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Quickly transform the interior space is possible by means of finishing plasterboard wallsQuickly transform the interior space can be using wall decoration gipsokartonomSteny of plasterboard mainly used in the repair of apartments and private homes in order to make the walls more smooth, straight and smooth. It is required due to the fact that earlier in the multi-storey building construction builders literally had no idea that such a smooth wall. There are several alignment options. In particular, by applying a plurality of layers of plaster beacons. This is a great way, but quite long, expensive and messy. Lacing wall sheets GCR - a more optimal way out of the situation, since it is not required to carry out roughing and finishing, as all carried out on the dry.

Driving plasterboard walls

It should be noted that the construction of the wall circuit plasterboard standard no matter what it is needed: to decorate, redesign or alignment as required purchase of rack and guide profiles, screws and plates GCR. For transformation of the room due to the gypsum boards with their own hands, not only need step by step instructions, but also the decor interesting options to the wall was unusual, original and stylish.

Before you begin to install the drywall walls, it is necessary to think in advance where it will be placed doors and windowsBefore you begin to install the drywall walls, it is necessary to think in advance where it will be placed doors and windows

For example, you can:

  • Form a niche or compartment under illumination that will create a 3D volume;
  • Make artificial openings of windows, decorating them with photo wallpapers, which visually expand the space;
  • Make wall opening with rounded;
  • To form the relief wall coating;
  • Rounded ends and remove the angles with plasterboard walls turning out in a semicircular shape.

All this is possible to do it with the help of drywall sheets and metal profiles.

GCR is considered to be very plastic canvas, the correct approach. Options for a wall shape and configuration of an unlimited amount, and the choice depends on the house owners.

Decorating the walls with plasterboard

Once prepared the framework of the guides and rack-mount profiles, you can begin to design the walls of the sheets GCR.

To wall turned strong and practical, should be chosen high quality sheets of plasterboardTo wall turned strong and practical, should be chosen high quality sheets of plasterboard

From where specifically located construction, in particular:

  • In the middle of the room;
  • Along the wall;
  • At the top of the room.

It is necessary to choose the material appropriate labeling. Standard plasterboard considered conventional material, preferably moisture resistant. The main thing to install the first web, as it depends on him all kind of construction. It must be mounted in the most tightly to the side of the room. Cutting blade can be used building knife.

Preparation of sheets is carried out in accordance with the size of the room and opening elements. Where the joints between the webs, to do the bevel-bevel, which angle should not exceed 20 degrees.

The sheets can be mounted on self-tapping screws size 3,5-35 mm. First attached GCR angle, and then edge, then the middle of the web. This technology allows you to put a sheet as accurately and smoothly.

Where to put the walls of plasterboard

There is not the correct view that the walls of plasterboard can be installed only in one-storey buildings.

Plasterboard wall can stylishly and beautifully complement virtually any decorPlasterboard wall can stylishly and beautifully complement virtually any decor

But in fact, with the help of these structures is performed finish:

  • Premises in cottages on any floor;
  • Apartments in apartment panel houses;
  • Office rooms;
  • Shopping centers and similar buildings.

It was with the sheets GCR can create beautiful and original interiors and redevelopment areas. What is important is that the place or to demolish the walls of plaster can be without the consent of BTI, as they are not structural and can not affect the integrity of the ceiling or their destruction. In other words - the process can not be called capital redevelopment.

Decorating the walls of plasterboard with their hands

Putting plasterboard on the structure in various ways.

As a finishing plasterboard walls can be used beautiful wallpaper or decorative plasterAs a finishing plasterboard walls can be used beautiful wallpaper or decorative plaster

In particular:

  • On one side of the chassis;
  • On both sides of the carcass;
  • The two layers on each side.

In order to make the wall of the drywall will need not only to carry out the installation, but also to carry out finishing work. It is the ultimate, or in other words finishing allows you to create a complete view of the composition. Namely places where the bevel filled reinforcing ribbon are coated with adhesive and left to dry completely.

It should be noted that the thus aligned with seams GCR surface and becomes one coated without defects. Once the joints dry out should be routed putties, which finally smoothes the seams, as well as the location of screws or screws.

Overcoating layers - is the ability to prepare a fine coating followed by works such as:

  • Wallpapering;
  • Application by artistic decoration plaster;
  • Conducting wall covering using artificial or natural stone.

The design of the walls of plasterboard

Design of plasterboard walls, regardless of where in the room or bedroom may be either an original or standard. plasterboard sheets can take a wide variety, including curved shapes. To do this, carry out their wetting in water and moist until they fixed on the structure in the desired form. For folding cloths should acquire special arched variety of paintings, which are much thinner than usual.

Select design plasterboard wall must be based on the size and features of the roomSelect design plasterboard wall must be based on the size and features of the room

The design of the walls in the room can be a:

  • arch;
  • niche;
  • shelf;
  • Curbstone.

The idea of ​​creating directly in the plasterboard wall cabinets - it is one of the most creative design options of the room. Especially if the wall is pastel colored, slightly darker cabinet for two to three colors, decorated and a LED, not bright and, for example, neon, green or pink at all. To create additional elements in the wall is necessary at the design stage to pay attention to the creation of the drawing, as well as the calculation of the number of profiles.

If the partition is designed tightly along one wall, then you need within just lay electric wires and output sockets, switches and cables.

Necessarily have to be on the wall fixtures as wall and recessed spot. That's what will create a fantastic, friendly atmosphere, which will stay in the room with the comfort and cosiness.

Drywall Walls: pros and cons

As with any material, plasterboard sheets have pros and cons. Initially should decide that this drywall. Some masters call it a sandwich construction, since it consists of several layers of different sheets. Stuffing is gypsum, and the shell - it is durable cardboard. Plasterboard work is today one of the most popular, since the material is not capricious, not fastidious and does not require special training for professional installation.

The advantages of plasterboard walls in the fact that it is environmentally friendly and safe for healthThe advantages of plasterboard walls in the fact that it is environmentally friendly and safe for health

Benefits directly GCR consist in:

  • Ecology, and thus health security;
  • Opportunities for the minimum amount of time to make a change of space;
  • Strength and durability;
  • Ease of mounting on metal frames;
  • The ability to perform the installation without the frame;
  • That he just cut;
  • That the web can take many forms;
  • Optimal and affordable cost;
  • Rapid installation purposes.

Unfortunately, it can not be excluded and negative qualities, but on the background of the many advantages, most craftsmen simply closed his eyes to them.


  1. Fragility. When transporting webs need to be as careful, since one slightest movement may cause deformation of the sheet. Basically broken edges and corners crumble. If, after mounting the wall is planned to mount shelves or flower pots on it, the base of the wall must be sturdy metal frame.
  2. The material practically can not tolerate a low temperature, and if the room Co less than 10, the mounting operation is prohibited conduct.
  3. At arrangement of the walls of the FCL, space for at least the room is reduced by 5 cm.

Ideas of plasterboard walls in the apartment

As mentioned earlier, plasterboard construction can take various forms.

Plasterboard is sufficiently elastic material, so it allows you to make a wall or arch of all shapes and sizesPlasterboard is sufficiently elastic material, so it allows you to make a wall or arch of all shapes and sizes

Mostly of them to create a complete or partial wall, for example:

  • Niche under the TV;
  • Niche under the curtain;
  • Niche for covert illumination;
  • Niche instead of bollards near the bed.

It looks very stylish room, in which the multi-brand ceiling smoothly into the wall paneling. This decoration allows you to visually expand the space and make the room more attractive in appearance.

It drywall is the ideal material to carry out alterations and finish of the room. Popularity is growing with each passing day, there are new ideas, designs and even mounting options.

Do yourself: plasterboard walls (video)

With such a material can be carried out most cherished dream to create a unique and creative interior design. Feature paintings is that they can be applied in the most different decor, though tile, wallpaper or even heavy liquid wallpaper. Depending on the selected method of finishing need only properly prepare the surface, for example, use solid adhesive composition or ground to increase the strength. Learning to work with such material will be able to even a person who previously had no idea of ​​such a finish and redevelopment premises.

Examples of the design of walls with plasterboard (interior photos)

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