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Couch in the living room is indispensable because it functional and practicalCouch in the living room is indispensable because it is functional and praktichnyyMnogie love to host guests, relatives, large companies, in this case, the couch in the living room, it is an indispensable thing. Modern furniture manufacturers offer not only comfortable corner furniture, but also often equipped with its worktops, as well as a large cavity to store the necessary things. Very often there are situations that after the selection of furniture, it is not the right size or not combined with the design, but this new purchase and are not held in an access door. To this did not happen, we must be guided by the wisdom of the main "7 times measure, cut once."

Seating area for the audience: the color choice

How to choose the right area? In order not to be mistaken with the purchase, it is necessary to clearly define the purpose for which this type of furniture will be designed? If the area is designed to sleep, when you select should pay attention to its mechanism, which will turn it into a bed. The best designs is considered to be the euro-book, and the withdrawable system. For those who like to change, and rearranging the modular design approach is best.

Excellent in the interior of the guest room will look couch neutral colorExcellent in the interior of the guest room will look couch neutral color

Hall is the place that most often has been in operation as a consequence of upholstery soiled and spoiled. When choosing such furniture, pay attention to the presence of removable covers.

The color range is diverse corners, but the combination is only possible in five variants, namely:

  1. Neutral shades. The sofa and the wall of the hall is used in contrast to the white-black or beige and gray;
  2. Monochrome - the use of different colors, but one of colors, such as blue-blue, beige and brown;
  3. Using natural colors on any background;
  4. The choice in favor of bright colors against a background of soothing shades of the walls;
  5. The use of contrasting colors, such as blue, green, on a bright orange or red background. This is the most difficult option.

The first three options are in the comfort room, the last two brightness and dynamics. Choose the right color will help the simple rules. Do not choose this furniture, which color will match the color of the room walls. Otherwise the area will not be noticeable. If the walls have different colors, you can choose furniture from one of the colors.

Leather seating for the living room: the style in the interior

We can say that this type of furniture will look great anywhere, no matter whether it is a corner room facility or other interpretation, the place is selected according to the draft room. So in a small room, a corner can take your place in the far corner, so it will not only save the space required, but also mark the sleeping area. In the great room area will look great in the middle of the room.

Make the interior a refined and modern living room you can use the beautiful soft corner leatherMake the interior a refined and modern living room you can use the beautiful soft corner leather

Corners can perfectly fit into any interior, popular decorations are: Minimalism, high-tech, modern. Each of the styles in his own original and introduces a certain flavor to the interior of the hall.

As for the leather seating, it is used to create the Art Nouveau style. In order to implement this style in reality it is necessary to proceed as follows. Once purchased leather corner (preferably with the elements of wood species), you can install it in a room with light walls. To this style also fit the walls, decorated with wood paneling and floor are best vystelit laminate light colors.

Leather furniture in this style most often bright color, because of this it is the main component of the room. The addition of this material and furniture suitable for any living room decorated in a classic style. In this case, you should not choose bright colors, neutral shade will fit perfectly into any interior room.

Place the seating in the room

More often than not placing a soft corner in the room it adapts to the place where the TV will be. If it's normal straight sofa, place a wall is fine, most of the balance of complementary seats on the sides and a coffee table. TV also can be placed on the opposite side. If, however, the choice fell on the sofa corner, its location may be different, it all depends on what the purpose of his placement will pursue. If only the reception and while holding a cup of tea, it can take its place in the center of the room or along the window. This arrangement creates a comfortable sitting area. If the furniture is designed also for sleep, it is better to be placed in the corner of the room, thereby separating a certain area.

Designers recommend to install a seating area in the corner of the room in front of the TVDesigners recommend to install a seating area in the corner of the room in front of the TV

It must be remembered that the furniture arrangement, should take care of the remaining free space. Do not overload the living unnecessary interior items and massive furniture.

Buying a sofa in the room, it needs to begin to determine the size of the living room and therefore the dimensions of the future furniture. When purchasing furniture must not only find the one that will fit into the interior, but also pay attention to the additional criteria.

Quality furniture must meet the following standards:

  1. Easy to clean upholstery;
  2. Folding mechanism to work properly, without a squeak and hitches;
  3. The height of the corner should correspond to the growth of all households.

Only when all compliance criteria sofa will not only furniture, but a place where you want to relax in your spare time.

What is the rest area for the living room

Area, this furniture set. This can be a solid design and classic sofa complete with chairs. All it takes is one particular area in the living room and a combined color and style.

Using a comfortable seating area, you can arrange original recreation area in the guest roomUsing a comfortable seating area, you can arrange original recreation area in the guest room

There are several types of sofas corners, they are divided into the following types:

  1. Sofas for sleeping area, more precisely fold-out book. They are designed to sleep and have a robust sliding mechanism;
  2. Sofas, which are not intended for frequent folding in the time of the operation, but may be decomposed;
  3. Sofas that do not have the mechanisms.

Sofas, equipped with excellent machinery, manufactures Ukraine. Photo example, you can ask the manufacturer. An important criterion for the selection of furniture for the living room is its shape. Corners perfectly suited to square-type room. For the long room is best to choose a modular area.

Ottomans or chairs will help to arrange the furniture in any side of the room, you just choose the right section.

Very popular soft corners, which have a number of additional functions, such as tilting the head restraint or having a retractable footrest. As modern furniture manufacturers equip a special holders for dishes, special bar, the presence of lights, and other interesting features.

Comfortable sofa in the living room (video)

Choosing the couch, do not worry about the fact that he does not fit, because this type of furniture will fit completely into any style. Talking about how to choose it, it is important to pay attention to only the general decoration of your room. If the supplement area is not intrusive attributes, decorative elements, they will make his presence in the room really cozy. But the most important condition is the exposure of taste, but in this case the area really will be a highlight of the room.

Details: couch for the living room (photo examples)


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