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Drywall - a great way to quickly and beautifully transform the interior spaceDrywall - a great way to quickly and beautifully transform the interior pomescheniyaSegodnya market of building materials and labor can meet a variety of options on how to equip redevelop the premises. The most popular and the best option is considered Plasterboard sheet. GCR sheets may be conventional, fireproof or waterproof. It is these features allow you to use it in a variety of conditions and environments.

The benefits of installing drywall on the wall

Installing the wall is made of plasterboard held more often, and it's all because of its functionality.

It is great for those who prefer:

  • To transform the interior of their homes beyond recognition;
  • To carry out alterations;
  • Visually expand the space;
  • Make the apartment more than the original.

Plasterboard sheets with ease will not only re-plan space, but also make the design interesting and modernPlasterboard sheets with ease will not only re-plan space, but also make the design interesting and modern

If you mount the wall of the GCR, it is possible to divide a large room into two parts, align the wall or the wall to create a site in accentual room, all without the use of a particularly complex and difficult materials, such as masonry. Despite the fact that the drywall itself paintings possess insufficient rigidity, design they make especially durable and robust. In drywall has a distinct advantage, and it is flexibility.

Carrying out repairs on their hands, you should pay attention to certain points on the canvas with GCR and in particular how it can be made from it arched elements.

The material can take many forms, but only with the right approach, as well as paintings wetting technology. Only if the FCL is fully soaked with water and promptly fixed in a certain kind, we can get a strong element of the future of the overall composition.

In general, the main advantages of plasterboard partitions or walls include:

  • Easy installation;
  • The presence of a flat surface;
  • Possibility to lay inside the box and electrical wires in them, and sometimes pipes water supply and sanitation;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Safety for human health.

Installation of plasterboard walls: Technology

There is a special technique for installation of plasterboard walls and metal frame. Accordingly, before installing the first profiles, you need to carefully read the instructions.

On the floor, walls and ceiling are required to apply markings based on the fact that:

  • The angles are less than ideal, but because you need to consider this point, tied directly to the two walls arranged in parallel, if you rely on the level of a wall, you can curve the frame;
  • If it is held lacing plasterboard blade of one of the existing walls, it must first bring crate, and only then do the main frame;
  • On the line marked previously set guiding profile, but keep in mind that the wall thickness is greater because of the sheets GCR, as well as a layer of putty and finishing;
  • If the partition is set to the doorway, then you need to also make a mark on the floor and ceiling, and do not forget about the installation of additional horizontal guide amplifiers.

Quality repair in the room can own, the main thing - to strictly follow step by step instructionsQuality repair in the room can own, the main thing - to strictly follow step by step instructions

By following the gradual establishment of the frame, you can make a perfect wall for partitions between spaces, as well as for covering the room.

Step guide:

  1. Initially, with dowels and screws shock, install guide profile along the ceiling and floor, leaving an opening for future door, if it is mounted.
  2. Next, setting is carried struts which are arranged on edges of the guide profiles. Again, if there is a doorway, the individual racks for hardening structures needed for it.
  3. Mounting support profile to the guide carried by metal screws.
  4. Racks bonded by wooden bars.
  5. Be sure to carry out installation of the vertical CW profile brand support. The first step is set at 55 cm. From the wall, and move between the profiles must be kept in 60 cm. For all the work you need to check the level.
  6. Hereafter referred to the brink of a door, window opening or niche when it comes to lacing existing walls and the creation of selectable items.

In general, the frame assembly has been completed. Do not forget that the higher quality and more durable foundation is made, the stronger will be the entire wall. If such a structure will be subsequently installed flowerpots, shelves or, especially, is mounted modular furniture, the number of racks must be increased to the maximum.

Installation of plasterboard walls

Montazhgipsokartona wall, to be precise, on the previously formed metal frame, should be carried out strictly according to the technology.

Before installing the wall of plasterboard previously be mounted metal frameBefore installing the wall of plasterboard previously be mounted metal frame


  1. The first sheet is removed lateral fixation or, in other words, the strip is cut, the width is 5 cm.
  2. GCR paintings begin to set right the extreme side, adjacent to the wall.
  3. Between the floor and plasterboard sheets must remain not less and not greater than 15 mm.
  4. The sheet is mounted on the metal lath by means of special screws, 3.5 * 35 mm. Installation is carried out from the corners, then with the edges and then on the entire web area. Cap should be as recessed into the coating.
  5. From above, if the drywall sheet has appeared on height lower than the ceilings, a separate part of the whole vymeryat drywall and installed as first in the corners then the whole area.
  6. Subsequent sheets after the first set of facets without cutting.
  7. It is worth noting that each bar blades need to be installed in a staggered manner. In other words, if a sheet has been abutment with ceiling but below the additional element was set, then the next fastening should be the opposite.
  8. If the wall is a wall, it is sheathed on both sides, if the false wall, for redevelopment or leveling walls of the room, then the one.

Further part of the installation of the FCL on the wall

If you have to mount double-sided wall of the GCR, it is further possible to carry out the laying of communications.

When installing gipskoratonnoy design need to remember to conduct communications and finishing of the finished structureWhen installing gipskoratonnoy design need to remember to conduct communications and finishing of the finished structure

For example:

  • Electrical wiring;
  • Water pipes;
  • Ventilation.

communications options may be few, but each of them requires a special approach. In particular, if it will pipe water supply and drainage, you should use it waterproof FCL, as well as an additional waterproofing. Such actions will avoid the formation of mold, damp, condensation and, consequently, damage the wall.

If you plan on laying electricity, then it is necessary to carefully insulate the wires to prevent fires.

Proper installation of drywall on the wall (video)

Often, both the walls and the room completely with sewings sheets GCR, require additional insulation space. To do this, in the construction of the box lay a special heat-insulating materials such as mineral wool, expanded polystyrene and the like. Expanded polystyrene is considered a better option, as it is durable and does not lose its proper species over time, and do not sags, which is especially important.

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