upholstered and plenty of storage compartments are more expensive than models with open shelves.

The perfect combination of value and functionality: banquette with a shelf for shoes in the hallway

Benches with open shelves are relatively not expensive, but it allows to arrange several pairs of shoes. Due to the low cost options have an excellent opportunity to include everything you need in a clean and tidy. Given that the structure is open, you can find a couple of free labor.

These benches can be both soft and hard seat. Among banquettes diversity represented in the furniture market, you can choose a model with or without backrest.

Today, there are a lot of different banquettes, which should be chosen in view of the interior hallToday, there are a lot of different banquettes, which should be chosen in view of the interior hall

The design of the shop is perfect for the front in the shape of a rectangle.

To store the shoes in such benches made several kinds of shelves:

  1. Shelf, made in the form of a grid. Most often, they are used in metal products (forged). The mesh structure promotes better ventilation, thereby damp shoes on such shelves dries much faster. However, with such a construction, the water and dirt from shoes will be collected on the floor under the shelf.
  2. Shelves made of several axial parts. These elements may be made of wood or metal. This design also provides good ventilation, but it is less attractive than the mesh shelf. Floor under the shelf will also need to constantly wipe.
  3. Shelf with a dull design - such shelf convenient for Putting shoes with heels. But they accumulate water and dirt. It must be constantly wet cleaning on the shelf.

Forged model organically fit into any style of interior, which will allow him to gain originality, and it will be his "highlight".

Puffs: comfortable and practical benches for shoes in the hallway

Pouf - stool is circular or square shaped upholstered.

Puffs represented by the following models:

  • Puffs with drawers;
  • Puffs with shelves.

pouf model provides for drawers suitable for the front in small sizes, when there are difficulties to open the doors. It perfectly fits into the hall square shape.

Decorate the hall can be stylish and compact poufDecorate the hall can be stylish and compact pouf

This piece of furniture is not only useful in the interior, but also will create a complete unique look front. Installed near the mirror, ottoman allows comfortably spend fitting clothing or makeup to create.

When deciding to purchase a stylish banquette, pay attention to the manufacturers, which can easily and efficiently combine the production of a variety of materials.

When choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account the frequent use of stools, so practical to choose a model sheathed solid dark-colored material. It is not recommended to select models with upholstered leatherette, as it quickly cracks and slazit.

Now quite popular ottomans for the front with drawers for storing shoes, decorated with chrome parts.

Sofa stool: luxurious detail interior front

If you allow the size of the hall and the budget you can buy a sofa banquette. In such models, seats are raised, there is a roomy compartments to accommodate things. And also such benches are upholstered. In these boxes can be stored easily boots. Place a better couch near the entrance or near the cabinet, which houses outerwear.

These benches are combined with the original home furnishings in a modern style, Provence or in the English style. Especially looks luxurious sofa stool made in "retro" style. It can be painted or adorned with gold thread.

To make the interior of the corridor can be more refined with the help of a beautiful sofa light color stoolsTo make the interior of the corridor can be more refined with the help of a beautiful sofa light color stools

When choosing the location and design of the sofa, stools, it is important not to forget about the color, to this detail of the interior organically fit into the atmosphere of the apartment.

An important subject in the hallway is a stool-obuvnitsa. This piece of furniture combines style, comfort and functionality. The presence in the room design of this piece of furniture refines interior.

Benches in the hall are made of different materials: wood, metal, plastic. Enough popular models of wrought iron. Stools can be made in the form of a bench with a shelf, soft pouf with drawers and a small couch with sections for storing shoes.

Stylish stool in the hallway with storage compartment for shoes (Video)

Today, the furniture shops offer a wide and diverse range of models. Everyone can choose their ideal banquette that will fit the preferences in color, design and fit of the cost.

Examples of stools with the hall compartment for shoes (photo interior)


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