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If the hallway is large, it is better to paint in cold or bright colors, but if small - in the lightIf the hallway is large, it is better to paint in cold or bright colors, but if small - in light painting hall interior design - this is a very difficult task, to cope with that easily and with a maximum speed of only a professional can. However, if there is no desire or ability to consult specialists, the question can be solved on its own. The main thing - it is the desire to create and experiment. Desire to work always yields positive results!

How to paint the walls in the hallway: photos, which should take into account

Painting the walls - one of the fastest and easiest ways to decorate the room and make it a long-awaited repair.

However, this can be done in several ways:

  • Through a variety of textures;
  • monogamous;
  • Using several colors or shades.

Hallway, made in the style of hi-tech, perfect blueHallway, made in the style of hi-tech, perfect blue

Certain patterns, fashion trends or rules on this issue simply does not exist. Every homeowner chooses the option that seems to him most attractive.

In order not to miscalculate with registration, it is important to think about what we would like to see in the end: quiet interior room or with a very bright accents. From this desire and need to make a start in the future. Most often, the corridors painted in neutral shades that blend in perfectly with any interior. If you wish, you can dilute the dull atmosphere of bright accessories and household items.

It often happens that inspiration does not come by itself, so it can borrow from the work of specialists. Their photo-proposals certainly are freely available, so find among them the required option in the cellar. Such imitation will definitely benefit! However, it is always necessary to make their own modifications. Then the design will look truly exclusive.

In what color to paint the hallway of an average apartment

The abundance of proposals coatings industry is so large that customers will not be difficult to purchase any desired shade. But how well it fits into the current interior? The answer to this question is sometimes very difficult to find. The soul often wants one, but reality dictates a completely other conditions. And it's definitely worth a listen, if a family wants to get the most favorable conditions. Least favorite color is very quickly begins to cause irritation, so it is in any case will have to change. Why go to extreme measures, if it is possible to achieve excellent results from the first time.

Often, the corridors are painted in neutral colors such as beigeOften, the corridors are painted in neutral colors such as beige

Generally accepted "ideal" colors for the corridor are:

  • Light brown;
  • powdery;
  • The bright shades of green, purple and even red.

For those who are not sure how it will look like a house in a few years, it is perfect for a light brown color. It can "make friends" with any element in the flat and, if desired, it is advantageous to change the intensity.

Other, more "colorful" tones are enough of claim and not always harmonious look in the hallway. They need to choose only in those cases when a whole house in the same concept. Then a chance to miscalculate negligible!

What color to paint the walls in the hallway small apartment

The problem of any small apartment is that its size would be desirable to increase the visual, even at the expense of well-chosen colors.

To visually enlarge a small corridor, it should be painted with a white or beige paintTo visually enlarge a small corridor, it should be painted with a white or beige paint

For a small space is categorically unacceptable:

  • The walls are painted in dark shades;
  • The presence of screaming decorative elements;
  • Too obtrusive design.

The easiest way is just to paint the walls in a favorite color and enjoy your favorite works. However, such a solution would look too boring. Furthermore, that even the best quality paint over time greatly dims.

As a result, the corridor will simply remind the hospital room. It is better to use several colors, from very gentle to the more vibrant. And, of course, do not forget about decorating elements. Thus, even in a few years the interior will look the most advantageous. And, if I want to change the decor elements can be replaced with new ones.

On their own or with the help of professionals

Options for self-repair work in their own good, but very costly in terms of human resources. To undertake the work necessary only for those who are confident in their abilities and are not afraid to deal with difficulties.

In the absence of experience in the painting is worth the tutorials before starting workIn the absence of experience in the painting is worth the tutorials before starting work

Whatever the variant design of the corridor, it can be implemented in two ways:

  • independently;
  • Through the people in this profession.

About the benefits do not have to say the second option, because these professionals are used to working on the conscience. They will perform the work entrusted to spectrum quickly, efficiently and, if necessary, even give good advice. However, for all the good in life comes at a price. Moreover, quite a lot.

The process of painting the hall and its design (video)

Painting hall and its further decoration - it is a very exciting process, which can cope with without the help of specialized professionals. The main thing to understand what started all this, and what the result meant to bring. Then worry about the outcome of having started businesses simply do not have.

Details: what color to paint the corridor (photo examples)

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