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Interior hallway with a picture on the wall - quite the original versionInterior hallway with a picture on the wall - quite original variantKartiny hallway are not specific, so here you can use any desired option. Just select a favorite, get it and enjoy the result. The difficulty lies in the fact that the pictures may come not every hallway. So what to do? Refuse to purchase or think about how it can be adapted to the existing space? There is no doubt that the second option is the best.

The paintings in the corridor: which image to choose

Paintings by contemporary artists are quite diverse, so the worry about what the right option is not there, it is not necessary. However, if the image perfectly acclimatized in the hallway? As practice shows, no. Moreover, the case can not be in the picture. It can be executed flawlessly! But in the final design of the room did not play in his favor. To address the issue must be approached very delicately, given any, even the most subtle nuances.

Of course, the utmost attention should be paid to the stylistic decision in the house, as well as the wishes of all the residents of the apartment.

It happens that some kinds of art is simply not perceived by residents, so soon begin to annoy them. After all the formalities are met, you need to think about what you want to see on the wall.

The picture in the hallway can be depicting natural landscapes or abstractionsThe picture in the hallway can be depicting natural landscapes or abstractions

At the same time optimal for accommodation in the corridor are:

  • abstraction;
  • Natural scenery;
  • The avant-garde image.

However, quite often homeowners choose for themselves the natural landscapes that do not look so bad, though not endorsed by professional designers. It all depends on the size of the picture, the brightness of its colors and, of course, the general concept image.

Modern paintings in the hall: a photo or design of paint

Increasingly apartments are issued does not "live" works of the artist, and printed, which are called the people posters. To say that such a decision would be unfortunate mistake, after all, the printed images may look very dignified. In addition, they can be made not only in the form of paintings, as well as panels that are purchased today very popular, even in the highest circles.

Among these advantages are:

  • Relatively low cost;
  • Opportunity to "draw" a project on an individual basis;
  • A wide range of.

Modern paintings you can pick up for any hall styleModern paintings you can pick up for any hall style

Especially good is the solution of choice for those who have not decided yet, we need his picture on the wall or not. After spending quite a bit of money, you can get a good example, which will help set the record straight.

If such a picture is bored, it without pity can be replaced by a similar or more expensive option.

Hang a picture - it does not mean to radically change the face of the hallway. This piece of furniture can easily be removed or replaced with something else. It is not necessary to approach the issue very seriously. The selection must be carried out immediately! On its basis and a decision: to hang a picture or not.

Modular paintings in the hallway, new trends

Modular paintings gained its popularity only recently, and this is due to their universal mania. Such products are actively bought and stars, and the average person. The essence of this concept is that the image is divided into several sectors, each of which is a separate picture. Such a solution in the interior looks quite stylish.

Modular paintings are ideal:

  • Expressive personalities;
  • Lovers of interesting interior solutions;
  • Those who constantly keeps abreast of current design finds.

The modular pattern is very refreshing roomThe modular pattern is very refreshing room

What is remarkable, making modular pattern is quite possible, and with his own hands! They really draw on several types of fabric, or simply print the same way. Modern technological progress makes this all possible!

Meanwhile, the best thing with this task will be able to cope professionals who are specialized in these kinds of paintings. After listening to the customer's wishes, they will create exactly what I wanted to see and in the end! And, thanks to its neutrality, modular pattern is not likely to go out of fashion. Anyway, as the bored its owner.

What pictures can be hung in the hallway small

The question of what painting can be hung in the hallway, and which can not be considered incorrect. It all depends on the taste and preferences of the customer. However, small and simple in its layout of the hall is best to decorate unpretentious picture. For example, just sew it with a cross. Make it quite possible to their own, little effort.

In the hallway you can put a small picture embroidered with their own handsIn the hallway you can put a small picture embroidered with their own hands

In the end, you can get:

  • Exclusive decoration;
  • A new hobby;
  • The desire to continue to do.

Modular paintings in the interior of the hall (video)

Vertical or horizontal, small or big ... Pictures are radically different from each other, so the choice of the best of them - a very difficult task. Deal with it on their own is quite real! Especially that the decoration - it is not a sentence. It can be replaced or removed altogether if desired. Therefore, the approach to the issue should be very easy!

Examples of paintings in the corridor (photo in the interior)


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