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Embroidery - it is very entertaining and quite a simple form of needleworkEmbroidery - this is a very interesting and pretty simple kind rukodeliyaVyshivka - a common type of needlework. Engage in embroidery is not difficult, if you learn the basics and to be able to embroider in different techniques. It is very important to follow the instructions that will help to do embroidery neat and beautiful, and most importantly - safe. Kinds of schemes for embroidery cross, there are many. Each needlewoman can choose an image that will have her taste. Scheme cross stitch butterfly - beautiful embroidery type, which is filled with ease and ease.

perform cross stitch technology

cross embroidery technology is not very complicated. However, before you start embroidering, should be familiar with the rules that help make the beautiful embroidery and neat. These rules are not difficult, but requires careful attention to itself.

For beginners it is important to familiarize yourself with the technique of overlapping stitches, as it depends on the correctness of their beautiful appearance of the product.

The main rule is the embroidery sewing stitches in one direction only. This is the key to the correct technique. Therefore, to perform the embroidery should be very alert and focused.

cross stitch technology is easy, important to stick to equipment and be focusedcross stitch technology is easy, important to stick to equipment and be focused

How to sew properly:

  • Embroidery may be made from top to bottom, bottom to top, horizontally or vertically.
  • Embroidery is made up of two kinds of stitches: lower and upper. To begin with the lower embroider small stitches in a row, that can do both above and below.
  • If the stitch is performed in the upward direction, the lower stitch to be done from the top to the bottom.

embroidery techniques can seem a little daunting. However, each type of needlework requires certain skills. They can be improved only by constant practice.

Cross-stitch, butterfly: the basics

cross embroidery can be very diverse. Many needlewoman like to work with the image of landscapes and of nature, animals and flowers. This type of embroidery is as gentle and beautiful. Common scheme for embroidery cross is the image of butterflies.

Find scheme for embroidery with butterflies image possible in specialized magazines, online publications. There are also computer programs that can transfer photos to the scheme for embroidery cross.

The fabric for such circuits can select different embroidery. Experienced handy can choose any convenient tissue appearance. For beginners is better to use a special canvas.

When embroidering butterflies need to be careful and combine colors correctlyWhen embroidering butterflies need to be careful and combine colors correctly

Embroidery kits:

  • Thread the desired color embroidery butterfly;
  • Canvas, appropriate size;
  • Scheme depicting the butterfly;
  • Hoop.

When the embroidery is important to follow the instructions carefully examine the symbols and the right combination of colors. Images of butterflies are multicolored or monochrome. When the monochrome version is important to pay attention to the play of light and shadow.

cross stitch scheme: Butterflies and flowers

Light embroidery schemes with butterflies can be found on the Internet. There was widespread image of butterflies on flowers. It can be rose, peony, chamomile, bluebells, cornflowers.

Beginners craftswomen embroidery should start with simple circuits, occupational needle women - can be selected large-scale schemes, with a complex storyline and lots of details.

If during the needlewoman has difficulties with the creation of stitches or the selection of yarn, it can at any moment to see the photo or video tutorials. They are available online in any quantity. In addition, each needlewoman can choose those that are appropriate for her the most.

Schemes embroidery with butterflies quite a lot and find them not be easySchemes embroidery with butterflies quite a lot and find them not be easy

The order of the diagram a cross:

  • Preparing the canvas. It should finish edges by hand or with a sewing machine. Can be secured by means of thread fleece.
  • To correctly position the image of a butterfly, you must mark the center of the canvas. Do this by simply folding the tissue receiving vertically and horizontally.
  • Embroidery can start by counting the number of cells.
  • Secure the fabric in the hoop. Vdet then thread the needle and fasten thread.
  • You can use the technique bekstich.

To stitch has been performed correctly, it is necessary to correlate properly the size of cells on the tissue thickness and filaments. After the preparatory work can begin to embroidery butterfly, easily floating from flower to flower, or located on a flower with wings folded. Kinds of embroideries depicting butterflies species diversity meets these beautiful insects.

Beautiful cross circuit: Girl with butterflies

Each embroiderer chooses scheme with images that have been displayed her mood and state of mind. Select a scheme depicting butterflies talks about romantic mood masters. Embroidered paintings become an exclusive gift for close to a celebration. They can also decorate the eyeglass case.

Embroidered cross-stitch picture Embroidered cross-stitch picture "Girl with butterflies" looks very nice and is a perfect gift for a loved one

Girl with butterflies - a circuit that embodies all the femininity and daydreaming. This stitch is suitable for decorating a bedroom or living room.

"Riolis" offers small and simple circuits, which tell about the picture performance technology incrementally.

options schemes

  • Running girl in shining sunlight;
  • Girl with butterfly in her hair;
  • Girl with butterfly in hand.

Scheme depicting women may be simple or complex. Choice depends on the level of training of skilled workers. For beginners, it is important to remember that experience comes with time.

Embroidery of butterflies cross (video)

Symbol embroidered with the image of butterflies always looks beautiful and elegant. Circuit can perform both experienced and novice mistress. The differences will be in the selection of work scale. When the embroidery is important to follow the technique of its execution. At the slightest hesitation, should be studied further instructions to embroidery.

Scheme cross stitch butterfly (photo)


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